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October 15, 2013



I too feel that knitting is an old friend who's always there for me & has been for 50 years now! And I always try to find a yarn shop on vacation. Then, when I knit that yarn, I am reminded of how much I enjoyed that place.

Leslie Fehr

I love knitting things that are useful - and I have time each morning while I take a shuttle bus to work -- knitting hats with the wonderful self-striping and self-patterning yarns is just the perfect way to spend a half hour of my morning commute. And it's just the thing for when football is on and you're expected to at least watch the replays!


Very well said Allison!
Knitting has been more than A hobby for me.
It has helped me in times of stress and sadness and brought me joy knitting for my family!
And me of course !!!!!!


Allison--Years ago I took a sock class and knit one sock. I'm now tired of knitting shawls and your blog inspires me to try socks again. I appreciate all the resources you have posted on your website. What pattern do you recommend for a beginner using your gorgeous yarn? Thanks!

Susan Hill

Started knitting when I was 16. Today I'm a retired senior citizen and knitting is still my passion. From the beginning when there was one small local yarn shop where I learned, through the lean years when there were no yarn shops or yarn to the present with several yarn shops, online shops, gorgeous yarns and knitting retreats, I remain a devoted knitter. It is such an important part of my life, I can't imagine not knitting. Love your online shop and your blog. Value the effort you make to bring your knitters such quality and beautiful yarns and accessories.

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