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November 08, 2013



Atlantis would be stunning. Or maybe Easter Island.


atlantis!!! for sure!!!!


I'm looking out my window at the beautiful Fall foliage , Dorado would be perfect!

Jan Brick

Atlantis, for sure! Embossed leaves floating on the ocean...

Cathy B.

El Dorado, because today is an orange day.


Love. Love. Love. Atlantis!

Jackie Gordon

Easter Island is my color

Jean Y

I think I would knit them in easter island!!!

Gale Longley

I like Easter island how pretty.


I would choose Taj Mahal for the Embossed Leaves Socks.


I'd love to have these socks in St Basils red! Thanks for the contest.

Cindy Butler

They are all awesome. Easter Island is my choice but my husband likes Angkor Wat.

Lisa Barrett

I think the Easter Island colorway would make a fabulous pair of Embossed Leaves :) Thank you for the giveaway.


Atlantis would be stunning in the Embossed Leaves pattern.

Geraldine Scott

Atlantis is beckoning to me....

Linda Bee

The choice is simple. When my 29 year old son was a baby, I called him my little Machu Picchu. For no other reason than I liked saying it!! thanks for the give away.

Debbie Kimball

Ooooh Atlantis Yum!

Caitlin A

Atlantis, absolutely. It's a pattern that really lends itself to vibrant colors.


I'm a big fan of embossed leaves too. I love Machu Picchu!!!


I think I would choose Easter Island - subtle, but very unique! I have knit Embossed Leaves socks and love them!


The Hanging Gardens looks like a perfect color for the socks! Lynn


I just love Hanging Gardens, and they really make the socks rock

Patricia Richardson

I would knit Embossed Leaves socks for my grand daughter in Hanging Garden since green is her favorite color. Thanks for the opportunity to win your lovely Patina yarn.


I would LOVE to knit this pattern in Rose Window!

Amy G

I LOVE the Embossed Leaves Pattern! I purchased a Favorite Socks book at a library sale a few years ago and of course, that pattern was ripped out! I need some socks in either Antelope Canyon or Hanging Garden - both are colors I don't have for socks right now. Thank you!

Sharon Hansen

El dorado!

Beth Boger

Love love love the green. Have to go with hanging gardens.


I'd choose Hanging Garden, too. I love green with leaves. Nature got it right.


Hillier, definitely. My sock drawer is lacking any socks in the "reds" category.


I's probably go with St. Basil's (or maybe Taj Mahal) - it definitely has me thinking autumn leaves.

karen boehlert

I would love the embossed leaves done in the hanging garden green. Green is my favorite color and that one is especially pretty.


I've said Rose Window every time, so now I'm going to change things up.

Easter Island. :)


Antelope Canyon would make a great pair of Embossed Leaves socks!


All of the colors would work, but I'll go with Rose Window this time.


Your socks in Hanging Gardens are beautiful.... love the intense colorway.... but I think I'de choose Machu Piccu hoping the Embossed Leaves pattern might stand out a bit more? Second choice would be Atlantis because I love the clear strength of that color. I've done one pr of Embossed Leaves socks in the past... for my gift pile.... not me. This pr would be MINE!!! Truthfully ALL the colors would work beautifully......


Easter island is a mysterious color way. There could be a lengthy discussion about what color it is!


This pattern has been on my to do list for quite some time! It would look fabulous in Dorado.


I think you nailed it with Hanging Garden! Green is my go to color as well (with purple being a close second).


I love Atlantis. Visiting there would be fun.

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