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December 14, 2013


Leslie Fehr

I knit more hats with sock yarn than anything else!

Ruth Anne

I knit cowls and scarves and mitts this time of year! Right now I'm working on a Color Infusion cowl in light grey, red and green - obviously hoping to be finished to wear it Christmas Eve. My daughter goes to Carnegie Mellon where the official color is plaid, so I made her a Tartania Cowl in my best approximation of their green-red-blue plaid. As cold as December has been, I definitely want to make her a hat or two before she heads back to school in January.

Cindy Harper

This year, I've been making sweaters from vintage patterns for re-enactor friends. I do have a set of socks on the needles right now, as my sister-in-law borrowed a few of my hand-knitted socks.

Lois Swinson Barrett

I'm mainly a crocheter. My main project with sock-weight yarn was designing a freeform crochet motif in several different shapes. Still working on it, actually. I used Paton's lace.

Jennifer Houston

I knit more non-sock items, especially from the Hitchhiker shawls!

Joy hill

I knit more socks 7 pair for Christmas gifts! I love the hitch hiker and all self striping M


I knit more scarves and shawls. I used fingering yarn of the Madelinetosh light that I had received a s a gift for my birthday. I knit some with some Ella Rae yarn as well. I knit others with stash.

Parke Anderson

I definitely make more socks with sock yarn. my favorite sock yarn is lorna's shepherd sock and since I usually pick crazy multi-colored colorways, I tend to stick to a very basic sock (maybe a 2x2 rib down the leg and over the instep) so as to show off the yarn.

Shayna Stevens

I use all of my sock yarn for socks. They're my favorite!!

katherine ortiz

knitted several pairs of basic toe up socks for me and my husband.

merle burton

Hmmm Guess I am the odd one. I knit socks with my sock yarn. In fact I am knitting 2 different pairs right now. Also I always use the same pattern. PLAIN. I keep a in progress sock on my night stand and when I wake up in the middle of the night it's my go to project.


I knit mostly socks. I enjoy the portability of the project and the fact that I can experiment with new patterns and techniques on a small scale. :-)


Socks...LOVE knitting socks!

Sydney Placido

I mostly also knit socks. Use two Addi needles in the round, used Arizonia Christmas color loved it.


Sock yarn is my favorite, but I very seldom knit socks. I've knit more shawls and cowls and hats. :-)


Socks lately, but lots of other stuff too! :-)


Last year it was socks. This year I ventured into doing scarves and shawls. Next year it will probably be socks again - I finally kept a pair for myself and love them!

Rhonda Atkinson

I have knit more socks this year than anything else. And each pair has been a different yarn as my goal was to knit up yarns to see the differences and decide on a favorite. Didn't work as I liked each and every one of them.

Danielle D Wentz

I knitted the Shape Shifter Shrug during a MKAL but it was with worsted weight yarn. Currently I have a hat on the needles for my 11 week old son, Siegfried.

Sue Johnson

I knit more Socks than anything else this year. I am currently on a Very Busy Monkey kick. Just love her patterns. And, my old standby-Simple Skyp Socks. Sock knitting just makes me so happy!

Janet Dennison-Dendy

Socks, definitely, but I'm starting to branch out to hats, scarves, shawls, etc. I've enjoyed using more yarns with long color repeats this year also.

Laura Bauman

I have been knitting socks, especially purple socks for my young riding students. Had a few requests for pink! But mainly PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE, sport weight smart wool.

Lori Mahar

I knit mostly socks with sock yarn. My favorite sock yarns are Opal and Kroy, mostly for the durability. My husband is hard on his socks!


I knit more socks. Since it has been colder here this winter, I wear them all day around the house and am very pleased I knit a bunch.

Mary Chrisman

As I look back, I did knit mostly shawls, scarves and cowls this year. There are so many great patterns out there I just had to try several for the fun of it. I especially liked Geology and Dendrology by verybusymonkey. Lots of fun to knit. And then there's Song of the Sea, Amarillo, Cassandra, Creekbed and of course Wingspan.

Diana Conry Kelewae

I used sock yarn to make some lace shawls, and also knit several pairs of socks. I love sock yarn because it's so versatile and comes in so many beautiful colors and patterns!


This year non-sock projects specifically cowls, but next year I plan on doing more socks.


I knit more scarves with sock yarn this year!


Socks, socks and more socks. Also mittens, cowls and shawls. Have sock yarn will knit!!!

Ruthann Hakuschak

Since I learned to knit socks I have made socks with sock yarn, socks, socks, socks. Cannot stop. lol

Jeanne Hackenberger

I knit more socks. They are small and you can knit anywhere. Perfect for knitting on an airplane.


I knit a lot of fingerless mitts this year and have been addicted to the Align mitt pattern. The Poste self striping looks great for the mitts.


I knit more socks this year, by far! I participate in several groups on Ravelry that host KALs. So far I've made 26 pairs of socks this year, and three shawls with sock yarn. I also dabbled in making some sock-yarn ornaments and now some mitts.

My most-used sock yarn is Hazel Knits, but I also love Opal and Cascade Heritage. I'm always looking for solids, because I love doing colorwork. Some of my favorite patterns have been the colorwork ones by Rosehiver. In January I will also begin doing socks in Stephanie Van der Linden's new book, Op-Art Socks.

Ann Austerman

I knit socks more than anything. Everybody wants socks for Christmas, so I'm doing socks all year long. I think I'd like to do mitts after the holidays.

Judy Wagner

Lots of socks, warm feet are good in Alaska this time of year!

Liz Fox

I knit a lot of socks but this year I tried my hand at lace knitting when I made a shawl from some beautiful Three Irish Girls yarn!

Cynthia Parker

Socks and more socks! Same old pattern but enjoy ordering different yarns. But I have started using up left over yarn for hats for the homeless.


I haven't knit any socks this year. But I did make mittens and a hat for my daughter, am almost done with a Fisherman's sweater for my son, and used sock yarn to make myself a shawl and hat and work on some hexipuffs!

Nancy Miller

Mostly socks. I use any sock yarn I can get my hands on. My daughter and granddaughter fight over which ones they get. Have very few of my own. They even take them out of my drawer. LOL!!

Keep hand knit socks on feet that love them. They certainly do! I'm grateful for that.


I've been shawl knitting with it! I'm obsessed with Martina Behm patterns...hitchhiker, trillian, name it, I love it!


Non socks, lots of shawls and scarfs


socks all the time, but I am always looking for different projects as I have a LOT of sock yarn

Linda Byrn

I have knit more socks....I LOVE two color knitting with simply sock solids , but right now I am knitting socks with Cascade Fixation for all the grandsons. Good thing I can knit them two at a time!


I always have socks on my needles for portability, but for at home knitting I have done many shawlettes and fingerless mitts.


It's about 50/50 - socks for him and shawls (particularly hitchhiker and Miss Winkle) for me! BTW Miss W looks fabulous in the Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun color way!


Non-sock projects. Like a sweater from sock yarn - still on the 2nd time through, had to frog the first attempt - painful!


I'm a sock knitting girl. I also knit with the Opal yarn this year, I loved the Smokey Eyes collection. It goes with all the black I wear with a nice pop of color. I tried to knit a few little shawls to wear this winter, but only finished two a hitchhiker and a wingspan. I had plans (and yes, plenty of yarn) for more.

Keidi Truster

I learned to knit socks this year so definitely knit more socks than anything else. Discovered your website and have bought several kits for socks.


I made more socks with sock yarn than anything else this year ... but I used more sock yarn in a single blanket than all of the socks I knit put together.

Sue Severson Bray

Definitely non-socks! I love, love, love sock yarn - but do not like making socks!


Socks - because hubby and I needed to replace some of our pairs thus year.


I have been a hat-making maniac this year, but I have a sweater to be knit from sock yarn (bought at SSYC!) for my during Christmas break project! :)

Jaclyn Miller

I knit my first pair of socks this year and I'm addicted! So definitely socks but shawls are a close second.

Darrah Serre

I knitted way more socks this year than shawls, but fingerless mitts is a close second. =)


Mostly just socks, but I did make a pair of mittens and a shawl with some sock/fingering yarn as well.


I knitted so many socks this year and still working
on three pairs hopefully will be done
by the end of the year

Rose Birchall

I knitted socks! I took a class to learn to knit socks in August. I went from bulky yarn to worsted and now I am comfortable with sock yarn. I finished 11 pairs of socks so far this year. And four pairs I used sock yarn, Opal and Cascade Heritage Silk Paints.

Terrie Cummings

Socks, definitely. I love the self striping yarns, so colorful.

Beth L Ruiter

Mostly socks for me with lots of them from String Theory Colorworks. 17 pair with Fleece Navidad currently on the needles. (Yeah, I was one of the lucky ones who got a kit.)I also did some scarves, gloves, and a shawl.


I adore sock yarn and mostly make socks. This year I branched out to making fingerless mitts as Thank Yous using sock yarn. After all these socks,I'm now starting on coffee cozies to setup the extra bits of yarn. And plotting what pair of socks to make myself once all the gifts are done.


I did knit some sock but definitely more non-sock items--hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, and shawls.


I have knit only socks this year with sock yarn. I don't have a favorite sock yarn. Every pair of socks this year has been a different sock yarn mfg. Have loved every different type of yarn.

Susan Hill

As usual I knit more socks than anything else although cowls were a close second. I don't really have a sock pattern. I knit a basic sock and only vary the leg as to how much ribbing and what kind of ribbing I use.

I discovered for the first time Opal's heavier sock yarn and knit a couple of fabulous, warm socks that I absolutely love to wear. I live in the bay area of northern CA and go my grandson's very cold baseball and soccer games. These are my go-to socks for game days.

Thanks for this opportunity to win or just talk about socks. Love reading everyone else's post.


I have mostly knit socks this year. Nothing fancy, ribbed cuff. Made my sisters each a pair in red as memory socks. My Mom died the day after Christmas last yr and red was her fav color. They loved them.


I'm getting too old to remember what I knit. Lots of socks. Im doing my second pair of Sunday Swing socks. I also knit TWO Great Divide shawls with Jill Draper's worsted.
Love love!

Susan Sanders

Non sock items - mainly shawls and shawlettes.


Most years, I knit more socks. This year, I made toys with sock yarn. I made a knubbelchen and a small frog.


I've been into shawlettes and hats this year, more than socks.

Barb T.

I have knit more socks. I knit several pair of Stephanie Pearl McPhee's Simple Sock pattern from Knitting Rules. I also knit Anne Hanson's Roger Socks out of Ella Rae Lace Merino bought because I had never used it, and I love it. Oh, I really loved using Biscotte and Cie--great yarn!


I knit more socks than anything else. My favorite yarn is Cascade Heritage and my favorite pattern is Hermiones.

Sherie Wedin

Definitely socks. I have a very basic pattern that I use from a skein of Deborah Norville sock yarn. And everyone loves them!


Socks are my favourite thing to knit, and then shawls.


I knit mostly socks. But I also made a few shawls this year.


This year I knit 10 pairs of socks, a scarf and a cowl. Being a new knitter it was fun to try different yarns. I really enjoyed the Lorna's Laces. As for patterns I like Monkey and Hermoines Everyday socks.

Kathy Fullerton

Knit quite a few socks this year- working on "Rake" now!
Also about three cowls, shawl, and fingerless mitts! One sweater in progress also- that's taking me awhile- but I 'll get there!! Have a great
Christmas with those beautiful boys!!


Sock weight yarn is my favorite for most projects. This year I've knit several baby cardi's. Also some toddler and kid sized cardi's too. I think I've knit 7 or 8 hats and a couple pairs of fingerless mitts. Right now I've got a drop stitch scarf on my needles using the BMWS Socks That Rock that I bought in your shop last month. Oh yeah, there were about a dozen pair of socks that made their way off my needles too. :-)

Chrissy Foreman

I knit socks more than anything else. Every year I give baskets full if socks and homemade goodies to all of my friends and family for Christmas.

Holly Abery-Wetstone

I knit only 1 pair of socks this year but over 12 shawls with sock yarn!


That should say BMFA not bmws. Stupid autocorrect.


I've knit sweaters and socks this year


It was about even between socks and triangle shawls.


I knitted more sweaters and shawls from sock yarn than I did socks - a first for me. It just takes too long to get very many projects that large made in fingering weight yarn. Next year - more socks!


mostly socks. I am trying new yarns -- opal and trekking. I did make several cowls and about 3 or 4 pairs of fingerless mitts with sock yarn.


I made a lot of socks this year!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Shannon Escove

I am just learning to knit and have been working mostly on leg and wrist warmers.

Connie Garry

I knit many shawls with. Sock yarn, several pair of socks, a couple sweaters. Most of my projects for this year are on Ravelry (cre8), except the last six weeks when I've been super busy.


I definitely knit more shawls than socks with sock yarn.
Thanks for The 12 Days of Sock Yarn. What a great idea.

Fran Allen

I've been knitting mostly hats (ver 15 of them) wi sock yarn---including several with your lovely Poste Yarn---and some gloves and mittens this year. I hope to send a few pictures of the Poste Yarn hats when the giftees have them on!!!

Happy holidays you you lovely ladies and your families and loved ones!!!!

Tricia Werntz

I knit hats shawls scarfs anything but socks! Tho' I have started a pair for my DH for xmas.


This has been my year for socks. My new favorite is Biscotte & Cie self-striping.

Kim Loper

I used my sock yarn to knit a beautiful long cowl for the winter.

Shirley Moeschberger

I knit more socks on my antique circular sock knitting machine, I love to use opal for this Love your shop.

Martha from Ohio

I use sock yarn for pretty much everything but socks. Shawls: the two most recent were the Triple Wrap and Annis. Podster "glittens" and currently working on a winter headband. I love your shop and recently made a pilgrimage there for my birthday! Happy holidays to SSYC and I hope to be back soon!

Karen Griesinger

I knitted shawls and cowls for Christmas presents.


Definitely more socks than anything else. I love BMFA Socks that Rock but have been trying a variety via the Cookie A sock club. And her patterns are definitely my favorites!

Zoe Morgan

Socks, deflinitely! Including my first pair of toe ups!

Michele Cashen

I knit more socks definitely. And I like toe up socks, but I did make the hexagon socks on the cover of "Think Outside the Sox."


I knit (and unknit) socks. My knitting mojo went on vacation, but after Grock the Sock, I feel it making a comeback!

Dana Timmerman

Last year at this time I vowed to learn to knit socks and knit them well. I have made about 15 pairs of socks. Monkey socks, Yarn Harlot socks, Dublin Bay Socks, Hermoine Socks. I love to knit socks. 2014 I will begin making toys from Susan B Anderson's book. Love SSYC!!! So lucky your store is only 24 miles away.

Sandra Cash

I knit more socks. Lots of feet in my family. As a gift to someone special I knit socks using all the highlighter colors of Poste yarn

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