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December 17, 2013


Rhonda Atkinson

I do knit socks and love knitting them. I find I like plain vanilla socks but do use patterns half the time. My LYS has a knitter working there that wrote a sock pattern "Gumby" that I like knitting very much. Has a ruffle at the top and I like the heel and toe. But I love looking at all the different socks knit up.


I was inspired this year by your Hermione sock on this blog, and so that's the one that is now my go-to pattern. I love how it hugs the ankles. I don't knit the pattern all the way to the toe anymore--I'm a little bit loath to waste time on designs that no one ever sees. I learned about 7 years ago that great knitted cables and lacy designs are just wasted on self-patterning yarn, so I went totally vanilla. I'm quite a boring knitter, I'll admit.

Trish Flynn

I'm just a "plain old vanilla" girl, most of the time. But I did do two pair of "slouch" socks this year.


I designed an awesome sock this year, with some discontinued Fiberphile sock yarn. I tried to channel some steampunky-ness into it, because of the color, and I actually really liked how it turned up. It's got a twisted stitch pattern that winds around the foot and up the leg, with some slipped stitches and ribbing... they fit great and they were really fun to knit.


I generally knit plain vanilla socks. I use the sock "recipe" from Knitting Rules. I also feel that knitting anything too fancy is just wasted on something people don't even see when it's stuffed in a shoe. Besides, with all the great yarns we have to chose from, I think the yarn stands out better in a plain pattern anyway.


Any sort of cable pattern. They look great in solid colors and are really fun in striping colors.

Shayna Stevens

I knit a plain vanilla sock. I'm not fast at doing socks, so a cable or anything that makes them take longer is annoying to me. Once I get faster I'll attempt harder ones!


Swedish Fish socks by Spillyjane! They are so much fun.


My favorite go-to pattern for socks is Hermiones. I love the way it fits my foot. I carry the pattern down the front to the toe decreases.

Karen Pettyjohn

I was too busy knitting other items this year but socks are at the top of the list for 2014. I like to knit vanilla socks unless the yarn is a solid color. I want to try Hermione this year as well as several other patterns that I stashed away.


I like to knit the hermione,s everyday socks or just plain 2x2 rib sock patterns. Socks are my favorite thing to knit.


Using the KPS beginner pattern and poste stripe humbug, I have finally finished my frist pair of socks!! Yay! I love the self striping colours. I am hooked!! All the pretty yarn!!! I just need to figure out what to do next!!


I have several favorites from 2013
Cresendo Socks by Laura Jenkins
The Man in the Brown Suit by Maureen Faulks and
Time in a Bottle by Fixer
2x2 rib plain old vanilla is good too...very relaxing to knit!

Judi Kennedy

Hedera is my favorite this year. I love the way the yarn works up into such a nice airy pattern.


I do knit a lot of socks. So far I have made 26 pairs in 2013. I like to use different patterns, and I love colorwork. This year I have made two pairs of Oviatt Socks, two pairs of Chuncho Socks, two pairs of Athos Socks, two pairs of Monkey Socks, and many individual patterns. To say what was may FAVORITE pattern, though, I don't think it would have to be one that I have made more than once. My favorite technique is colorwork (either stranding or mosaic). When I look back at what I have made n 2013, it is really hard for me to pick just one favorite. It depends on what mood I am in. If I am cabled-out, then I need some colorwork. If I am colorworked-out, then I want to do lace or cables. I guess I like variety and I go through phases. I feel a strong colorwork phase coming on. I highly recommend any of the colorwork socks by Rosehiver or Stephanie van der Linden.


This was a vanilla year for me, but vanilla with variety. When I knit top-down, I follow the Yarn Harlot's recipe. Unless it's a stripey sock, in which case I'll probably opt for a short-row heel. When I knit toe up, it's usually a short-row heel, as well.


Lately my favorite pattern is very plain vanilla, perfect for self-striping yarn and for TV viewing

Pat Wadkins

I knitted my first pair of socks this year using one of the basic patterns from "Getting Started Knitting Socks" Book. I am looking forward to knitting other patterns this coming year.

Lisa viviano

I sadly didn't knit any socks this year. Too many babies born this year so lots of booties, hats, and blankets.


I did my first 'complicated' sock pattern this year and loved the result. It was the Delias eucharis sock by Hunter Hammersen. A lovely pattern and actually turned out to be memorizable.

Nancy Fanzlaw

My favorite sock pattern to knit this year was "Nutkin" by Beth LaPensee on Ravelry. Looks fearfully complicated - it's not!

Lisa Barrett

My favorite pattern this year is Sideswipe. My favorite go-to basic is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's but using the Eye of Partridge heel instead.


I enjoy Nutkin, Socks of Kindness and of course the ever popular Monkey. But nothing beats a vanilla or vanilla rib for a car trip


Since I am a fan of self striping socks, I usually knit a plain vanilla sock. That way, the yarn can have all the fun and I can just relax and knit!

Kathy Stanley

I always knit my plain old vanilla cuff down gusset heel. They are the most comfortable and fit the best on my feet. I have probably knitted over 50 pairs of socks for myself and for gifts to special knit worthy friends and family.


Sadly, I haven't finished a pair of socks this year, which means next year will be the year of the sock. I have a pair of Simple Skyp socks started for my husband,so I guess that is my favorite (and only!) pattern this year! By this time next year I hope to have made a few pairs for myself...and repaired a few pairs that are patiently waiting. Merry Christmas!


This year I started to knit socks from the toe up - love it. I can make sure they fit as I knit. I love the eye of partridge heel, that is as daring as I got this year. Maybe next year I will try a pattern with a design. I love knitting socks all sizes.

Barb T.

I love, love, love knitting socks. I am a huge fan of the Simple, Plain sock by the Yarn Harlot. I just finished the Roger Sock by Anne Hanson and am starting Helen socks by Anne, also.

Joan Grahlfs

I knit socks. I got a pattern off of a Regia ball that I have adapted to fit me. Most of the time that is the plain vanilla pattern that I like. But I like a change up often, so I am always on the look out for different. Lately the yarn has been more interesting than the pattern.

Jaclyn Miller

Loved the heck out of the Vanilla Late socks. It's the first vanilla sock pattern i've done but it has a little bit of something to keep it interesting.


The pattern I use the most is Classic Socks for the Family, a Yankee Knitter pattern by Melinda Goodfellow. I make all kinds of socks, but this pattern is utterly reliable, with instructions for stockinette; three rib combinations; various yarn weights; and sizes for infants, children, and adults.
In March, when I was suddenly called to my sister's side for a surgical emergency that required 14 hours at the hospital, I grabbed this pattern, some leftover fingering yarn, and my needles. By the end of the day, I had most of a pair of infant's socks.

Pat DeShetler

Pembrokeshire Pathways on Ravelry.

Kelle Perreault

I usually knit plain socks...I love them! I'm going to knit Hermione's socks sometime soon.


I think my favorite pattern of the year was Hermione's Everyday Socks, which I learned about in the comments of this blog!

Holly Abery-Wetstone

My favorite pattern is Godmother Socks, don't know where I got the pattern but they are adorable!


My favorite pattern is always whatever I just finished. That means my current fav is 2luvcrew. Next week it will be Toasty Twist (which looks awesome in STR Festivus).


My favorite pattern for socks this year really was plain vanilla. The reason for that was because I ordered some Poste Striping yarn and became enamoured. I have knit so many vanilla socks from striping yarn and I can't seem to stop!

Chrissy Foreman

I'm in love with self striping sock yarn, so I generally just do a basic pattern and let the yarn do the work. I love to see the pattern that manifests!


I am sock deficient, just can't seem to get the hang of it. Boo hoo.

Gina Kostoff

Since taking the Yarn Harlot's Grok the Sock class here in FW, I have knit two pair using her recipe. Moving on to and old mens slipper pattern then a fun superhero sock pattern I found on Ravelry!!!


Plain ole vanilla toe up socks that are modified to fit my hubby's feet.


Plain ole vanilla but the socks are anything but plain with all of the beautiful striping and patterning yarns.

Ruth C

I use Susan B. Anderson's How I Knit My Socks vanilla pattern. I sometimes continue a rib pattern from the cuff on down. I also like the Groovy Sock pattern to "spice" up self-striping socks.


Par 5 socks for me. Ribs and easy cables. Looks hard but is so very easy. I just finished my first lace socks. Used 5 different patterns but Embossed Leaves was my favorite.


Every sock I knit is toe up. Doesn't matter if the pattern is for cuff down, I just convert them to toe up. Lately most of my socks have been just a simple K3P1 rib pattern. Makes for mindless knitting when I need a break from something more challenging.


Cat Bordhi's plain 2x2 ribbed sock in Socks Soar on Two Circulars, Hermione's Everyday Socks, Jeck Sock, and Nutkin are my favorite patterns, but I'll try anything!

Debbie Huett

i have knit 14 pair this year. I'm in Cookie A's sock club so most have been from that. Right now I'm doing Mint Twist and I think it's my favorite of the year. I also love the Yarn Harlot's basic sock. I have purchased the Embossed Leaves pattern and my SSYC club yarn this month is green so I think that's what it will become.

Sara Byron

I like the fit of the famous Jaywalkers pattern. I knit it over and over. Not the most popular now, but a perennial.


I think Tadpoles was my favorite sock pattern this year. It was such an easy knit.

Tracy Wheeler

I liked making the foot ovens. Really got it down to a science, having made six pairs!

Katherine B

My favorite pattern for socks this year has been a pattern found on Ravelry that I believe was called Simple Textured socks. It looks really great with self striping yarn!


I made a pattern called Punctuated Rib socks and really enjoyed it! It showed off the hand-painted yarn I used really nicely.

Linda L

My favorite this year is Hermione's Every Day socks. That is a simple pattern that has great results!

Diane True

My favorite this year is just a plain ole sock. I keep a pair going all the time for when I just want mindless knitting.


My favorite sock pattern for my circular sock knitting machine is the mock rib pattern, with your Opal Yarn.


My favorite sock pattern is Autopilot Sock by Amy Singer. As advertised you can just knit.... and they will fit! Especially good for Poste stripe yarn, Harry Potter colors! I particularly like how the heel looks in the stripe!

Also any Wendy Johnson toe up lace sock!!!!!!

Janet A.

I only wear home knit socks and often try new and complicated patterns. This year I just needed them to wear so I mostly stuck to the basic patterns.

Liz Awsumb

I am knitting Twisted now, and it is so fun!


I knit plain sock in Zauberball Crazy for my niece. Any pattern would get lost.

Joan Matlack

I tend to let the yarn speak for itself so I do a simple pattern with self-striping yarn. That limits what I can wear, so I also like knitting solid color socks, and semi-solid color socks.


No socks this year. Big plans for sock knitting soon though!

Donna celeste

I knit mostly plain vanilla socks using a pattern fron Yankee Knitters that I have had for years. I did once venture into a toe up sock with an afterthought heel. I did like the ease of the heel but. It the look. My next sock I am trying the fishlips kiss heel.

Merry Fenton

My favorite sock pattern so far is Clover by Kate Blackburn. They have cables and lace but the pattern is easy to remember and they are gorgeous. I do make plain vanilla but mostly when I'm knitting monster socks with leftovers.
wahoomerryf on Rav


I like the waffle stitch for lots of things, so my favorite sock pattern is Blueberry Waffle Socks. It's written for dk weight, but works perfectly in fingering if I cast on 72 stitches. Great recommendations in the comments!

Danyelle N

I knit leg warmers (not socks yet - I know!!) in just rib and stockinette to show off the striped and/or crazy color changes in the yarns my daughters like best!


I knit a model sock for an upcoming book and that was about it until the yarn harlot came to town


One pair of socks that I knit this year was a variation of the pattern in Lisa Myers' book, Joy of Knitting. I can't remember the name of the pattern but it's a simple sock with a clock design. I wanted something simple so it wouldn't detract from the hand-painted yarn.


No socks yet but is on the New Years Resolutions list ;)

Ann M.

I'm only on my second pair of socks ever and for both I've used the Yarn Harlot pattern. Easy to follow for a newbie.

Rachel R.

I actually did not knit any socks this year! But in years past, I use kind of a franken-sock method - I do whatever I want for the calf (usually ribbing or a simple pattern), then Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's recipe for turning the heel, then I wing it on the toe!


I use the Vanilla Latte sock pattern on Ravelry. Sock yarn is so pretty that I think a simple pattern makes a beautiful yarn pop!!

Sandra Cash

Make lots of socks for my teenage grandson so plain vanilla in funky colors are their favorites. Must have made 25 pair this year.


I would love to knit socks. I took a class and the instructor did the heel so i learned nothing. i have one sock done and have attempted the second have not figured it out yet. Maybe the pattern I have is more complicated than i though. I am also looking for suggestions for a simple sock pattern. I love all sock yarn and getting to the finished project.

Ann M

If I am using a varigated or striped sock yarn, I usually use a very plain pattern. I did knit several pair of "house socks" using a soft worsted for sale at church bazaar using my basic pattern with ribbing for all but the heel & soles. The ribbing allows for a snug fit for feet of unknown sizes/shapes. I also knit a pair of socks for my niece (pre-teen, exact foot size unknown) with cables as cables can ease the fit when the exact size/shape is not available. In winter after Christmas I do a little knitting for myself, usually socks and I am likely to use a more intricate sock pattern. I'm thinking about Pefferminz by Micha Klein.

Melissa Poszywak

Got a new grandchild this year, so not a lot of sock knitting going on. This one was pretty cool though:


The only pair of socks I've made were plain ol' vanilla. I'd be willing to do something more complicated, though.

Jill Schroeder

Plain old "CO 64 or 76" variety. Exciting yarn is what holds my interest.


I did not knit any socks this year. Sad, I know.

Jessi Monroe

I don't usually knit socks, but I love sock yarn! I use it either instead of the right yarn, doubling up or modifying the pattern, or I use it to supplement another yarn. Most of my stash is sock yarn, and other then Christmas stockings (which will be DK) I'll probably never knit socks.


I love Yarnissima patterns for socks. This year, I've been working on 2 of them - Cairdeas and Brainless (I have wretched second sock syndrome). At any rate, her patterns are well-written, and despite having lots of cables and twisted stitches, they look way more complicated than they actually are to knit.

Marie B.

This year I tried toe up for the first time, plain vanilla, but using Cat Bhordi's sweet tomatoe heel.

Cynthia Parker

Plain old vanilla for me. I have no idea where the pattern came from and I don't have to consult it anymore. Boring, maybe but does make watching TV easy.


I want to make socks!!! But my knitting is horrendous. I would love to find a crochet pattern for cute socks.


I love knitting socks.. Mostly the plain vanilla kind. But I love the
Embossed Leaves pattern. I have made that plenty of times. But everything depends on the yarn.

Anne Marie

I have 2 pair going of the Basket Weave Rib Socks by Sarah Ronchetti.


Whatever I haven't knit before. I don't have a favorite, I usually look for something new. Most recently? A book of Japanese inspired socks that I've just started exploring.

Geraldine Scott

Vanilla socks...I let the pretty yarn do the impressing!


Plain vanilla socks are the way to go! So simple and quick and you can't lose your place in the pattern


I love the basic slip stitch heel pattern from the book Socks From the Toe Up by Webdy Johnson. It's my go to pattern.

Christine C.

For the first time this year I knit a pair of toe up socks. - called Crimple. I liked them because they were mirror images of each other.


My favorite socks this year are Harry's socks from Dobby. I'm making the broomsticks and snitches socks for my daughter for Christmas. My first colorwork projects!


My favorite pair this year is the Delias eucharis Sock by Hunter Hammersen. I think it's gorgeous!

Nicole Wetzel

I use Ann Budd's Gertting started Knitting socks as my go to vanilla, but recently found the vanilla latte pattern on Ravelry and that adds just enough spice to a sock. I enjoy tryIng new sock patterns. They help keep the interest.


my fav go-to sock pattern is the simply ginny pattern b/c i love the big cable down the foot. i also did socks for euni and plan to knit more of those in the future.


Mistaken rib pattern

Mona B

I just learned how to knit socks at the beginning of the year, and I'm working on my 22nd pair! Most have been plain vanilla cuff-down with flap/gusset heels because they knit up so fast & easy. I've also done a few variations of ribbed socks, garter-rib, vanilla latte, etc.

Rusty M

My favorite pattern this year was "Gollum" by Claire Ellen. I enjoyed it because it had alot of different things that I'd never knit before. Plus, it was a really cool sock! Thanks


I have teeny addiction to stripey yarn so have been knitting a lot of plain vanilla socks, but totally stepped out of my comfort zone with Cookie A's Eunice socks. Once I got the hang of it, it was such a fun knit!

Susan M. Drzewicki Kaliszewski

I knit mostly "vanilla" socks with a 6" 2k, 2p
cuff. Top down on #2 DPN's. I do like to knit Dragonfly Socks when I am in the mood for something different


"Ashton Windows" by Karen Martin Kepner. I also converted to Toe Up and the Fish Lips Kiss heel. Now I can knit socks for almost anyone in my family without too much fuss.

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