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November 07, 2013



I like a mint green with a lavender with a blue and a light yellow.


I would like tonal stripes, or stripes with subtle contrast. They could be analogous colors or a combination like blue with pale gray.

Debby Pitner

I would love to see major college and university colors, for example school colors representing every state if possible! It would be fun to knit socks for to show love for YOUR team :)


Jewel tones. I loves me some emerald, sapphire, ruby, topaz mixes. Oh, oh, how 'bout birthstone stripes (shades of amethyst, etc.)?


I like the tonal stripes idea. And I would love to see some brown with pink or shades of gray with pink.

Merry Fenton

I'm into tonals lately, especially blues for some reason. So a nice fade from navy to light gray with everything in between would be great.
wahoomerryf on Rav


I also like gray with pink. One of my favorite pairs of socks is a striping, tonal gray. I find I wear them a lot to work.


TONALS!!! I didn't even think of that, but now that you say it, it sounds great!!!


I really would like more muted striping--tonal grays sound good with blues or pinks or reds. Any color with gray or taupe, actually. Some of the brighter stripes are not my style--I want my socks to fit in more than stand out.

Alene Sternlieb

I would love to see tonal stripes, either in blues or purples


How about Big Ten school colors? That way I could knit a pair of socks in Minnesota Golden Gopher maroon and gold.

Sherri Bero

Love tonals! A brown with some pinks, coral and ivory!


I would like to see more College colors and holiday/ season colors for all year. SIlver blues /blue/white for winter. Greens/pink/lavender for spring.


White, blue and brown, I love that combination.

Abby M

College towns! Madison, Columbus, Grand Rapids! :)

Gabrielle Granger

Something really colorful like a bright orange and yellow.


Bright colors always cheer me.

David Lacagnina

Black with multiple colors!


I love red! I don't see a lot of red sock yarn, so something with red/black/grey would be really pretty.

Jill Schroeder

I would really love stripes with browns and earthy colors. Brown stripes with alternating other colors.

Definitely other colleges (particularly Ohio State)

Rose Birchall

I would like to see gray with pink and purple.

Catherine Schiesz

jewel tones! I need some purple socks, too.


How about graduating colors of greens!

Katherine B

Would love to see gray with other colors like pinks, purples, blues and greens.

Danyelle N

I would love to see a pastel rainbow stripe combination - pink, peach, pale yellow, then pale green, blue, and lavender - would be great for Easter (and dance)!


Red,yellow and orange. Love bright!

Suzanne G.

I like black, purple, gold, and white...Baltimore Ravens colors.


Burgundy and dark brown, with a tiny stripe of minty green.

Kathleen Mauch

Notre Dame!!!! It's so hard to find super GOLD yarn! I also love ombre - bring on some yarn that fades from yellow to gray to white!


I'm kind of obsessed with turquoise, red and cream, or Navy, coral and light green! I just love color combinations where there's different saturations of colors!


OOH, Purples. With sparkle! :)

Ruthann Haluschak

I'd like to see tonals or stripes in Big 10 Schools colors or Olympic Team's Colors.

Jeanne or Jadee (rav)

I'm a big fan of stripes, cultural things like day of the dead, holidays, those tonal stripes sound good. How about colors from nature, or food? How about a sunset stripe colorway?


Definitely school colors, personally I would LOVE purple and gold

Also, stripes with browns or blacks, particularly "guy" colors that are interesting.

Kathleen Mauch

(BTW, I know you have the M22 "navy and gold." Unfortunately it's way closer to Michigan colors than ND-gag!!) And yes, more dude-friendly colors would be good too!

Jane Sands

I love coral, maybe with a mushroom color or soft gray.


I love the blues, purples, pinks and yellows of the sunset.


I think gray with anything would be beautiful but I would love to see colorways that mimic the floral colors of nature - fantastic brights of orchids or the muted creams, purples and greens of hostas.


mixed shades of neutrals, such as greys/blacks, tans/browns, or shades of denim

Nancy Butler

The color combination of green and purples would be nice. Also, watermelon colors, like green, pink, white, black.

Leslie Fehr

I would like to see stripes in colors that mirror weathered barn/house colors. I would really like a dark and medium colonial blue, cream and a deep mauve combination.

Susan Hill

Love big stripes and also a fan of earth colors. Chocolate brown is one of my favorite colors and so many colors go with brown. Stripes of deep purple, dark red, dark green, etc., would be my taste.

Jannett Ammons

Would love to see a tonal black. My husband won't wear the "funky" colors but would totally be into tonal black socks (or hat or scarf or mittens).

For me, I'd like to see self striping I these color combos:

Kelly green, orange and white. (It's all about the "U")
Fuchsia, pink, orange and green
Cat in the hat striped yarn (wide white, thin black, wide red, thin black, wide white, etc....). Maybe with a touch or turquoise? Nah, just the hat stripes would be beat


Shades of purples and pinks together

College colors for Alabama and Auburn - my grandson is a big fan of Auburn and I made socks using individual skeins


I would enjoy a green and yellow combination, like the University of Oregon or the Oakland A's


I've been into more vintagey colors but also really fun brights for Spring. I also like the idea of other interests, i.e. colors that represent great TV and books AND of course valentines day and st. patrick's day themed colors ;)

Heather D

I love grey, but it needs to have a pop of color with it. Id like maybe a charcoal grey, light grey, and purple. I recently bought a hank that had color repeats just long enough to do one row, the look so awesome!

Ashley Balderson

I would love to have oranges with some fuchsia and yellows ... Those colors always bring a smile to my face and mixing those with yarn well what could be better ... I do have a special love of pinks and grays as we'll tough decisions!!

Melanie M.

Something spring: lavender, pink, mint green and yellow, perhaps. That colorway would work for my daughter, too!


I like the lavender and green. So pretty!


I loved to see some crazy stripes - something like a gray stripe, then a stripe of random hand dyed pink, charcoal and ivory mixed together, then a gray stripe...


I'd love to see tonals that remind me of the ocean...blues to greens and back again? or opposite sides of the to orange? Green to purple?


you are out of Green Bay Packer and I am always tempted when I see it but haven't bought yet

Marjorie M

Love the idea of tones of blues mentioned above. Also think it might be nice for baby things to have tones of grey with pink, and.tones of grey with baby blue.


Two shades of blue with accents of lavender and red/violet


Black or gray with neon stripes!!!!

Cynthia H

I really like saturated colors and contrast. But richer colors - I like brights, but not in your face neon. Don't know if that helps!

Let's say Dark Chocolate brown, Rich Golden Yellow and a lively Spring Leaf Green. Kind of a lettuce green.


Not quite navy, medium crimson, ivory and charcoal heather. Subtle July 4th!

Rusty M

I think gray with navy,white and burgundy.

Patricia Richardson

I would like to see both more team colors and the gray with colors. One specific three-color combo is Hawaii Blue, Silver Gray and White (Detroit Lions).


Light blue,brown, cream... also Navy and green... love that colorway!!


Gray, charcoal, and a pale yellow.


SO many colors, so few stripes. How about a rich teal, bright aqua, neon lime green and steel grey.


Chicago Blackhawks colors - Black, Red and White!

I'd also like to see fuscia and lime green, purple and lime green, orange and lime you see a pattern here. :-)


I love tonal stripes, maybe in the denim range or reds and burgundies.

Jane H

I don't know the dyeing process, so this might not be feasible, but how about an "almost pinstripe" series? Like about seven rows of brown, two of pink, etc.? I love my stripey socks, but as someone already said, sometimes you need to dress a little more conservatively. Gray with blue, brown with pink or blue, blue with green....On the other hand the pastel rainbow idea sounds great too, especially for spring.


Purple and emerald with a narrow bit of golden yellow.
Aqua with a dark Christmas red and white.
Chocolate brown and light aqua
The possibilities are endless.


Aqua tonals. Chocolate, aqua, and cream. Lavender tonals.


I live the idea if tonal stripes. I also like the idea of gray with other colors - other darker neutrals like black or navy or dark green with gray stripes (which you already have - I've knit that up & LOVE the socks). I also love dark brown with light pastels - pale pink or blue or green (not mint but pastel) or creamy yellow or ecru. Maybe even dark brown combined with tonal stripes of those pastels. That would probably be my favorite.


Fall foliage colors: green, yellow, orange, red


Winter is so blah in mississippi. Lots of rain no snow and mixture of cold and hot days. A color combo that screams snowflakes and icicles. Maybe blues white and grays so bright it sparkles. Capture the day when the snow first falls and it sparkles.


Although I'm usually not one to knit much with sock yarn in tonals/stripes/variegated, some team sports colors would be great! My fav alum college colors are purple and white or gray and purple (they seem to use both.)


I love more sports team colors. But I would love to see a color of the month tonal....not as a club, but just as something special for each month for that month only!


I'd like them all...

I'd like green & gold (my school's colors-where I teach).

A Fall/Autumn stripe(s) of green, gold, red, orange

So many...


Something mimicking the colors of gold - very pale grey (white gold), very pale pink (rose gold); very pale yellow gold (yellow gold) with or without white. Emphasis is on pale.
Or - the colors I saw today on my ride home - dark rust, lighter rust, and a smaller stripe of deep blue-grey.
Or - go Pens! Black, white, and soft gold.
Or - Soft gold (like blond hair), light blue, light peach, light pink


black, grey, white plus a color: red or green or purple or?

Shannon Hylton

I would live to see a tonal black/silver/grey striped with a teal/sea foam


Tonals! I would like to see purple tonals. Or purple, gold, and green perhaps.


Greys and yellows.


Grays with one bright color


School & university colors and some purple/lavender tones too;) just love the stripes!!

Heather Henry

School colors - orange and white for Tennessee would be great!


I'm a sucker for a couple of color ways--my main weakness is purple and brown. Rich chocolate brown with a nice royal or berry purple. My other wish would be for multiple purples (royal, medium, & lavender) with a nice silvery grey. Oooo, I have a thing for purple


My favorite hockey team is the Nashville Predators. Their colors are Navy, gold/yellow, silver/gray and white. I also would love to have socks that support our high school (Carroll) which are royal blue and white. The last few years they have been known as the neon nation so you could also add neon yellow to the blue and white.


I love the Christmas striping color you created this year that has the grey in it. I would love to see more striping with grey - maybe the light grey with fuscia,deep aqua or even some neon pinks and blues.


With the winter Olympics coming up, I also would love red, white and blue.

Christine Hogan

Maroon and White for Texas A&M or maroon and gold for Texas State University! I also like green tonals or ombre! Seasonal colors would be really fun (silver & blue- Hanukkah, red & green-Christmas...)


I think tonal stripes would be nice. Or, if not tonal, than muted colors - like what you might see on an old postcard or travel poster.


I love how the holiday socks are fun for the day and also fit in for the whole season. It might be fun to have more seasonal or event themed socks - first day of school socks, groundhog day socks, Washington cherry blossoms, Rochester's Lilacs, . Love the new Snowflake colorway.


I would love to see a fluorescent lime green (the colour of a safety vest) with a really bright turquoise. Or a fuschia/burgundy with a clear lemon yellow.


Medium grey,dusty rose and ivory.


Would love to see one with a mix of blues and purples.
Thank you!


I would really like some heathered stripes--similar to the Treking XXL stripes that has sold out so quickly. I would leave out the brighter stripes (aqua blue), and leave the autumn leaf colors.


My husband always wears dark socks - so black, grey, red and burgundy. I like something a little brighter - purple, lime & topaz OR orange, pink and lime green.

Sydney Placido

Different tonal shades of pink, dark to lightest


Black, gray, and red tonals.


I personally love black with all colours. So, maybe some black and flourescent combos? Or black and white? If it's a bright, clear colour plus black, I'm happy!


I have gray socks with thin stripes of pink, green, and blue. I wear them all the time and they are falling apart. I'd love to find a replacement yarn. I also like the idea of tonals that I could knit for my husband - blues or grays - boring but useful.

Rebecca p

I would love dark gray and bright pink (like fushia)


Colors of Washington State U: crimson and gray! Also love the muted autumn colors!

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