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December 18, 2013


Pat Wadkins

I love Color 39. I would want to match it with a solid and make Stephen West Daybreak.


59 had a lot of my favorite colors in it. With two balls, I would knit a Hitchhiker, Hitchhat and Hitchmitts so I could be wrapped in a bright rainbow.


I've been looking for the perfect yarn for the "Long and Winding Row" cowl - I think it would look great in any of the Degrade colors, but I especially like #24


I like #26, earth tones with a touch of pink. Would be nice socks.

Cheryl Ogg

I like color 59 for an Eternity scarf.
The variegated colors would add richness to the pattern and it could be worn with so many different outfits.


I would pick 79 with its dreamy blues and make socks.

Ann W.

A Multi-Directional Scarf or Hitchhiker are beautiful with the long repeat variegated yarns. Either one of those would be my project.


Definitely color 52 and pair it with an off white to make Peaks & Valley socks. That is on my spring ToDo list.


I'm thinking a Crazy Wavy Toddler Dress for my grandaughter, maybe color 35? Or a Wingspan in 88. Either would be wonderful.


I would pick #25, for some stuffies for my boys!


This could be fun for either Spectral (a cowl) or Frankenfingers, both can be found on Ravelry. Or I would just stare lovingly at it...I'm so addicted to lovely colors!

Lisa Viviano

I like color 50. I know it would make a great pair of socks.


66 and 88 float my boat but I'm also partial to 15 too. Wingspang would be great for this yarn, but I really want to make a Let's Twist Cowl at some point and I think it would look really good in one of the above colourways.



Right now I am thinking Willow Cowl with Stained Glass Mitts. There would be enough yarn for both. I like color 25.


I like #60 for the Lazy Katy Shawl


I like the colors in Color # 16.
I think it would be great for a shawl or a scarf.


I'm actually partial to almost all of the colors, but if I had to choose, I'd probably go with Color 26. Not a clue what I'd make with it... maybe some mitts and a matching hat, or a simple shawl.

Cindy Strick

I would choose Degrade 59. I would knit my daughter a drop stitch shawl that she could use as a lap cover or across her love seat. She will be spending 14 months in the Caribbean for med school and I believe these colors will remind her of the bright colors of Dominica and all of her hard work in med school!

Mary Chrisman

I'd like colors 17 and 25 for the Ri-sinG shawl.


I like the Degrade 50 or 51 to make that wingspan shawl or the hitchhiker scarf.

Gina Kostoff

I love 79 or 88. I think it would make an adorable baby sweater or baby socks and hat.

Jodie E

Plain vanilla socks, most definitely. :)

Tami campbell

I like the colors in # 25 and would use it to make hats. Thank you for the chance.

Nancy Fanzlaw

I'd definitely use Magic Stripe #80 or #53 for a lovely little shawlette called Storm Warning (on ravelry). This would be for my sweet Mom, who just had her 86th birthday!


I think #26 would be my choice for a scarf for one of my granddaughters.


I'd love a couple of pairs of socks in colors 35 and 39. Probably plain vanilla socks to show off the gorgeous colors!


Definitely Degrade 16; it deserves a more colorful name than that! I'd make a lovely Hitchhiker with it because I love that pattern and I love all the colors in #16.


Love socks, but would like to knit a daybreak shawl with degrade #24 and a solid cream color. Wow!

Marie B.

I'd use degrade #60 to make a maple leaf knit shawl.


The colors are all so lovely, and I keep changing my mind! At the moment, I would choose #17 and use it to make a Tiffany scarf/shawl. If I can have two skeins, I might choose #66 also. I would pair these colors with black so they would really POP.


#15, 25 or 79 are my favorites!! It was hard to choose because I liked a lot of them! And they'd be socks, of course!


I've had my eye on the Bermuda Scarf for a long time and I'd choose #53. The colors make me smile.

Holly Waldrop

Oh, that's easy - using #66 or #79 for a pair of plain vanilla socks to just wallow in the colors!!


I think I would knit a Stephen West Spectra out of 16 and a solid.


I would love #66, it would be perfect to make the Britta Cowl by Johanne Landin. Great knit for the gloomy winter months!
Thank you.


right this minute I would pick Degrade 53, but it might change in a couple of minutes.

Judi Schaffer

#53 would make the perfect baby sweater for the new granddaughter coming in 2014.

Susan Hill

The colors are beautiful but I really love 17 and 25. With two skeins that's enough yardage for a pair of my favorite plain socks and a beautiful cowl long enough for a double wrap around my neck.


I would do a Spectral Cowl like the one the yarn harlot just did. I'd pick a color to match my hot pink coat, so probably 66, but I'd likely be emailing you to help me match it best.

Geraldine Scott

#50 would make some bright and cheery socks!

Kathy Fullerton

I really like #50 for a cowl and #15 for socks!
Really like to use this for bright stripes for socks and love the muted colors for a pattern from three Irish girls for cowl!!


Degrade#53 in the Meander Shawl by Natalie Servant

Barb T.

I think 26 or 50 but I'd be happy to take all. I have never used this, so it would be a super duper treat for a Yarn Harlot pair of socks. I'm just not a shawl person.


I love 79! I don't have a shawl in mind at the moment, though! Maybe something like Multnomah.

Joan Grahlfs

#50 for socks and mitts for my granddaughter! She loves bright colors.

Linda Byrn

I would HAVE to make socks, since it is superwash. I think color 39, but both are great and would make happy feet.


I would pick 79 and 17 along with a solid colour and make a Color Affection shawl.


I'd have to pick colors 80 & 52. I'd probably try knitting a Color Affection or some other shawl/scarf. If the colors didn't work as well together as I think they would, I could always use them for socks.
(PS, one of the things I love most about your contests is seeing everyone else's ideas.)

Deb in NC

Color 53 and I would do socks!! Who could resist socks in such pretty colors.


I'd pick #16 for a nice infinity scarf.


I'd pick color 50. I'm not 100% sure what I'd knit, but right now I'm thinking of a Daybreak shawl.


I like #24---socks I think

Leslie Fehr

I like colors 88 and 50 -- and I'd be using them for more Sockhead hats - the list of people wanting these is growing longer!

Margretta Josephson

I would pick Magic # 59 because of its vivid colors. I am not so fond of shawls, but do like cowls, so I might look for a cowl pattern that takes sock weight yarn. However, I would really like a pair of socks in this color.

Chrissy Foreman

Magic #23 would be perfect for socks for my daughter!


Ooh. This would be perfect for the new wraptor socks on knitty. Colors 5 and 39 would be in my normal range, but could see branching out to something like #74 or 23.

Trish Flynn

50-51-59 because the weather outside is frightful and these bright colors would cheer me up. And I'd make socks (because that's all I know how to do)to keep my feet warm until it isn't frightful any more.

Cynthia Parker

My vote is for 39 and 59. Socks, of course.


Degrade 25 is awesome in socks!


I would love to try this yarn in color # 66 and make some socks.


I would use color 88 to make a Manzanita shawl :)

Rusty M

I think 25 & 50 and I would knit another Spectra


I would choose color 26 and make socks.

Kate S.

I would do 15 or 59 to make hitchhiker.

Kathy Stanley

I would pick #50 and make a pair of vanilla socks.

Rhonda Atkinson

I'd pick 53 because it looks light and fresh. Perfect for the Peace Garden Rose socks for summer.

Sandra Cash

I would choose color 89 and make a scarf.


Knitting socks is my fav, so I would have to knit a pair. I know they would be beautiful


#51 would make great socks for my son who is obsessed with rainbows!!

Jen Gottschalk

I would pick Degrade 17 and knit socks for my sons!


Sorry I did not type in my color choice it is Degrade 87.

Linda Zalusky

I've been wanting to make Spectra and degrade 66 might work well for that.

Suzzanne Lawrence

I would use color 39 to make a pi shawl.

Jill Schroeder

Color 88 paired with a solid. I would make a leaf press shawl and use the Degrade in place of the striped center section.


#16 for a wingspan shawl and maybe some socks

Katherine B

I would love to use 50 to knit some fingerless mitts!

Andy B.

I'd probably pick color 79, but 88 is a close second. And I'm make socks! I love to make socks!


I love color 80 and would knit my first pair of socks with it!

Liz Awsumb

Degrade 24---for socks!

Karin B.

Color 74 or 25 might want to be a Ecken+Kanten scarf. The more brownish ones make good socks for my husband (he likes the subtle color changes like 39) and my almost 7-year old's favorite color is "rainbow" and he would love some socks like col. 50.

I am fascinated by the magic stripe and wish that I could see it in person! I love the idea of a black stripe in between.


I would choose #53. Nice pastels to work on in the spring. Also, #26. Each would be knitted into vanilla socks to show off the fantastic striping.


Color 15 for socks or maybe scarf/shawl

Melissa B.

Well, #17 is my favorite with that bright green. I'm really into cowls these days and thought of a cowl but wanted to make the stitch length short in order to keep the good colorflow of the I would make Tight Cowl which is a mitered squares cowl. :)


Color 51 for socks for my daughter who loves bright colors!;)


Color 39 is earthy looking. Very nice. I'd probably do a shawl since you are generously giving two balls.


Degrade 59 for a shawl

Sue R.

COlor 24 and I would make a pair of socks. Oh my goodness it is so pretty!

Barbara Bailey

I love color #50 and I'd get enough to knit a lacy scarf and a pair of socks. Fingerless mitts would be beautiful, too.

Amy McCullough

Color 17 (green) is definitely my color. I'd likely knit a modular scarf for my mom. Green is my favorite color, and also my mom's, since we are Irish. My youngest kiddo loves turtles, so I;d hope for leeftovers to knit a small turtle!

Karen Pettyjohn

#53 and #80 and I would make pair vanilla and one pair Hermione.

Tina Champagne

Ohhh, I love colors 79 and 88! I think maybe a lacey wingspan would be in order or a summer wind infinity scarf would be lovely! So many nice choices! Yikes!

Char Downing

I really like #39. I love to make socks for the people I care about and that color would be fantastic worked into socks.

Joni Black

I really like the colours in #26 and would probably make a triangular scarf of some sort that increases then decreases. I made one in the spring and it is one of my faves...


Kieran Foley's Camino Bubbles in color 50 is calling to me on this snowy cold day in upstate NY.


#16 would be my choice for leg warmers to wear under my boring, black uniform.


Color 50. It is so pretty. I would knit plain vanilla socks!

Elizabeth McDonough

Lovely colors in each. Definitely plain vanilla socks.


I would choose #17 because I'm on a big green kick right now. I think a simple ribbed eternity scarf would be fabulous in that colorway. Pair it with a black dress or pants/top, and it would be a stunner.


Color 25 (or 50? depends on my mood!). I'd try to make a monster cowl (pattern by Julia Allen).

anamaria seda

I would pick #50 and make the wingspan love that pattern

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