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December 22, 2013


Jill Schroeder

Two at a time. Magic loop.


My favorite method of knitting socks is with double pointed needles.

Joan Grahlfs

2 socks on 2 needles. That way, they come out even!

Teri H

I use two circulars. Would love some more sock yarn.


Double-points. I have tried other methods and keep coming back to DPNs.


I knit socks using HiyaHiya Sharp Size 1 40" circular needle (Magic Loop) one sock at a time. Toe Up, Fish Lips Kiss Heel, and Jeny's Stretchy Bind Off.

Karen Majors

For the past 10 years I have knit my socks on DPNs, but the pair I'm knitting now I'm giving magic loop a go. I'm glad I've tried the magic loop method but I do prefer DPNs.


While I've tried all the different methods, I've settled in with double points. They work best for me!!


♪ღ♪*•.¸¸¸.•*¨(¯`’•.¸(DPN's)¸.• ’´¯)¨*•.¸¸¸.•*•♪ღ


Magic Loop, 2 at a time, toe up. I like finishing both at once but am still faster on 4dp's!

Jae Hee Kwak Jackson

Double points - I learned on them and they are the most comfortable for me. I bought needles to try the other methods but have not been able to leave my first love. =)

Nancy Butler

Double points. I've tried others but always come back to DPNs.

Donna Reed

Double point


I love to knit on double points.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Melissa B.

Like many others, I too prefer double points! I've tried small circs and magic loop but both feel too cumbersome to me. I am in awe, though of the versatility of other knitters!


Usually tiny circulars. Occasionally dpns, but I always return to the short circulars.


I usually use one long circular but the pair I am making right now are on dpns.


I love DPN.. they are the best!! I have to use a small needle because I knit loose!! so I usually knit with a 0 or 1. Have tried all other methods and always come back to DPN...

Gina Kostoff

Magic loop knitting one at a time. I never could get used to double points.

Nicole Wetzel

Bamboo double points.

katherine ortiz

i use double pointed.recently got a set of square needles and i love them


two at a time magic loop, toe up

Linda Schirmbeck

Love my dpns!

Sandra Cash

Double pointed bamboo for me. Only downside for me the needles bend after I use them for a while. Think my grip is too tight. Then I buy a net set and knit on.

Cynthia Hall

Double points but I am trying the small circular on my current pair.

Jen Gottschalk

I only know how to use DPNs and I love them!


Magic loop all the way!

Polly Peters

I usually use double points but for next project, Hermoine's Everyday Socks, I'm going to try the Magic Loop!

SYDNEY Placido

I use 2 addi in the round needles


Double points are my favorite. I enjoy reading everyone's comments! So many ideas and inspiration.

Suzzanne Lawrence

I use two circulars.


I use 5 bamboo, double-pointed needles.


All of mine have been done on DPNs. And they've all been top-down. I keep saying I'm going to try toe-up and going to try two circulars or Magic Loop, but I seem to be stuck in my own little rut!

Rose Birchall

Double points.


4 double points. Tried 2 cirs and didn't like it at all.

Martha Rowand

I love my double points. I've never really been able to get use to a plastic cable in between two needles. Call me old fashioned. But I would love to try the square needles for something new.


I recently got carbon fiber DPNs and I am in love. Never much liked using circulars.


2 at a time with 9 dpns. I like getting 2 done at one time but I hate dealing with the cables. So I knit for awhile on one sock, then I knit for awhile on the other. My little dpns feel comfortable in my hands and the WIP socks lay flat and roll up nicely when i need to put them away.


DPNs for me. I have a pair of Signatures that are my go to needles for socks.

Kelle Perreault

Magic loop with one long needle. Although I started knitting socks with double points...and love them; I'm faster with magic loop.


four double point favorites are 5 inch lantern moon needs but i also love signature and karbonz...yeah for sock knitting! merry christmas 🎅


I use one needle for magic loop and I knit my socks two at a time. I really live toe up with an afterthought heel.

Tracy Wheeler

I use circular needles.

Jaclyn Miller

Magic loop all the way. I love my chiagaoo circulars so far but I want to try the Adi sock rockets too.

Jessi Monroe

I don't knit socks, but my method of in the round is double points when at all feasible. If the project is just too big, then one circular is my preferred method, but I like double points best.


Magic Loop always


Double points, 9" circular, magic loop, one at a time, two at a time, top down or toe up. I love knitting socks and I"ll use whatever needle/s I have free. The only method I don't like is two circulars. Sometimes I'll get confused doing the gusset.


I always use double points, although, some day I'll learn to do two at a time.

Leah Houtman

Magic loop! I used DPNs for a while but once I discovered the magic loop method there was no turning back.


I've always been a DPN sock knitter however about a year ago I learned the magic loop method. I still prefer DPNs for patterns but for simple plain socks and for travel projects -magic loop is my favorite.

Cynthia Parker

Double points. But I admire people who use other methods.


Two circular needles, top down.. This is how I was taught..cannot get use to DPN at all .. Even mittens are on two circulars 🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄

Brenda Mull

Top down magic loop

Linda bee

Double points for me although I've really tried the loop method. Guess you can't teach ( this) old dog new tricks!!


I am a predictable sock knitter. 7" metal double-pointed, top-down every time.

Barb T.

I love using double points. All socks with double points!

 Fran Allen

Double-pointed needles!! I'm faster with them than I am using 2 circulars.


Sock-a-holic knitter here!! Traditional knitter for almost 70 years. Definitely four double-pointed needles!! Merry Christmas to all.....

Martha from Ohio

Usually make two at the same time using two sets of dpn. The Rowan yarn is beautiful thank you for these fantastic gift offers!!


Double points! But I should make the goal of trying a different method - I might like a new way!


I usually knit magic loop with one long needle...but I have several sets of circs to do two needles socks too. Not unusual for me to have 3 pairs on the needles at any given time.


Circulars and double-points. I use both, I prefer circular.

Sophie H

Love my double pointed needles!

Julie woodruff

I use 2 circular needles


I use dpns. I like the way they seem to float around the sock.

Theresa Smith

Hiya Hiya Sharps 9" circulars are my favorite sock needles!


I'm a die hard double point needle sock knitter. I've tried magic loop and two at a time on circs but I always go back to my double points. And,,,,,I only use 3 needles. I recently bought a set of the Nova Cubics and I absolutely love them!

Jennifer L

I use double points. I usually use bamboo ones, but the square needles that I got at your store are my favorite!


Double Points, preferably metal. I have recently been using tha Nova Cubics, but I also like the HiyaHiya dp. I have a set of the Karbonz,DP but the join on one of them is not smooth.


I use two sets of DPN and alternate between
Both so that I have both finished at the same time

Kathy Michel

2 at a time, toe up, magic loop. When i get to the heel on each sock, I work each sock separately, then re-join when heels completed.


Magic loop!

Debbie Huett

My preferred method is double points but I sometimes do magic loop (one at a time).Sharp metal ones. Signatures are the best. I haven't used Rowan yarn so would love to try it!


I started out with dpns. Then I took a class in magic loop and really liked the method.


I love knitting socks with two circulars. Next thing to try is two socks at the same time on two circulars.

Beth L Ruiter

Double points, cuff down for me.


Circular needles


It's magic loop for me. After Jan taught me, I have never double pointed again...

Susan Sanders

8" Addi circ most of the time. Use dpn and magic loop also.

Christine Newman-Aumiller

Double-pointed without a doubt. But I'd like to give circulars a try sometime.


Double-point most of the time. Sometimes magic loop, depending upon pattern


Double points are the only way to go


I use magic loop. I tried dpns, but never got the hang of them.

Karen Foster, Australia

Double point needles however will need try the other methods in 2014;-). Simply Socks you rock <3.

Anne Remington

Magic loop, one at a time. But one of my favorite knitting-in-public moments happened when I was using DPNs while standing in line to vote. "What are you doing with all those little sticks?!?" my fellow voter asked.

M. Jane Epstein

I don't like two circulars. Even with two different color/brands of needles I got confused. So I usually use double pointed needles, but I make two at a time by having two sets of dpl ptr needles. This way I can go back and forth and get them done at the same time. I have also used the magic loop, but I find the dpls quicker.

Rhonda Atkinson

I love DPN's. Just got the Kollage square needles and love them. Sharp points and yarn slides smoothly.


Magic Loop or two circs depending on what needle I have free at the time.


I have only made top down and have used double points on every pair except one. Tried the small circular. I would use it again if applicable an I needed double points for parts of it.


Addi Turbo magic loop


Double pointed needles have been my choice, but I may challenge myself in 2014 to try circs and magic loop.

Donna Celeste

Double points for me but I just bought needles to try magic loop or using 2 circa to see if they will be kinder to my hands. I have arthritis in my thumbs and it is sometimes just too painful to knit socks, but I persevere!


Ole fashioned double point though I occasionally use a really short a ddi circ.


Double points ....Signature needles are my favorites & top down for the sock ;)

Susan H

DPNs are what I always come back to, though I've learned two at a time on two circs and magic loop.


Three dpns . If the pattern calls for four, I'll put a marker in the middle of the second. My favorite needles are the karbonz and the cubics. I'll switch off depending. I just finished a pair of bmfa with the cubics and I just loved knitting them! No second sock syndrome.


12 inch circs with a little magic loop at then end. I hate dpns.


I use magic loop for everything. I travel too much, and I used to drop stitches all the time. With an extra big magic loop I rarely drop stitches as I move my project in and out of my bag constantly.


Definitely DPN! I've tried 2 circulars but they just didn't feel right.


My favorite method is using a set of 5 square dpn. Size 1 and 1.5. They make a nice fabric.

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