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November 22, 2013


Cynthia H

Big Thanksgiving dinner planned, then the annual All-Girls shopping trip to Nashville Indiana. We've been doing this for 27 years, but this time I'm wishing it wasn't interfering with the Yarn Harlot activities! I'm so sorry to miss out.


The more I look at this site and read your blog, the more things I just have to have. The yarn/hat is gorgeous, the socks are gorgeous and that sweater on Rachael is gorgeous , too.

So many temptations ... Can't wait to see the holiday kits, too.

(Even your carrots are gorgeous!! :-). )


Coming to Yarn Harlot sock class Sunday morning!! Can't wait!!!


Of course I love the yarn 'n sock pictures on your blog. Yet, the carrot photo is so especially beautiful I had to comment. Let us be thankful for carrots..and tomatoes, and Brussels sprouts and so on.


Want that BM colorway! It's so festive yet doesn't scream Christmas! Send me a skein now.

Kathy Fullerton

Love your site!!! Want everything !
Wish I lived closer so I could come to see Yarn Harlot- but I
Live in upstate NY:(


I have been drooling since I saw your Blue Moon "Chicken" color hat. I am such a copycat and I do so hope you offer Blue Moon Fiber in your Christmas pkgs. To see it knitted up in your hat was an instant "I've got to have it"


Ah that old "center of gravity change after pregnancy" got you. Its so gradual & our bodies are so adaptable that we don't even notice it until we try an activity we haven't done for awhile. Love the Blue Moon Christmas color way. Hope I don't miss the kits. Early December is a busy time for me!


I am coming to the lecture and really looking forward to hearing the person I've only been reading since 2005. I'm a lone knitter in my family so I hope there is a table that will welcome a single at the lecture. I just couldn't miss the opportunity to hear Stephanie but I didn't have time to rope up a companion.

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