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December 24, 2013



I knit for myself, for my family and for others. I just knit....

Sydney Placido

I knit mostly for myself. Some charity work, a group in my town made scarves 2 years in a row for WV special olympics.

Rose Birchall

I knit for myself and family.


I knit socks for my SIL,oldest daughter.and the French couple who have adopted her. A very appreciative group.

Martha Anne

This skein is exquisite! I knit because I love to knit. Much is given away. Not all is knitted foe a specific person. This Christmas I have gathered items from this year's projects into a basket for my family to choose from on Christmas Day. I do make things for myself!--although there are more ideas in the mind than on the needles!


I knit for myself and my daughter mostly. The guys won't wear anything but hats and mittens. Everything looks better on my daughter and she loves the knits.


I knit mostly for myself and for my smaller grandchildren-also my husband.

Jean Whites

I knit for myself, for family, and to sell at craft fairs

Judi Kennedy

I knit for friends, family and myself.

Melissa (aka Witchknit)

Like you Allison I knit equally for myself and for others. For every item that I knit for myself during the year I try to knit a matching item that will go into the "Christmas box" for the year. Sometimes I have a specific person in mind when I'm knitting, sometimes not. Either way, by Christmas the box is filled with handmade things for family and friends (and sometimes even strangers). Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Thanks for the wonderful service throughout the year. Oh and I'd really love to win that Silver Plume yarn.


Family, and friends who are having a rough time.


I knit mostly for myself with a bit for family or charity. I keep thinking that eventually there won't be so many "must have for myself" items and I will do more for others.


Wow! I love that skein of yarn. I knit mostly for others - family and charity knitting. Very rarely do I knit for myself, but I am definitely knitting myself a pair of gloves as soon as the Christmas knitting is done. Have a Merry Christmas!

Jill Schroeder

It's probably 60/40 others/me on my needles.

Cynthia Parker

I started knitting socks for my daughters and granddaughters. Then included my husband and a very dear friend. Left over yarn goes into stocking caps for people yet unknown.

Linda L

I knit about equally for myself and family (add in one very knit-worthy friend).

Phyllis Howard

I spend my time and talent on others! Very seldom do I ever knit or crochet anything for myself..

Rhonda Atkinson

I mostly knit for myself, but I have made things for my daughters, and friends. Only those that know how much time it takes to make hand knit items and appreciate them. I saw both my daughters wearing socks this week that I knit for them at least 10 yrs + ago.

Susan Sanders

I only knit for myself and my husband, my major client! I am soo far behind on what he would like I don't have time to knit for others.


I am primarily a selfish knitter, but I do knit for my husband, 2 daughters and my 2 best friends.

Kelle Perreault

I knit just to knit...mostly for myself and if someone likes it, it's theirs. I will be knitting for my first grandchild soon.


I knit mostly for myself, very rarely for my husband, sometimes for my two granddaughters, and sometimes for charity.

Judy Wagner

I tend to knit more for myself but do give socks and scarves to friends and family.


I mostly knit for myself, especially time intensive things like socks. For others, I stick to easy things like coffee cozies.


I knit for all the kids in my life: my children, nieces, nephews, and occasional other :)


I knit for myself mostly. No pressure to get everything perfect. Things usually turn out too small if I knit for my brother, and my mom is an avid knitter so she would rather just have yarn than a knitted item.

Debra Houser

I knit for family members and charity. I have yet to knit or crochet anything for myself in over 40 years

Melissa B.

Like someone said above, I too am a selfish knitter! I generally knit with something I love so by the time I'm finished I just want to keep it. I also knit a lot for my mom because I know she really appreciates what I make. I am trying to change the selfishness, though, and have spent more time this year knitting for others than I did for myself. For those who knit socks for do you know the size to you measure other people's feet??? I'm struggling with this one...

Sandra Cash

I knit mostly for my children and grandchildren. For my special friends and health care professionals who take care of my loved ones. That's Dds up to a lot of feet.


I would say I knit for myself and others equally. I would love this skein of 100% silk as my SIL is allergic to all animal fibers but she can wear silk!


I knit for friends and some family that really know how much time it takes and appreciate the work and the time.I love to knit for people that wears the things you make.


I probably knit more for others-friends, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. For me it's usually socks and the occasional shawlette.

Leslie Fehr

I mostly knit for others. If I like a hat pattern, I might make one for myself - but 90% is given away


Socks for my family (and self!) And I also knit for the Grandchildren! Admire your store from afar!! Wish I lived's too long of a drive from Michigan!!!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Beth L Ruiter

Socks for myself nd whatever takes my fancy for my nieces. They are much more fashionable than I am!


I knit for myself and my family. Occasionally I will also knit something for friends. I make a LOT of socks, but I also like to make other things. Socks make such great gifts, and people always need socks.


I'm a very greedy knitter... only a very few lucky people have ever received anything knitted from me. I think I just get so attached to my projects that I can't let them go, especially if I love the yarn/color that I'm working with.

Debbie Huett

I've mostly knit for myself with a few things knitted for my daughters and a few others. This year I plan to increase what I knit for others though. That yarn is amazing! Would love to win that!

Sandy McCause

I knit for myself, mostly, but this time of year have been knitting gifts. As long as I can knit with yummy yarns I a a happy knitter

Nancy Fanzlaw

I knit mostly for my children and grandchildren. But thid year I'm going to at least knit myself a shawlette and a pair or two of socks.

Cherie Estok

I knit for charities, my family as well as myself. But mostly for charities.


I knit for family, friends and charity...I love to knit and give socks...

Joyce Kraly

I have been knitting for others lately! Lots of hats, scarves and now slippers for the grand kids!


I knit equally formyself and others. Although, this time of year, I definitely knit more for others!


I knit mostly for myself, family and fellow knitters. There are also a few random folks that I knit for as well. Like the lady that checks me out at Wawa. She's always so nice.


I knit mostly for myself but occasionally get a request from one of my daughters. This year I also knit a hooded sweater for my youngest grandson.


I knit for the pleasure of it. For myself and I give away a lot of items.

Jane H

It's a mix. I crochet a lot of baby stuff that I give away or sell. I've made a lot of knit hats and scarves for charity or to sell also. The skeins I get from SSYC turn into socks for ME!


I can't go a day without knitting! We have 9 children, 5 grands, and are now raising foster children (4-17) - its so nice to be able to knit for all of them :) Once in a while I get something made for myself too.


This is an easy one! Most of the things I knit are for the 2 most important people in my world, my beautiful granddaughters. They get cardigans and hats and mittens and dresses and doll clothes galore. As a matter of fact I'm franticly trying to finish a doll blanket for the little ones new Christmas baby. I also knit socks for my knitworthy sister. I do occasionally manage to knit sock for myself too though.

wendy hahn

I knit for myself and my family. Recently I also started knitting sample for my designer friend.

Margretta Josephson

I knit a small number of things for me, but mostly I knit for the "knit worthy" members of my family. My family is large and only 4 of them do not appreciate hand knit socks, so everyone gets those socks in their Christmas stockings. I have two dear friends who always get hand knit socks for Christmas presents.


I spend most of my time knitting for myself. A little selfish - but my family/friends don't knit and want machine wash & dry kind of sweaters/accessories. I'm slowly trying to change their taste but until then I'm knitting for someone who appreciates what I make - ME!!



Laura (@darcybear)

Mostly I knit for myself, because I can be certain the finished object fits me. I do, however, randomly knit accessories for family and friends. The only person I never knit for is my father. I once spent weeks knitting him a gorgeous scarf only to have him leave it behind somewhere a week later. Carelessness means no handknits for you!


I knit for my family, my kids love socks, my Mom loves showing off the shawls I make for her. This past year we lost my Dad to lung cancer, and after seeing how cold he always was I made him a hat from the squishiest & softest yarn I could find. Now at least once a month I find a super soft skein and make a hat to donate to the oncology dept. in memory of my Dad and to remind the people going through chemo that they are loved. Happy Holidays!!!

Linda Schirmbeck

Like most of you, I knit for myself and others. Special preference goes to the ones who ooooooh and awwwww the most! LOL


In all my years of knitting, I've knit myself one pair of socks (shrank) and a pair of thrummed mittens (that were stolen). Family and friends are the recipients of almost all of my efforts.

Barb T.

I love to knit for myself, but when I experience what I just did--my little 8 yr. old neighbor girl opened her Sockhead hat, put it on, and proclaimed, don't even think of taking it, I want to knit more for others!


It's probably almost equal, but a bit more for family and friends than myself. And kid knits are irresistible and not always appropriate for me. ;)


I love to knit for my grandchildren and my family. I also love mittens, socks, and cowls that I knit for myself .Hey I might just knit A sweater for myself this year!


I knit for myself, my grandboys and a few close friends.


Mostly for others, gifts and charity knitting. But I do enough for me, too.

Stephanie L

I try to share the knitting love all around with everyone

Martha from Ohio

Most of my knitting ends up as gifts and sometimes the recipient isn't determined until the project is well underway. Just have to wait until the yarn tells you what it wants to be and who it wants to live with. Thank you again for the generous 12 days. In addition to great prizes and thought-provoking questions, I'm getting a lot of ideas from the comments and am already planning my next pilgrimage to ft Wayne!!


I knit for myself and my sisters, mother, and friends.


For my family. Usually socks---many socks!
Thank you for the chance to win such beautiful yarn and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Diana Kalar

I just knit. Sometimes I knit because I want the garment. Sometimes I knit because I find a pattern that I fall in love with, and I need to make it. Whenever that happens the universe always lead me to the person who it was intended for. Unless it's socks, I knit socks for me, unless I really, really love you.


The majority of my knitting and crochet is for me, charity and occasionally my husband.


I always give my things away to others...


I knit both for myself and others, usually knit-worthy family. I love knitting things that family members have requested, but I also knit quite a few items for myself, especially lovely scarves with beautiful yarn like this Tanis Fiber Arts skein!


I knit mostly for others, both family and community. I also knit for myself occasionally.

Mary Chrisman

I knit for myself, family, friends, charity and anyone who may request something special. There's always something that someone NEEDS! :)


Beautiful yarn! I knit about 20% for myself and 80% for friends and family. A lot of the time I let the knitted item "tell" me who it belongs to. I see the color and the design and it will remind me of someone and they are then gifted with the item.


I knit mostly for myself because I'm a slow knitter. Every so often, I'll knit something for a friend, just because.

Ann M

I knit for charity & fund-raising events and for friends & family and for myself. I've never given thought to how much of each - it's probably 1/3 each. Sometimes I knit for no reason at all and it's amazing how often these items come in handy for expressions of very heart-felt thanks My favorite knitting is purposeful and for someone I know. Thoughts of this person are alwasy very much in mind as I stitch through the project.


I was half and half this year!

Ashley Balderson

Mostly for my daughter and family


I knit because I love to knit. Most of what I knit that has a definite purpose is for my family, some is for me and a lot of my knitting is because the yarn and patterns are calling out to be knit. Sometimes someone wants something I've knit, and then I am especially blessed.

Linda Byrn

I knit for myself and my grandchildren .


I knit for the sake of knitting. I generally try to find people to fit my knitting afterwards. I have a coworker with a slightly narrower foot than me, so she doesn't complain if I screw up my socks!

Robin V

I knit for family, for charity, and sometimes for myself, more or less in that order.


I probably knit about 50% for me and 50% for others. Between each pair of socks I make for me, I'll knit a baby hat or sweater for charity or a pair of socks for someone else.

Susan Degnan

I have a lot of babies in my family so I mostly knit for them now. I'm starting to knit more for myself.

Kate S.

I knit mainly for myself and my family with some charity projects thrown in!


I knit mostly for me, but I've been known to make a gift or two. I love to make custom gloves for my sister who lost a finger to a dog bite a couple of years ago.

Lynn Mozzoni

I knit for myself and my 1 year old grandson. Right now I'm knitting him a blanket and monster pillow from Rebecca Danger's book "Knit a Monster Nursery".


I thought I knit mostly for myself but upon reflection, I realize that I mostly knit for my nieces (ages 24 & 21). They are very knitworthy, adore handknit socks and flood my Facebook page and email box with pins and pics of things they want me to knit for them....even if the item is crochet, embroidered, quilted, etc. They have an apparently very high opinion of my knitting ability. And it's really exciting for me when they tell me that they are "rocking the Auntie made knitwear on campus" to the jealousy of their friends. :)

Brittani Tannehill

I just like to knit, i figure out who can use the stuff afterwards!


I knit mostly for myself, my family and for a few knit-worthy friends


I knit for myself, my children & my grandchildren. Occasionally I knit for f friend that I know has an appreciation for the art.


I knit mostly for myself. I find knitting relaxing and challenging. Occasionally, my mother or sister will request something specific, and, of course, I make them what they want.

Trish Flynn

So far it's just for me and my sister. This is my first year making socks and she loves them as much as I do, and is willing to over look multiple imperfections!

Shelly Foss

I mostly knit for myself. I am too slow and too critical of my work to give it away.


I knit for both. Lots of baby blankets and dishcloths for friends. Big projects like sweaters and blankets are usually for me. As for socks, I will only knit them for people I know will appreciate them.

Marie B.

I am the most knitworthy person I know :)

Tina Champagne

I just love to knit for the sake of knitting. I knit some for myself, some for others. I find it very relaxing and ZEN like. It is the way that I relax. I find that after I knit something, I usually gift it.


I knit mostly for my daughters and grandchildren, although I have knit hats for all the men in our family. I knit occasionally for myself, like the Oaklet shawl I just finished. Quite a treat! This year, I want to do more sweaters for the girls and kids and me, as well as some charity knitting of warm hats and mittens for the winter here in NH.

Anne Bond

I knit for my husband and myself and for a few family members and friends who I know will appreciate handknits. I have given up knitting for those who do not understand the love and work that goes into a knitted item. Also, do some charity knitting in the winter.


Family & very yarn worthy friends get most of my knitting....lately have been knitting for me!;)

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