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November 04, 2013


Amy Calkins

I'd use Antelope Canyon - such deep luscious shades!


Antelope Canyon for sure!!


Oh my gosh!!!! Taj Mahal!!!! Absolutely glorious!!! Hi Rachael!!! we miss you at knitting....come see us sometime!


Lake Hillier! But any color would be great!


What a beautiful little shawlette. I think I would have to chose the same color she used, Easter Island, I think it's gorgeous.

Danyelle N

I would knit it in Atlantis, as I love that shade of blue!


It's a tie between Rose WIndow and Atlantis. Both gorgeous colors!!!


Antelope is the most beautful color I have ever seen!!!

Leslie Fehr

I would use Atlantis.


I love Boo Knits. I just finished the Halloween KAL for Morticia.

Rose Window would be gorgeous for Sweet Dreams.

Diane True

I would use Rose Window.

Cynthia H

Oh my, like I could resist Hanging Gardens!! That would definitely be it....

Jeanne Hackenberger

I like the Easter Island

Jane H

Decisions, decisions! I'll go with Jodhpur...well, maybe Easter Island,...or..if the randomizer picks my number, I'll be happy with any of them!


Rose Window is such a lovely shade of purple, I'd probably choose that.


Hard to decide. I think Hanging a Gardens or Lake Hillier. All the colors are gorgeous.

Sue Wilkins

Atlantis or Jodphur India. Decisions…decisions. Hope to stop by and visit you in person on Sat the 16th on the way home from Knitting Pipeline Retreat in Maine!


Definitely Rose Window!


Rose window for sure!!!


Antelope Canyon no question!


Antelope Canyon. It would fill a niche in my wardrobe.


Angkor wat is calling to me.


Hanging Gardens just looks so beautifully vibrant on-screen that it called to me.


I love her version and that would probably be my first choice. Otherwise I'd choose Jodhpur India.


Atlantis. I love the bright color!

Shannon Adams

I would love to make the shawl in Dorado or Jodhpur India.

Karen Pettyjohn

Atlantis or Rose Window...although, it was gorgeous in Easter Island.


Machu Picchu - that green is gorgeous!

Rose Birchall

Rose Window and it was hard to choose just one.


I have to chose Machu Picchu also. But there are a bunch of colors that are a very close second. The shawl is truly lovely and you did a great job, Rachel.


I think all the colors are gorgeous, but if I had to chose just one, it would probably be Antelope Canyon. Thanks for the chance to win.


Definitely Atlantis!


Oh Lighthouse of Alexandria for me please. Love the yellow...


I love Atlantis, and Basils is a close second!


I'm predictable. Antelope Canyon it is.


Easter Island!


I would use the Machu Picchu. Love the green.


I like so many of them....
I'd probably choose Jodhpur India


Jodhpur India for me.


Jodhpurs India - love that inky blue!


I love that shawl! For me it would be a tough choice between Easter Island and Jodhpur India, but I think I would go with the Easter Island too.


Rose Window would make a lovely shawl.

Renee Anne

I was stuck between Easter Island and Hillier but I think Hillier is winning out in the end, if only because I already have a lot of neutrals for shirts and other scarves. So, something different :)


Angkor Wat! Easter Island is a close second.


I think this shawl would look beautiful in Atlantis! That color really makes me smile! (I think the shawl would be beautiful in any Post Patina color -- they're all amazing!) Thanks for the chance to win another great prize.

Katherine B

Love all the colors but I would choose Jodhpur India!


Basils! Lovely color, hard to choose.


I'd use Atlantis! Beautiful.

Caitlin A

I think Rachael nailed it! Easter Island is the color I'd want to knit it up in, too. Jodhpur India would be a close second, but there's something about the grey of Easter Island that makes the edging show off to its best advantage.

Rebecca P

I would say Rose Window!


Poste Patina Antelope Canyon. Such a gorgeous rich color!!

Jennifer L

Jodhpur India!


Atlantis first, for sure, for me. Then I'd knit the same shawl in Easter Island for one daughter and Machu Picchu for my other daughter. Ooh, would it be a hero!!


I'd choose Jodhpur India and be gloriously draped in that rich blue. But, truthfully, I would happily make Easter Island.


I would go for Antelope Canyon - definitely my colorway. And, I love Boo Knits patterns!


They are all so beautiful, but I'm really drawn to Rose Window.

Linda Cecil

Sweet Dreams would love wonderful in any of the colors, as it is such a lovely pattern but my first choices would be Atlantis, Lighthouse of Alex, or Taj Mahal, so hard to decide but think Taj Mahal. Thanks for offering this drawing


Easter Island or Atlantis. I may have to knit more than one!


I adore Jodhpur India!
Thank you!


The Easter Island color!

Lisa Barrett

Easter Island please :)

Cindy Carpenter

another hanging garden fan here!


I'd go with Antelope Canyon... all are beautiful tho'


Antelope Canyon for me, but it wasn't an easy choice, so many pretty colours! However, I *need* a red shawl to brighten up winter.


I love Easter Island!


Definitely antelope canyon


I would go with Rose Window, it is such a vibrant color and my daughter would love it.


Antelope Canyon! I can never resist deep dark reds!


Oh this is so difficult but I think my first choice would have to be Jodhpur india but jAtlantis is so gorgeous and then Rose Window and then . . .
I think I'd want to work my my thru all of those beautiful colors.

Thank you for this opportunity.


I would also use Easter Island. The shawl is beautiful. Also, I wear jeans to work so this would make a perfect shawl for every day!!!


What a great pattern. Jodhpur, India would be my choice.

Susan Hill

It's Angkor Wat for me. I love chocolate brown colors although all the colors are just gorgeous.


Maccu Piccu! I'd want it finished to wear with spring floral dresses. Its gorgeous!


I would enjoy this done in Rose Window, since it would feed my majestic view of myself (when that old lady gets out of the way between me and the mirror).


Rose window. This is such a beautiful color. But then all of them are gorgeous.


Hanging Gardens is beautiful!


What a beautiful shawl - its a tough decision but I'd think I'd start with Jodhpur India!


Atlantis or Antelope Canyon. Have admired the shawl in the shop for quite some time and would enjoy knitting it up!


Lake Hillier for sure! The color really pops!!!


Going a bit outside my normal color range but Poste Patina Taj Mahal would look gorgous in the Sweet Dreams pattern.

Donna Reed

jodhpur india


I would have to pick Hanging Gardens, I am finding that one irresistible

Patricia Richardson

I would use Lake Hillier for sure!


lake hillier is the only option - resistance is futile :)

H. McKae

Definitely the Easter Island color, it is so lovely!


Oooh love Boo Knits! For shawls, I love jewel tones. Atlantis would be beautiful for this pattern!

Mary Jo

I love many of them but for this pattern I am partial to Jodhpur India.

Shirley Beard

It's gotta be Easter Island.

Martha Anne

Lake Hillier- very romantic and giddy.

Jeanne Lejon

I would use Poste Patina Rose Window!

granny blue

Rose window but they are all beautiful.


The El Dorado glows! All are very pretty.

Joyce Morrow

I'd choose the deeply beautiful and elegant Rose Window color of yarn. I really love the sophisticated look in Easter Island, also. But i think I must be a little different.
Joyce M


I wouldn't change a thing. The Easter Island is perfect!

Richelle Chambers Krotts

Easter Island would be my choice for this one.


I'd make Sweet Dreams of the golden yellow color!

Miriam H.

Antelope Canyon would be a lovely choice for this pattern. I love Boo Knits too!

Nancy Butler

The edges make me think of new spring leaves just starting to open, so I'd pick Hanging Gardens.


Atlantis would be a good color for me.


Rose Window would be my choice.

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