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December 21, 2013



I started a sweater vest for my son. It's not so much an ambitious project, it's just a lot of stitching, and I knit soooo slowly!


My outside the box knit this year was my first knitted toy, Susan B. Anderson's Egg to Alligator. Great pattern and this won't be my last knitted toy.

Cindy Wiltermood

I'm almost done with all of my Christmas Stockings!

Lisa Viviano

I've almost finished a pillow in fair isle. I've just the flower embellishments to finish. This project was knit in the round with a steek which was a little scary to cut.


I knit a lace weight "swan lake shawl". Out of soft grey merino/silk for my daughter's ballet teacher of 13 was shaped like wings. Turned out beautiful. (Not sure how to link)

Beth L Ruiter

I did Flamboyan by Stephen West. Not dificult but just a larger proect than my usual socks or gloves.


I made a blanket out of the oldest yarn in my stash!

Mona B

I knit my first sweater. Admittedly, it was a dog sweater, but I did it. My goal for 2014 is to knit one (or more) for a human!

Staci Lockman

I knit the February Ladies Sweater. I had it in my mind that it was going to hard but it was actually quite easy and I loved the results.

Jane H

I started knitting a simple diagonal baby blanket with sock yarn, thinking the exclusively knit rows would go fast. Ha! I'm on my third of seven skeins and haven't reached halfway yet. I'll pick it up again and finish it, but that particular baby got a different present!

Dana Timmerman

Socks for 2013. It was my goal to be proficient at knitting socks. After several pair, I feel pretty good about this accomplishment. So lucky that SSYC is not too far away!

Katherine B

I taught myself how to knit a hat with a single cable panel. I had never attempted a cable pattern befor!

Tracy Wheeler

I started knitting baby blankets for the numerous grandchildren my friends will be having. Seemed like a good idea at the start.

Danielle Koman

Cables!! They look so intimidating but are really fun!!

Mare Fairchild

The Sylvi coat is my out-of-comfort-zone project. Charts and gauge alarm me.

Christine Newman-Aumiller

A amazing shawl designed by Maggi Jackson


Color craving....the mystery and I have never had so many stitches going at one time. Also I learned a few new techniques to cast on and bind off. One was Cats möbius cast on and Jenny's super stretchy bind off.


I knit a fisherman like sweater for my son. I modified the pattern to change the neck from a partial zip to a turtleneck. It's all done but I'm not happy yet, I want to rip the sleeves and make them set-in rather than the drop shoulder.

That will be an even bigger challenge for me!


Nothing too dramatic, but I wanted to try thrumming. I have a mitten done, and am stuck on starting the second, mostly because I misjudged the roving, and have less than half left. Well, I guess I did indeed learn something—no chunky thrums unless you have plenty of roving. I hate it when my math is wrong.

Ann M

I guess I'm most comfortable with the familiar (and comfortable) but I did work up several pair of baby socks with a pattern written in German. (I know only a few words in German and have a dictionary.) I'm glad I did because this pattern has some design details that were new to me. This designer has several patterns including some very interesting adult sock patterns. Next challenge; to translate and attempt a pair of really delightful (and fancy) adult socks.

Nicole Wetzel

I finished a beautiful cable sweater for my husband.

The knitting circle that I started also made a surprise baby blanket for an expecting mom in our group. It was ambitious because we are all at different knitting levels and we were able to pull off the surprise! It was a great community building experience!


I made a long sleeved cardigan for my future daughter-in-law. It was a top down no seam pattern in a hand dyed yarn and I think it came out pretty nice.


Felted slippers. I have yet to make a pair that fit, but I'm working on it.


I made the queen bee sweater by mary scott huff. Fell in love with the pattern the moment I saw it and had to do it.

Trish Flynn

Socks - never thought I'd make socks cause I can't knit. Found a sock loom and have been busy "looming" socks ever since. Closing the toe is still a bit rough but getting better.

Linda Zalusky

I knit the Rockafeller shawl using color work and I cord edge with stash yarn from SSYC.

Geraldine Scott

I made my first shawl…Creedence by Corrina Ferguson. A totally enjoyable experience!


Curve of Pursuit blanket, easy once you get into it, but huge!

Rhonda Atkinson

I made the Tumble Cardi and just have to finish seaming it together. My first garment. I usually do cowls, fingerless gloves, hats, and of course socks. The cardi looks awesome.


I crocheted the Maple Leaf Shawl for my Mom. It was quite a feat! And then the pattern came out in a knitted version :s


I think my toughest knit was the Ridgely which was a KAL with KnitPurlHunter. Between changing colors and the lace - but it turned out gorgeous. Used yarn I bought at SSYC :)


I made a shawl for my mother-in law who is in a nursing home.. I had made a pair of socks for her (which she loved) so I figured a shawl would be great since she has no movement on her left side, this would keep her warm if the nurses just put it over her shoulders.


I have started a christening blanket for my not yet born granddaughter. It is knit using lace weight yarn and is taking forever!


I'm knitting gifts for my girlfriends. This is WAY out of my comfort zone as I over-think whether they will like what I make. I've started and frogged several cowls as I stress over which colors or style each one will like best.'s silly!


A baby shower blanket in under 2 weeks!!! And crocheted another one with Tunisian center that then had a cross-stitch design on it In under 3 weeks!!! Hope my kids will remember to ask me to make things a little more in advance from now on!!!

Joan Grahlfs

I am a great fan of the patterns by Ilga Leja. I joined her sock group and am working on color work Latvian socks. I have had to pull out the legs twice. My stranding is too tight to go over my heel. But this time I think I have it. The socks are a surprise for a dear friend.


My second, third and fourth projects were with Rowan Kidsilk Haze and then I started a lace baby blanket.

Rose Birchall

Learned to make socks this past summer. Now why did I wait so long. I think I'm obsessed.

Leah Houtman

I did my first sweater this year, as well as learning stranded colorwork (though I haven't finished my project yet!). Despite those knitting milestones, I think my biggest challenge is the one I'm working on now-- starting and finishing a sweater within 1 month, *while* abroad, doing fieldwork for my Master's thesis. If I get it done, I will be very impressed with myself.


It's barely in the starting stages - and I've already made a goof, LOL - but I've designed a simple infinity scarf/cowl in super-bulky yarn, knit in the round. (Can you call it designing when it's a really simple stitch, just going round and round?) I'm making it in Lang Arenas, and I think I need to go up from #15s to #17s. I won't have a project page up on Ravelry until I'm done. When I finish, I'll have the pattern up with it.

Abby M

I started the bee keepers quilt. I don't know that I'll need to buy more yarn. I think I have enough left overs to do the large size.


I made a very intricate dress for my 10 year old niece. I have knit her two previous dresses and she loves them but because she was older and taller and more mature the dress had to reflect that.

Diana K

Other than just finding the time to knit, my biggest challenge this year was a girasole shawl.


My Trimmings pullover because of the customized shaping and out of the box color choice. I chose a variegated for the contrast color and love it.

Barbara G.

I started and finished my first lacework shawl. Learned the importance of lifelines, markers between repeats and how to really read a chart (repairs several rows back).

Linda L

I did my first colorwork project this year. It was nothing too ambitious or hard, a hat for my son with skulls on it but I am so proud of how it turned out and he loves it and wears it (he is 36 so kind of hard to knit for at times). I also managed to get 2 baby blankets completed this year.


I started (a little too late for this Christmas) a fair isle Christmas stocking with fingering weight yarn. It will be done by next Christmas. I did get to half way thru the heel before I ran out of steam to push thru the boredom! Good project to finish in January! I've been wanting to make this for several years.


My "out of the box" was a finishing a sweater for me ("February Lady") and knitting a pair of lace socks (I've only done stockinette). Next year I hope to do more sweater-ish things (I bought yarn for 3 or 4 sweaters/vests this year)! and visit your store!!

M. Jane Epstein

I started a Bavarian Shawl. It is a large, need to pay attention item and it is going very slowly for me, as I have other items that I need done more quickly. The other thing I did was attend an Amy Herzog class and was measured for my CustomFit sweater. Now I just have to get up the courage to start on a sweater that will actually fit me. OK-after the 1st of the year.


I started a lace weight sweater. Does that count?


I finally made a fitted vest, usually stick to socks and scarves! Also conquered the 3 needles bind off and making nupps! Looking foreword to making a sweater with arms---this year.

Deb in PA

I made the Berroco Feldspar sweater. The sweater itself wasn't hard, but I made it in blue and black. Wow! Sewing a striped sweater that has black yarn is hard! Never again!!!!


I finally made some sweaters. I did end up frogging two of them but the last one was a keeper. I also did my first stranded colorwork, a pair of mittens that turned out pretty good.

Tina Champagne

This is funny...I made three, not one, battle hats that had beards and braids for my 17 year old son and his friends! It was so cool to see how excited they were!


I made alligator scarfs for my grandchildren with knitted eyes - working on eyes now but will be ready for Christmas. also made shawl with "lacey" edge.

Martha from Ohio

My most ambitious project of the year has to be the scarf I am starting to weave TODAY for a Christmas gift- using two skeins of this very same Cascade 150 yarn. Oh and we haven't started shopping, still working on baking, the fishtank needs cleaning... this is my second weaving project and it's going to be beautiful and the recipient will love it. :-) (keep calm, keep calm...)


Beaded socks was definitely the thing farthest outside my comfort zone this year. But, they turned out fabulous. And beading wasn't so scary, just takes longer.


My most ambitions project was the stranded circular baby surprise jacket. I've finished the knitting, but I'm stalling on steeking it and sewing it together!


I designed and knit a beaded scarf with a ruffle..... The challenge was to figure out the ruffle in reverse so both ends of the scarf would look the same!


My most ambitious project is actually a group of projects - in early 2013 I joined a KAL for Cookie A's book Sock. Knit. Love. My goal is to knit all the socks in the book as the group moves through the patterns. Eleven down, eight more to go!

Marie B.

I worked the Stephen West MKAL Color Craving. It definitely had some techniques that were new to me and to most of the other participants. It was also the first time I tried dyeing my yarn!


My most ambitious project is to knit a lace chuppah for my daughters wedding July 2014, wish me luck!


I learned that Entrelac is not as difficult as it looks. I'm working on an afghan for my grandson.


My most ambitious project for 2013 was Aeolian

Susan James

this year I knit (just finished) and afghan for my daughter for Christmas, using a variety of Noro from my stash. At one point I wondered if I would EVER finish it! But it's done! YEAH! and it's pretty.


I finally knit up a polar bear chullo that I waited two years to make because I was intimidated by the fair isle and gauge. Luckily it turns out awesome.

Renee Anne

I took the dive into fingerless mitts this year...last January. I made my first pair almost a year ago. You can find them here. They were worsted however...I do have a pair in sock weight going right now, though.


Actually my outside the box project is a baby blanket in a knit quilt tumbling block pattern.....using Cascade yarn!!!


Hmm. I'm not sure that I knit anything out of my comfort zone this year. I've knit lots of socks and hats and sweaters for the kiddos but no huge projects. Next year though I WILL be taking classes in colorwork.

Kathy Richardson

My most ambitious project was the cross stitch rose afagan I made my mother-in-law years ago!


My Eadon cardi - the seamed saddle sleeve construction scared me but it ended up coming together quite nicely. It has given me confidence to do more sweaters!


I made a stocking for my guy to match the old family ones. No pattern, and first time with intarsia.


I made the Girasol using lace weight yarn this spring!


I decided to learn some new techniques this year, starting with cables which look difficult but I discovered they're not. I've knit socks, a cowl and I'm over halfway through a cables market bag. I want to knit a hat and wrist warmers or fingerless mitts to match the cowl before moving on to anything else. In 2014 I want to do some simple lace projects.

Alana Beyea

I started a sweater with no seaming. First time ever and it's because I hate sewing by hand. It's called Ecuador and knit "in the round" off of a rectangle that makes up the yoke of the cardigan. It's been really fun and I only have to pick up the sleeve stitches and knit those before ibcan block and wear. I've loved making this sweater!

Ashley Balderson

I decided last minute to make an entire nativity set for my nephew. Let's just say it was a few late nights but at least he is enjoying playing with them ... Love this yarn too!!


I designed and knit special convertible mittens for all the kids in my life including an iron man inspired pair and a pair with a giant spider on them. The hardest by far though were vertically striped including the thumbs!!


Christmas Stranded socks that I knit in summer. I knit with one color in each hand. See them on my Ravelry page: btownknitter's Very Merry Christmas socks.


my most ambitious project was a baby blanket for my great nephew and a matching sheep hat... I was finishing it up on the way to the baby shower.

Joan Matlack

A lacy shawlette, but it came out too small, so it's on hold for now.


I'm trying to finish a shawl that was supposed to be a gift for (ahem) last Christmas. My goal is now to just finish it before the end of this year.

Judy Wagner

I took a knitting bootcamp class, had to do it at home since it is not offered in Alaska. Learned a lot and finished all my swatches, only took 5 months!


This probably won't sound ambitious or challenging to most, but I finally started learning how to use DPNs. I have always knit small circumference in the round on two circulars. It's been hard for me to make the switch, but I am determined to figure it out!


A lace weight shawl. That is gorgeous but huge. Not finished yet, but I will get there!


am just taking my beaded shawl off the needles ... it's a lace weight I thought would drape better with a little extra weight on the triangular bottom sides. have not beaded with knitting before and had to put the beading pattern onto the lace edging pattern but it's going to be just fine!

Leslie Fehr

Epic fail! Belly-button blanket - can't count at all! So, I'll try again next year and use oodles of markers for help for the increases.


Making socks on my circular sock knitting machine, also trying new quality yarns from your shop for these projects, I usually just pick up the cheap stuff poor quality from the big box stores makes a big difference in the finished project.


I knitted with lace yarn for the first time this year and then began a search for more! I made two stoles with the teeny stuff. Then, holding lace yarn double (because I had the yarn in my stash), I made a baby blanket for my future grandchild. The blanket has alternating duck and sun blocks, with a center block that says "I (hearts) mom and dad." It reminded me of counted cross-stitch and inspired me to think about what I might design myself.

Margretta Josephson

My most ambitious sock project was to knit some Fair Isle socks for my mother. Now I want to knit a pair for myself. I am really new to lace knitting. This year I made a lace shawl for me and a lace wrap to send to a friend.

Jenny K

Finished the Evenstar Shawl after 2 years, and knit a beaded border for the first time, involving ~3000 beads.

Linda Byrn

Started AND finished? Well, I started a beautiful fair isle wool vest, but can't claim to have finished. It has to be very cold out for me to have it in my when the temp. goes up, I switch off to socks , which I do finish..

wendy hahn

Forest Path Stole. It's entralac with a different lace pattern in each rectangle. This is my lifetime project.

Rusty M

*hanging my head in shame* I started "Holly" by Kaffe Fasset and still only have 1 row on the needles. I don't know why I'm stuck because I've done colorwork before. BUT, I am going to work on it after the new year!


New technique-wise I made a double knit polka dot cowl. Ambitious- may be the six month mystery yarn club I joined and finished each project before the next month. No UFO'S- WOO HOO

Pam Inklebarger

For me, I've avoided doing shawls sticking to sweaters and socks. I joined a KAL for the Pendulum shawl thinking it's time to give it a shot. I then ended up being a test knitter for 2 other shawl patterns. All are complete and working on several others!


Aimatia shawl by Susanna IC - my first large lace shawl and with about 1300 beads!


This year I not only knit 1 of my earliest favorited project on Ravelry, I actually knit 2 of them!! The Clapotis! I rewrote the pattern in a way that made it easier for me to follow. So much fun to knit!


I did a sweater, in the summer!! Looks great too. And I have another one waiting in the wings to start


I didn't exactly knit outside the box this year but I did knit 3 Wonderful Wallabies for my grandchildren using size 8 needles & worsted weight yarn - something I do t often do. And I also knit with a cotton blend yarn, something else I try to avoid doing also. I rarely use anything larger than a 3-4 needle or yarn heavier than sport/DK. My arms & shoulders were hurting for over a week after the last one. I've informed my daughter that any future sweaters will have to be wool or even acrylic (hope not) because my arms just hurt too much

Judy M

I really worked at knitting socks that fit. I love wearing my hand knit socks and understand the love that others have expressed about their socks.

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