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November 29, 2013


Nancy H

I LOVE that Angry Elf colorway! I think I'm in love with the name, also!


I agree about the Fireside & Maple Leaf - dynamite combination!

Jane H

Changing the subject, but I'm halfway through my first sock in Misfit Toys Poste yarn. I've never knit socks this fast, and I think it's because each time the color changes, I think "well, that didn't take long, I'll just do one more stripe before I stop....." Also, when you put up the first kit, could you show us the yarn for Fleece Navidad? I want a kit, but I can't get both!

Joni Black

oops - that is Floops!

Leslie Fehr

I am in big trouble and it's your fault -- Christmas kit, Dreams Club - and all those new colors going up! Guess I'll spend the weekend letting hubby and kiddos know what I want for Christmas! I'll be sitting in front of my computer just drooling LOL


Oops! Sweetie, check your calendar, December 2 is a Monday...

Jane H

Never mind, I just realized that the yarn you used for Henry's hat is the Fleece Navidad. (it takes me a while to remember stuff sometimes)

Renee Anne

Teh jealouz. I haz it. I have an insane love of sock yarn but I'm such a slow takes me forever to knit socks or anything with my sock yarn. ::sigh::

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