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November 07, 2013


Ashley H

I love all the changing colours of fall right now. An evergreen, red and gold would be great.

Karen Pettyjohn

Jewel tones with black, blue & orange for Boise State University, pin stripes or the winter combo of silver blue/blue/white, neons with black.


I love dark charcoal with bright colors!


Red and grey - my high school colors - would be great.

Rainbow colors, that weren't two skeins knit together.

purple and chartreuse. The purple would have to be dark, to make the chartreuse pop.


Tonals would be great. I'd also love grays mixed with other colors. True rainbow stripes in 1 skein. Robins egg blue with a blurple. What about stripes of varying sizes? Like 5 rows Robins egg blue, 2 rows gray, 5 rows blurple, 2 rows gray, etc. An icy color combo of different blue and silver/grays. Anything with blues and purples!

Debbie H

I would love aqua, yellow and white. Thanks!


Chocolate, light blue with cream and Cynthia's suggestion chocolate, buttery yellow and bright green. Also, gray, navy and bright green.

Barb T.

I love college towns--Go Badgers--but I really love gray with any color, so gray/yellow, gray/pink, etc., and let's not forget light and dark gray!


I go nuts for anything ombre. I would love to have stripes of one color that lighten or darken as I knit. Come to think of it, it would be fun to have a pair of socks where the darkest stripe is at the cuff of one sock and the lightest stripe is as the cuff of the other.

judy kimbrell

How about leaf colors. Red orange yello and green


blue and red

Stephanie V

Grays with yellow in tonal stripes. Or tonal striping in brown, gray and something peach-y. Then again, I am a sucker for purples with grays. I seem to like gray a lot LOL

Rhonda Atkinson

I would like to see jewel tones. Love the deep emeralds, dark reds, dark blues.


I love the idea of a vintage type colorway, like weathered barn red, blue and cream with almost tweed like look. I would also like to see grey stripes, a chunky grey stripe with a skinny stripe of a vibrant color like rich velvety purples and dark reds, royal blue and emerald green for just a pop of color in between the grey. I also really love the effect of the stripes having a almost ombré effect, the grey going from dark to light to dark and then say the purple starting dark to washing into a light lilac and back to dark all within each stripe. I imagine I would be a dangerous mad scientist if I was set loose with some yarn and dye!


How about Greys with other colors. You could do manly colors. Grey/brown, grey/green, grey/ navy, grey/burnt orange. Boy stripeys!


Bright tonals. Stripes of purple and orange or lavender and peach. Fuschia and hot pink stripes.

Peggy Voeller

Green and gold (packer fan) a green with red/blue/yellow to resemble lights on a tree, silver (with bling would be even better) to resemble winter colors (I am making things for a winter wedding and this color scheme is not easy to find) a bright purple,bright green and black... I could go on for days !

Patty McDonald

NFL team colors! Go Chargers! And I really like the idea of tonals in birth stone colors!

Merry Thornsburg

Purple and turquoise!
Aqua and hot green

Susan Ipavec

Mint green/browns/cream, and pastel blends.


Tonals in beautiful sea glass colors would awesome! Blues, Greens,purple.
I am also A fan of IU team colors!
Pink and gray.
Can we say "all of the above"!

Cathy B.

Tonal stripes that are of minimal contrast. At the moment, I'm feeling like greys/beiges/brown.


How about some gradient stripes? Endless possibilities there...

Jean Y

I would think that shades of blue with gray would be nice; or some varieties of green with a merlot...

Rudi O

I love the idea of tonal colors with grays, a cool gray with navy, mid, & light blues and a pop of electric blue to give it some lift!


I have to vote for red, white, and blue, being the patriotic American that I am! I like to knit for TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for
Survivors), and they appreciate the patriotic colors. Thanks for the contest!

Lisa Barrett

I love greys, all shades of it. I think two greys paired with a silvery tone are very elegant. I also am partial to a rich chocolate, blue (maybe ice blue?) and cream.


I love the idea of ombré colors, but I also think striped bright colors with a black over-wash would be gorgeous too.


The colors of my wedding. Raspberry, blue and purple.
Also, love bright tonals.


Some ideas:
- gray with colors
- spring crocus stripes, like purple, yellow, white
- beachy stripes


I'd like a black/gray/white combo.


I would love to see semisolid stripes (tonal variation in each stripe).

And I think a beautiful color combo is navy, lavender, and magenta.


Tonal stripes in shades of orange! That would be too cool.

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