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November 06, 2013


Diane Salmirs

Snowflake, Virginia for me.


I would definitely be Jodhpur

Lisa Nycz

They are all so beautiful,but my favorite is Lake Hillier.


Antelope Canyon!


Hands down, my color choice for Mary Mary sweater would be, St. Basils. Thanks for the chance to win!!


Hanging Gardens. The sweater is sooo pretty, you'd want it to be the focus whenever you wore it

Nancy DeMere

I would use Antelope Canyon.

Dee Ann

St Basils cause I never met a red I didn't like


I would use Angkor Wat. The color is gorgous, but I really love the name!

Joy hill

Antelope canyon! Yes please


I would pick Hanging Gardens. I'm not typically a green girl, but there is something about this particular shade that calls to me.


Rose Window took my breath away


Antelope Canyon speaks to me -- it's lovely!!


Antelope Canyon is beautiful!


I would use Lake Hillier - love those reds!

Debbie H

My favorite color is Antelope Canyon. Thanks!!

Anamaria Seda

Easter island is my pick!!!


I would use El Dorado. I think it would let the stitch pattern show up beautifully, and I love the colour.

Susan Ipavec

Hanging Gardens...lovely green!

Pam Owens

Hard to choose, but I have to go for Easter Island!

Ann M

I believe "Hanging Gardens" would make a beautiful (and stand out) cardigan! Actually, the lovely colors make it a difficult choice - they all would be excellent choices.


I would choose Angkor Wat for this project!


Easter Island would be perfect!!


Antelope canyon for sure! Thanks for a chance.

Catherine Adcock

I'd use Jodhpur India, it is stunning!


I would knit the sweater in Antelope Canyon. It is a gorgeous shade of red.


Atlantis for me. Easter Island for one daughter and Rose Window for the other. Yummy, glorious knitting!


I love Jodhpur India!!!!
I'd pick that one for sure!

Janet Duff

What a hard choice! I think I would choose Poste Patina Lake Hillier. They are all beautiful.

Jennifer L

Jodhpur India just like her. That is so pretty and versatile!

Joan Seely

Easter Island would be my choice--I love the soft purple!

Teresa C

Would have to be Jodhpur India.


I'd love that sweater in Atlantis, but it was hard to choose!


Easter island for me- I'm in a somber grey mood.
Penny Mosher

Amy g

This is a beautiful sweater! I would choose Rose Window or Hanging Gardens. I need both colors in my wardrobe!


Love antelope canyon!


What a sweet cardigan! I would love to knit it in Rose Window.

Sherri Bero

Yikes, that is sooo hard! All the colours are so pretty, but I think I would go with Atlantis! Thanks for the opportunity to win!


Rose Window. is gorgeous


I would use antelope canyon for this top.

Marla Ford

I'd choose Antelope Canyon - beautiful color, beautiful yarns.


Rose window or easter island. Then again perhaps I should step out of my box and use St Basils.


I think Jodhpur India would be great!


So many good choices - Atlantis, Easter Island, or Rose Window. Love them.


Rose Window is my pick for this project, great job!


This is hard! I finally decided on Atlantis for a good color for me.


Hard to choose, but Antelope Canyon is my favorite. Gorgeous!

Cathy B.

Lake Hillier is stunning.

Jean Y

I would choose rose window for sure


I think for this pretty project I'd choose Rose Window. Thanks for the contest.

Debbie Kimball

This would look gorgeous in Angkor Wat - love those warm shades of brown (:


I think Rose Window would make a gorgeous sweater.


I don't think my comment posted earlier (I probably forgot the verification step), but I would love this in Rose Window.


Would have to go with Atlantis but am torn between that and Easter Island.

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