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September 18, 2013


Mary Brown

I think the bags and little items in the kits are a great addition to the
Yarns. it is always fun to see the items included when the kits

Lucy Portland

I always enjoy a pattern suggestion or two.

Leslie Fehr

If it is going to be a "pay for all 3 months" at one time --- I'd rather it just be the yarn to help keep the club cost down. If we'll be able to decide each month like the DIC club ---than, add the goodies!

Susan Hill

Love the special surprise in the mailbox each month with beautiful yarn and goodies. It is a treat to ourselves so making it unique is so worth it.


I may just have to sign up for this this year!


Love getting extra surprise with my is an extra gift to myself,since the SYC is yarn just for me!!!


Not all of us celebrate Christmas - could you try something other than reds and greens for December? I really liked the 10th kit. Thanks.


I think a couple of different patterns to choose from would be nice. Like one sock and one non-sock.


I like that for the 3 months its been all about the yarn. The club is a fun nudge to try something different and find some new favorites. The socks I made a few years ago from the Pigeon Roof in a club are still my favorite pair ever.

Merridee Dobbeck

I rarely buy myself extras, so thoroughly enjoy getting the added something you send along with the yarn. Keep the treats coming!


I would prefer yarn only and a list of pattern ideas, sock and other items, as those often lead you to other great designers and patterns. Perhaps the option of yarn only with pattern list or yarn with extra treats could be offered, although realizethat might be difficult for planning.


I am definitely signing up this year, I love extra goodies since I don't treat myself very often and pattern suggestions are always welcome!

Cathy T

The pretzels last time were awesome - well so was the bag and the yarn and the postcards and .... :) (Or was the pretzel in the Christmas special?)


I second the vote for those pretzels!!

A Gillmore

I love the bag -- it's part of the experience !! A postcard with background info or stitch markers that coordinate / compliment the package are such fun.


I personally prefer just the yarn. You already offer the kits with bags & other goodies. For the sock yarn club I'd prefer the emphasis be entirely on the yarn.

Jean Hallada

I always love a bag. The little things, not so much. They have been given away as gifts to others, but if I am buying myself a gift I would rather I want it all.
And I would love at least one subtle/neutral in the mix.
Keep up the good work.


I like the yarn with a bag. Stitch markers are nice too. I prefer the emphasis to be on quality indie yarns.

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