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October 11, 2013



Beautiful pattern and yarn! I would choose Terra Cotta and Meadow Flowers from the Hudson line.


I think I'd choose Lemon Quartz and Amaranthine--two bold colors that together would probably be rather wearable with anything!
Love the pattern!


I think if use Canoeing in Ipswich & Hiking Trail. So many gorgeous colors! I found myself clicking the link & ordering 4 skeins of the sock yarn before I even finished reading the post!


In the Hudson I would choose Amaranthine and Recesses O the Soul. What beautiful yarns!


Beautiful yarn I would choose Hudson Canoeing in Ipswich and Silver Thyme.


Silver Thyme and Amaranthine stood out to me.


It's hard to choose from all the Hudson colors, but I feel like there are some beautiful blues lurking just below the surface of Hiking Trail, and that Phthalo will bring them out nicely.


Beautiful colors, for sure. I would use Epiphyte and Silver Thyme.

Andres W.

I get so excited over new yarns and especially excited over new patterns for new yarns. I would like to try: JDMS Hudson Leones Landscaping & JDMS Hudson Silver Thyme...together! I am so taken with the Fall season and Fall colors. I used to live in Western New York and in the Fall the Adirondack Mountains displayed it's true beauty with Fall golds and reds and browns overlaying the green of the summer. Leones Landscaping and Hudson Silver Thyme would come together in the Great Divide Shawl and present it's own true beauty. The shawl would be a constant beautiful reminder of those glorious colors of Autumn tucked away in my memories.
Andrea W
KnitAweigh on Ravelry


I love the bold colors but would go with something a little more neutral and wearable with my wardrobe. I choose Tosh Ink and Tosh Paper. I think the neutrals would create a classic that never gets old.


I'd use Tosh Foxglove and Paper.


Definitely Hudson Slow Burn and Silver Thyme for a great Great Divide Shawl!


Allison, what is that beautiful color of Hudson behind the green skeins on the table? As soon as it is identified, I'll be ordering some!


So many gorgeous colors. I need to come in and see which one of these two combos look the best, but I think my first choice would be Hudson in Leones Landscaping/Terra Cotta. But a Hudson combo of Canoeing in Ipswich/Phthalo is also a possibility. Decisions, decisions. Thanks for the great selection of new yarn and the contest!


Hmmm either Hudson Amaranthine and Hiking Trail or Hudson Phthalo and Recess of the Soul. Or maybe both:)


Amaranthine and Lemon Quartz would be my choices.

Rusty M.

Leones Landscaping and Terra Cotta.

Carol F

In the Tosh-Button Jar Blue and Cloud/surf. Needles crossed!


MT Tosh DK Button Jar Blue & MT Tosh DK Vishnu! So gorgeous!

Danielle Koman

Love the combo of terra cota and underwater caving for my beauteous creation!!!


I love the combo of Lemon Quartz and Meadow Flowers. Thanks


Amaranthine and silver thyme!

Katherine B

Tosh DK colors Vishnu and Coquette

Donna Gerber

I think I'd love the Tosh DK Grasshopper and Robin Red Breast together. Nice contrast and bright and cheery.


Electrico and silver thyme

Rose Birchall

Ophelia and Rain Water.

Chris Cheshire

In Hudson: Canoeing in Ipswich and Lemon Quartz.


Tosh Dk oxblood and Tosh Dk Paper. I love the pattern!


Silver Thyme and Amaranthine would be my choices in Hudson .... You are costing me a fortune ;);)

Sandra cash

I would try lemon quartz and electrico. I think I see a smidgen of lemon in the electrico.


I think I would try Underwater Caving and Terra Cotta in the Hudson line. I'm not the greatest with putting colors together, though. But I really love yarns that incorporate a lot of color variety. This yarn looks lovely to work with!

Allison Tucker

I'd mix Hudson Silver Thyme and Lemon Quartz for a sort of tonal look. And for more contrast Amaranthine with almost any color way....all are so yummy.

Donna Reed

Electrico and lemon quartz


So beautiful, and so hard too choose. Hudson Terra Cotta and Silver Thyme are a combo I like, but also Terra Cotta and Underwater Caving.

Karen Leonard

I'd choose Canoeing in Ipswich and Phthalo. Love those colors! Just want to touch and squeeze the yarn!

Kathleen Fullerton

I would use JDMS Hudson Silver Thyme and JDMS Hudson Hiking Trail!

Jane H

I would use the Hudson yarn, in Epiphyte and Hudson Hiking Trail - they both have kind of woodsy colors and the combinations would be as random as woods growing wild.


I'm going to go outside the box (for me) and choose lemon quartz and Amaranthine. They're both beautiful, so hopefully would look beautiful together as well.


I think Recesses of the Soul and Amaranthine, for me. It wouldn't be quite as eye-catching as Michele's versions, but I think the slightly more muted tones would be something I'd wear more often. Purple and turquoise = A++.

Leslie Fehr

My choice would be Leones Landscaping and Terra Cotta -- it would be like walking through the woods in the fall.

Pat Neptune

I'm going with Amaranthine and Underwater Caving,looks luscious!


You make me want to knit all the time....It's a very nice pattern, and the colors that aren't "matchy-matchy" are intriguing. In Tosh DK, I think I'd try Celadon and Wilted Rose. In Hudson, I think I'd love a Phthalo and Trio Electrico/Canoeing in Ipswich/Underwater Caving-- one of those. Oh, dear, I need to see to make these recipes!


I love Tosh Spectrum; it is different from any other variegated yarn. To compliment Spectrum, I would choose something like Tosh Nutmeg! So many wonderful choices.


It's so hard to many beautiful colors! I'd like to knit my Great Divide Shawl in Epiphyte and Silver Pine. But, I reserve the right to change my mind, which I do often! Thanks for the contest!

Janet Groborchik

Hudson Silver Thyme and Meadow Flowers!


Tosh DK in Tomato and Fog - tonight's colors. They might change by the end of the week..... On an orange streak


I would choose Canoeing in Ipswich with Silver Thyme in the Hudson the MT DK I'd choose Sand Dune and Red Breast. All are gorgeous yarns!!! fingers are crossed!


I love Button Jar Blue and Astrid Grey in tosh. Beautiful design.

Jean Y

Well....I looked out my front window this morning and thought..
Hudsons,Slow Burn and Terra Cotta look like my yard. So that is my choice.

Cindy Strick

I LOVE the brilliant colors of Hudson and the beautiful pattern of the Great Divide Shawl! I would use the Hudson Meadow Flowers and Terra Cotta. I think they would compliment each other well and brighten up any outfit I would wear!

Stephanie V

Silver Thyme and Epiphyte from Hudson would celebrate my love of green! The Great Divide would be perfect with everything.

Beth L Ruiter

Terra Cotta and Meadow Flowers for me. I think it would make a real stand out.

Linda Zalusky

I would use Hudson Amranthine and Hiking trail for the Great Divide Shawl.


What fine funky colors! I would love to try Phthalo and Trio Electrico together,
thank you!


I think I would use Hudson meadow flowers and phthalo for the shawl.

Kathryn Bloomberg-Rissman

Amaranthine and recesses of the soul. Gorgeous yarn and pattern

Nathanne Verner

Button Jar Blue and Grasshopper in Tosh would be fun!

Stephanie Gordon

Vishnu and Astrid Grey in Tosh (or I'd maybe have to do Button Jar with the grey). SO hard to choose colors. I always admire uniquely paired colors like some you've shown, but I always end up playing things more safe. Beautiful photos! Thank you for the chance to win! Stephanie (indigodogmt on Rav)

Minnie Newman

In Tosh - William Morris and Whiskers (partial to anything feline). I love the neutrals. I originally went with Button Jar Blue and Whiskers because the blue is such a striking color, but the two W's by each other on the page were soothing.

OR Tosh - Badlands and Byzantine!!!!

Hudson- Lemon Quartz and Trio Electrico. POW!

Betsy Baragar

I was in the shop yesterday and saw the Jill Draper Makes Stuff line. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! I have an addiction to multicolor yarns so when I make the Great Divide shawl I would use the Twilit Tundra and the Amethyst Tiara. I love the blues and purples and can't wait to see what those two would look like together!


In Hudson my pick would be Silver Thyme and Neo Neopolitan. The theory being beautiful colors separately are even more beautiful together!!!

linda roller

I like MT Leaf & Grey Gardens.Thank you,Great pattern & yarn.I was aware of Jill Draper on etsy a time back.She has great yarn too, love her combinations.
rinebird on Ravelry

Amy g

This was HARD! I love the JDMS Silver Thyme and the Hudson Trio Electro - although I'm not sure they go together. They are all beautiful colorways!


I love this shawl! I would choose Hudson colors Amaranthine and Lemon Quartz. Gorgeous!


Vishnu and Steamer Trunk, although there are lots of great possible combinations!


I would use Hudson since it's a new to me yarn. Colors of Amarnthine and Hiking Trail... so loverly


I think I would use the Hudson yarn in Electrico and Lemon Quartz.

Kim Q

Gosh, what a decision! But I think the MT DK Courbets Green and Envy...for sure, I'll envy all who win! ;-)

Karli Anderson

I would choose Tosh DK in RainWater and Spectrum. It is a beautiful scarf design!


I would choose Hudson Recesses of the Soul and Amaranthine. The colors are so beautiful and the scarf pattern is lovely.

Kathie Abel

HikingTrail and Silver Thyme -- these two would make a lovely combination that would be warmth to the eyes as well as the body. What a lovely pattern!

Mitzi McMahon

Oooo, Hudson Recesses o the Soul and Terra cotta for a dusk walk in the autumn woods! Beautiful.

Karen G.

I think it would look great in Tosh DK Spectrum with Celadon. My second choice combo would be Spectrum with Zhivaos Sky. The Spectrum colorway really calls to me!

Linda Newcomb

Tosh DK Grasshopper and Alizerin. It is so hard to chose just one set of colors!


Autumn's End with Golden Hour!


I'm an idiot. I posted two Esophus colors.

My Hudson color choices would be Recesses o the Soul and Hiking Trail.

Cathy B

I like Tosh DK Dirty Panther with Dr Zhivaos Sky. I'm feeling like it's a neutral kind of day.

Lucy Portland

I would use Meadow Flowers and Terracotta.


I would use Silver Thyme and Terra Cotta

Theresa Nims

Love the pattern, it has so many possibilities. For colors, I would choose Neo Neopolitan and Terra Cotta. There are many, many other possibilities!


one of my fav patterns never made it in dk gorgeous

Linda Medina

What a great pattern! The yarn is gorgeous and I really like that it is only dyed in small batches - allows endless new combinations.
I would use the Hudson Amaranthine with Hudson Hiking Trail, but would also have to buy Espous Blue Agate to use with Esopus Drive Plum Island.


Oh yum. I think I'd go for Recesses o the Soul and pair it with Sea Salt or Courbets Green.


I would use Lemon Quartz and Phthalo. Thanks for the giveaway!


Silver Thyme and Meadow would make my day it would be hard to give away :)

Robyn H.

I love fall colors. I would choose Teracotta and Leones Landscaping in the Hudson.


Silver Thyme and Leone's Landscaping , I think these two would compliment each other, especially for Fall.

limedragon :-: Harriet

Cute shawl design! I think I'll use Hudson in Underwater Caving and Terra Cotta together!

Linda Grothe

Oh my gosh, Hudson Neo Neopolitan is absolutely gorgeous. It will make a lovely shawl. Thank you. I love it


Hmm. Since I would like to try the Hudson, I would choose Phthalo and Underwater Caving.


I would choose Hudson "Meadow Flower" and Hudson "Phthalos". Gorgeous color ways for that shawl.

Linda Armstrong

Shawls have been my go to patterns for the last couple of years. WOW, this is tough but I would choose Tosh Foxglove and Paper.

Elise Martinez

Great shawl. I'd use MT Spectrum and Vishnu. Thanks for the opportunity!

Ivy Bernstein

So many colors and so little time! The yarn is so yummy! But if I had to make one choice - I would choose JMDS Hudson Silver Thyme with JMDS Hudson Canoeing in Ipswich. Or maybe....


I would use the Hudson Lemon Quartz and Epiphyte. It would be fantastic. -Meredith


I would try hiking trail and amarathine together, or amarathine and lemon quartz

sandra teeple

I would use hudson phthalo and meadow flowers. This would be fantastic with fall blue jean outfits. Thanks

Janine Webb

I would choose Magnolia Leaf and Manor in the Tosh DK.

Pam Owens

Can I just come and live in your shop?


After seeing Heather 's beautiful shawl, I would be inspired to try Terra Cotta and Hiking Trail in Hudson. Something unexpected. I Must say these colors are truly rich and gorgeous. I am still recovering from my stiff neck from stareing up at them so long last Saturday. And yes, I took one home.

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