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September 27, 2013


Leslie Fehr

That's the hat pattern I'm knitting with the Sept DIC yarn! And, the colors are making a spiral path up the hat and it is looking wonderful!
I don't know if I can handle the "making room" - I always want at least one of the new yarn you bring in! I'm going to have to order at least 2 of the Trekking XXL to make more hats!


I love those colors! Especially the tweeds.


Leslie, I totally want to knit with you. We have such similar taste in yarn and colors!!

Renee Anne

I, too, have a love of Trekking XXL. It's such a workhorse yarn :)

Leslie Fehr

Allison, I would want to knit with you, too! If I can ever convince my husband to make a road trip from Texas.... we could let him play with the boys as he's such a "grandpa" when it comes to little boys!


Oh, my, it looks like you don't have that gorgeous 534 in stock...
Hope you get it back, I really like it.

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