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October 09, 2013


Leslie Fehr

oooohhh!! oooohhh!! wipes drool from lips --gasp, pant, lust! Can't wait!


That's my exact reaction, Leslie!

Leslie Fehr

Antiquated System is a colorway I'd sell my Husband for!! It just seems to have my name-I can hear it all the way in Texas!

I just love how you take care of us!


All I can say is: O! M! G! SO glad I signed up!


This is sooooo exciting!! Wahooooo!!!


My two favorite things SSYC and BMFA!!!!


Hip Hip Horay... I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana and I know where your shop is!! I will have to come in with no blinders on!! Congrats Allison!


Exciting! Can't wait for the first SSYC Club shipment! May just have to stop by Tuesday to shop.


I've been thinking about a trip to the shop anyway we like to get away for a day or 2 anyway & what better place to visit?). Will probably come by in about a month.


What an extraordinary coup-- now ALL my favorite yarns in one place. (can you consider Luscious Single Silk from BMF also?) THANK YOU for providing us with such a generous pallet of choices in yarn. I'm anxiously awaiting BMF :)

Deb Myers

Recently I read that you were the well chosen, best deserving knitting shop. I have not visited your shop because of some great handicapped reasons. Thank heavens I can still think??? But of all of the shops I deal with, yours is the greatest, much better than any in the Minneapolis area. You deserve the decision that Tina and the rest have made. They are serious about their business and have achieved a status equal to that of Lorna's Laces and Jimmy Bean Wools. You all deserve a big hand for your achievements.

The best to you Allison, you would have been my choice for this kudo.

Happy Knitting, Deb from MN


Totally awesome!!! I am close enough to drive there sometime.

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