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November 06, 2013



Antelope Canyon, just gorgeous!

Patricia Richardson

I would use the same color Heather used, Jodhpur, India. Love the sweater and love, love, love the color. It's always nice to see the yarn colors knit up.


Love the sweater pattern! I would use Easter Island - it's such a complex color, but still neutral enough to match with anything.

J to the D

Rose Window is the way to go!


I too love the pattern and I would knit it in Antelope Canyon. Love that color!


Antelope canyon or Rose window would make a beautiful sweater, shawl or scarf.


I'd use Angkor Wat.


I think I need a brown cardigan, so it's Angkor Wat for me

Beth L Ruiter

I would use Lake Hillier and knit it for my niece. It would be perfect for her!

Beth Boger

What a perfect sweater to make for my daughter for Christmas! She has a great pair of red shoes that will look fantastic with St. Basils.

Susan Hill

I love Antelope Canyon, Angkor Wat or Jodhpur India for this cardigan. All the colors are fantastic.

Mary brown

I would also pick jodhpur, what a rich color.


Beautiful sweater and Jodhpur India would be my choice! I love those blues.
Thank you.


Honestly, I think I'd go with Jodhpur India, too! It's beautiful. She did an excellent job.


Would love this in Rose Window.


Antelope canyon!


Angkor Wat would match my wardrobe perfectly.


I think I would use St. Basil. It would be lovely over a black tee. So femine and looks great on Heather.


Antelope Canyon for the holidays and every day.

Leslie Fehr

I would love to knit this in Rose Window.

Susan James

Antelope Canyon is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'd have to go with that color!

Shannon Hylton

I would knit it up in Easter Island


I'd definitely choose Lake Hillier and knit a pair of socks for my friend whose last name IS Hillier!

Kelly Lussier

I would love to do it in Atlantis!! So love this color.


I would love to knit it up in Jodhpur India. Or maybe Antelope Canyon for the holidays.

Linda Hensens

I would use the Rose Window colorway to knit this cardigan. It would take more than 2 hanks for me as I am a large woman.


Oooh I love Hanging Gardens. And green sweaters make my red hair stand out :) That Mary Mary sweater is adorable!


Have to be Angkor Wat for the sweater.


I would use Rose Window!
(I want to purchase a third skein in the same dye lot)
Love that sweater!!!

Lisa Barrett

Easter Island please!


I love them all, esp. Atlantis, but I'm torn between that and Easter island... But I'd choose Atlantis!

Penny Jeffrey

I love the rich purple of Rose Window!


I'd choose Patina Rose ... such a nice blend of purple and lighter reddish colors. Reminds me of fall and winter.

Rhonda Atkinson

Rose Window looks beautiful. Would love to have that.

Julie Branham

I think that would knit up so lovely in Easter Island!


Rose Window! Judging by the previous comments, this seems to be a very popular color!

Mary Jo

Definitely the Rose Window, it's stunning!


Oh I would like it in Hanging Garden so
lovely thanks


I would use Easter Island. The colors are all gorgeous but I think the sweater would be especially lovely in that colorway. It would go with everything!Fingers crossed that I get lucky!


Antelope Canyon, without hesitation!

Hazel Blumberg-McKee

I'd choose Jodhpur India. I'm a total sucker for blues and especially tone-on-tone yarns.


Beverly Shearon

I would love to do it in Lighthouse of Alex. Love bright colors!

Jessica Fraser

i would knit it up in Taj Mahal! So pretty!


Easter Island, with pretty pearl buttons!


I would use Easter Island. Or maybe Antelope Canyon. So hard to choose!

Karen Pettyjohn

Jodhpur India would be my choice. I think the sweater in that color would look great with my blue jeans!


Antelope Canyon, of course.

Martha Anne

Easter Island or Taj Majal.....subtle or triumphant? Hard to choose. The color of turning leaves or the gray sky behind them.

Shirley Beard

The Easter Island is callling my name.


Easter Island would be beautiful yarn for this sweater. Pretty.

Deena Crossett

I adore Rose Window; so beautiful!


Easter Island would be perfect. Great year round color!


Atlantis! A scarf for my daughter--her favorite color!


I'm having a hard time telling (on my work monitor) what the difference is between Lake Hillier and St Basils, but if I'm correct guessing that Hillier is pinker, then that would be my choice.

Jane H

Easter Island! It would be lovely to have those colors running through my fingers on a long project.

Rose Birchall

I think Easter Island.

Joyce Morrow

I would knit the cardi in St. Basils. That is one of the three colors I got this summer and I love how it looks. And since I am apparently knee deep in holiday-prep, I feel it would reflect the holiday season well.
Joyce M.


The antelope canyon would be great for this.

Heather Bucci

So hard to choose, they are all gorgeous! But Antelope Canyon really made me swoon!

Elizabeth Ann McGovern

My color choice would be Atlantis, something about that shade just screams sweater and a pair of socks!


Angkor Wat is a winner in my book!!

Nikki Bush

I love the Antelope Canyon! Great for drinking red wine in...

Shannon Adams

I love Durango!

Susan Gressman

No doubt about it, I would choose Atlantis! That is my all time favorite color!

Ruthann Hakuschak

Wow! Love them all but would choose "Easter Island" to wear at the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie next year.

Sharon Edmondson

I would use Atlantis. It is beauutiful!

Holly Waldrop

Definitely, Antelope Canyon!


Machu Picchu! Hands down!


It would have to be Antelope Canyon for me!


I'd go with the Easter Island. Perhaps a scarf would be finished by Easter. Lovely colors!

Richelle Chambers Krotts

Ohhh, I've had this pattern in my queue for quite a while now! I'd love to make it in Taj Mahal!

Kristine M.

Easter Island! I love the different grey colors in it.

Joan Grahlfs

Easter Island is lovely. Like a hint of spring on a cloudy day!


I am torn. Can't decide on Atlantis, Lake Hillier, or St. Basils. Or do I want Easter Island? They are all so lovely that I would take any of them.


I would love to knit that cardigan in Easter Island. I love that color and the pattern!

Susan Sanders

Atlantis or Antelope Canyon would be super.


For this, I would pick Rose Window. It's really luscious!

Pat Scott

Atlantis is gorgeous!

Cindy Carpenter

atlantis please

Deborah Gajee

Hanging Gardens


I'd like to try Antelope Canyon


Angkor Wat is such a warm, inviting shade of brown, it would have to be my choice.

Stephanie Lewis

Easter Island for sure!!!


Beautiful! I would use Atlantis :)


Lots of lovely choices but Easter Island's my favorite.


I love Rose Window


I think Rose Window would be perfect!


I would use Hanging Gardens.


Oh I luv the Atlantis colorway! Green was my fav color for years but I now have a craving for beautiful teals! Beautiful!

Miriam H.

Rose Window--what a lovely selection of colors!

Nancy Butler

St Basils is my choice, love it!


I'd use Lake Hillier for a sweater for my niece.


Either Lake Hillier or St. Basils--love those reds!


All the colors are lovely but I adore Rose Window.


Rose Window is my favorite!

I love all the colors, but I would choose Easter Island.

Linda D.

all of the colors are gorgeous. My first choice would be Atlantis with Antelope Canyon as an alternate.

Judy Drew

Rose Window is my fav. Purple rules!


I chose Jodhpur India yesterday and Heather proves I was right! What a beautiful sweater she made.

Sharon Hansen

Taj Mahal has a beautiful combination of pink and orange two of my favorite colors in one skein :)

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