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November 13, 2013


Holly Waldrop

Wow. Just the weekend I already have committed. Well, y'all have a WONDERFUL time! Hope it's successful enough to happen again sometime!


Oh man, two of my favorite knitting things together and I'm stuck in Boston! Not even an easy drive to you. Have a wonderful, wonderful event and share lots of details.


Oh man I wish I lived close by. I saw her speak a few years ago when she came to Los Angeles, she is so danged funny!


I'm so there for the IPFW fun! And I've notified all my buds in the machine knitting group from Ft.Wayne too!


Thank you for spreading the word, Brenda! I'd love to organize events like this in the future, and to do so, I need help in making this one a success. I welcome everyone's help in getting the word out, whether you are near or far!


Oh my ! My favorite yarn shop ,(online) and my favorite person to read . And I am in PA ! : (
I am so jealous . Have a wonderful time .



Come from PA, Barb! If you are NW PA, you are just 5 hours!


Oh goodness, the Goddess of Sock Knitting, I am sock knitting impaired, I would love to come but just can't get there from Florida although trust me I have already checked flights, but I am out of town that weekend. I wish you much success!

Sally BC

Pinned, Tweeted and Faced. Wish I could be there - that is the week I start a new job. Of course the class I'd like to take is on Monday - so no go. Maybe next time!?

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

I wish I could be there! I saw her give a book talk a few years ago in Cleveland, and she is GREAT! (Of course!)


Merry xmas to me!

Joetta Devore

I love sock knitting but my hands (arthritis) will only let me use a size 3 needle now. I want to learn the one needle knitting but haven't had time since I got the book. I'm going to start next summer. I live close enough to come but this year am tied up those days. Too close to Thanksgiving for me as we have a large family and my husband and I must split ourselves among the children on different days.. Turkey does get old too. We have tacos at one family though. That is nice. My question is "if I come to a gathering such as this, may I use sport yarn and larger needles for whatever project is being taught?" That would be my hesitation. My hands are my concern. Otherwise, I will be there with bells on if I receive enough notice.


Hi Joetta,
For many classes, you can choose your yarn type, unless specified for something in particular. In these classes, I simply see "sock yarn" in the supplies, so my thinking is that you could use whatever type you'd like, as long as you have the coordinating needles.


I'm really excited about this opportunity! Thanks for setting up this event! I wish I could go to all of the lectures and classes! :-)

Barbara A. Case

So exited...usually something stops me from doing something like this...but not this time. trying to convince a friend she needs to make time to go....hopefully she can. I love your yarns and the ones you stock....can't wait to see it all in person. Thanks

Robbie (photoknitgal)

wish I lived close enough to come!

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