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November 08, 2013



Easter Island is amazing and Atlantis!

Jill Schroeder

El Dorado. Definitely.

Jane H

St. Basil's! Everyone should have some red socks.


Hillier to try something not purple lol

Nancy Butler

I have a weakness for green also so I'd be a copycat and do the same thing you did, Embossed Leaves Socks in Hanging Garden.

Rose Birchall

Easter Island. This color combo is calling me.


Atlantis is really nice.


Rose Window!


My go-to color is blue -- Aqua to be exact, but other shades as well. So Atlantis is my first choice, with Jodhpur India close behind. And Easter Island would make great business casual socks (ravelry)! ;-) So many great colors, so little time...

J to the D

Dorado is the way to go!


The Jodhpur India would be lovely in socks.


Well, I'd love to try them in Atlantis - this yarn looks so lovely that I think any color would be wonderful.

I have to agree with Karen (above) "so many great colors, so little time...). Isn't that so true about knitting in general?

Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful yarn and the links to all the Great yarn & patterns!


Hanging Gardens - i've actually never knit green socks!

Melissa B.

Atlantis, Atlantis, Atlantis!

Kristi ~ Ohio

Easter Island looks beautiful. Hanging Basket would be another choice as I've never knit anything green.

Amy Samin

Love Embossed Leaves! I made myself a pair a few years ago in green. I think the pattern would look great in Dorado or Mahal. Love the Autumny colors.


All the current colors would work for leaves!
I'd choose Antelope Canyon.


Atlantis is perfect. Or Easter Island.


I'd love to make Embossed Leaves in Easter Island


St. Basils would be my red socks to wear to Phillies games!

Kathleen Mauch

Lighthouse! El Dorado! All of them!!


St. Basil's, so I could make bright red socks like the bright red leaves I have to go rake!


Definitely Atlantis!


I'd love a pair in Atlantis or maybe ElDorado or maybe Lake Hillier or.... Decisions, decisions! They all look beautiful, I would love a pair of socks in any of the colors!!!


El Dorado, looks like fall.


Atlantis would be my first choice.


Allison, Allison! You are really making me yarn hungry and my stash is full. But the Patina sounds appetizing! I think I'd like to try Angkor Wat, particularly since I visited there.


Angkor Wat is calling to me this morning, as is Antelope Canyon.

Jeanne Bringley

Rose window!

Amy Calkins

Jodhpur for me, but is there even a wrong choice?!


I'm going with El Dorado..... or maybe Taj Majal. Something to reflect the gorgeous autumn leaves.


I'm reading a novel about Easter Island right now so I'll go with that colour - it looks fabulous!

Debbie Huett

I love the look of Easter Island. I have some Patina yarn and love it! Don't have Embossed Leaves but I might get it- very pretty!

Rhonda Atkinson

I would love to knit a new pair of socks in Angkor Wat. Looks very rich in color.


Antelope canyon would be perfect!


I usually knit plain vanilla socks, but I love the Embossed Leaves pattern. I'd want to wear them all the time, so I think Angkor Wat would be the way to go. (Or maybe Antelope Canyon. Love that color!) Thanks again for the chance to win.

Charlene Quinn

Combination of Jodpur India and Lighthouse of Alex will show my favorite United States Navy colors. Socks close to Navy blue and gold will be a shout out for all the young men and women who need boot socks!


I too, am a sucker for greens, so I'd go with hanging gardens :)


I am loving the look of the pattern with green, so I would have to pick Machu Pichu. Totally out of my comfort zone but gorgeous. My instinct is Easter Island because it looks like it belongs in my stash already so some vibrant green will shake things up a bit!


Easter Island and Atlantis- all are beautiful!


St Basils & Taj Mahal definitely!

Susan Hill

While I love all of these colors, I would knit a pair of socks in Easter Island


Without a doubt, Taj Mahal.


Antelope Canyon for an autumn look to those leaves.

Carol Doria

Taj Mahal would be my first choice.




I like Angkor Wat. Then they would be brown, fall leaves.

Kathryn Bloomberg-Rissman

Rose window, burgundy seems to be calling me these days


Dorado would be gorgeous in this pattern--reminds me of fall leaves.


I like the hanging gardens colorway.

Mary B.

With the holidays coming, I like the antelope canyon - beautiful!!

Heather Bucci

Antelope Canyon!


Taj Mahal would make a great pair of Embossed Leaves! Autumn color in orange? What's not to like!


I like leaf patterns knit in greens, but autumn is ending here in New England, so I'm draw to Taj Mahal or El Dorado.


Machu Picchu. Still green!


I would make mine in El Dorado or Hanging Gardens. I like the leafy colors.

Rachel R.

So many pretty colors...but I would have to say Atlantis!

Nancy Jo

El Dorado because I was born in El Dorado, KS.


Love the Lake Hillier color!


Hmmm, Rose Window for me.

Martha Anne

Hanging Gardens makes me dream of spring!


St. Basil's for me... i have never done the embossed leaves pattern. Sounds like a good project for after Christmas...

K M Murphy

Lake Hillier would be awesome.

Joyce Morrow

Considering the season of fall with colored leaves falling, I would pick Taj Mahal to knit the Embossed Leaves socks. The tonal shading seems to me to be just about perfect.
Joyce M

Judy Wagner

Hanging gardens, need to feel like summer grass when here in Alaska we are white all winter!


I think I'd go with Hanging Garden - I liked the look of it in the ball & seeing the socks just confirms my opinion. But I'd be mighty tempted by St Basil too


All gorgeous colors, so a hard decision to make----I would love to try Antelope Canyon--it's calling my name!


St Basils - love the reds!


I would love to knit the socks in Taj Mahal


I, too, am a creature of habit and my go to colors are blues, purples and grays. So I'd have to go for Easter Island again!


St. Basils -- I have holes in my original red socks so it's time for a new pair.

Rebecca P

Easter Island would be fabulous !


Tough choice but I think Lighthouse Alex wins - I need yellow socks.


Taj Mahal!


Lime green is so not high on my list, and yet those are awesome looking socks. I'd probably have to go with Rose Window since purple is my go to color, but I also really like Jodhpur India.

Susan Heath

Angkor Wat but Easter Island is wonderful too! I will let you decide. Thanks for the opportunity.


I have that book also. I love the sample shown in blue. So I would pick Atlantis or Jodhpur India.


I think Antelope Canyon would be perfect for that pattern.


I would chose Taj Mahal.

Karen Pettyjohn

St. Basil. I would knit them for my awesome friend! We've stayed close (in spite of the distance) for over 45 years. She a business professional but said she'd wear hand knit socks if I made them in red. It's been on my ta-da list for awhile now...

Nancy DeMere

I am in love with Antelope Canyon and think these socks would look great in this color.

Patty McDonald

Jodhpurs India because it reminds me of Hudson Bay as it stretched over the curvature of the earth as seen from a helicopter last week.


El Dorado or Taj Mahal would make great fall " Embossed Leaves" socks. Looks like my lawn :(


Right now Taj Mahal would be great...fall leaves. :)


I was going to go with the Hanging Garden, since it seems to fit the pattern name, but then I saw the Taj Mahal & now I think I need that!


I think Atlantis would look amazing in that pattern.


It would be a joy to knit the Embossed Leaves socks in Easter Island.


Angkor wat would by my first choice for Embossed Leaves. This pattern has been on my "someday list" for a while.

Staci Lockman

Jodhpur India. I love this colorway and my go-to color is blue.


Atlantis. Truly looks like the ocean.💙


St Basils would be simply elegant :)


El Dorado or Taj Mahal...either remind me of Fall and falling leaves.


I love Easter Island. Taj Mahal would like good as well, I think.

Cindy Carpenter

like you, i love hanging gardens

Samantha Uhl

I'm loving the el dorado. Which says a lot because I'm not big on those kinds of colors. I'm really into blues. But that just kind of popped and said pick me! I've been meaning to do a sock that wasn't meant for a baby anyway.


Rose window...purples have been my favorite hues since 7th grade...well ovver 55 years ago!

Teresa C

Rose window

Debbie H

Antelope Canyon would be beautiful!


Atlantis!! My weakness is blue/green or green..I just checked out the Embossed leaves pattern...going to knit this pattern soon!!

Susan Ipavec

Honey is definitely my favorite...what a great pattern!

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