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September 06, 2013



From my experience, it seems to me that boys are notorious for leaving parent info letters, picture day packets, field trip information, schedules and such in their backpack. Start early! Get him to pull out everything in his backpack every day to show you. By the time he gets to be a teenager, he'll be used to it!

Leslie Fehr

I had to giggle just a little bit -- you finally reached the age to be a PTA Parent!! Now another interesting slice of life happens and you'll do just fine. Look at how well-adjusted James is - that didn't happen by magic.

My Dreams in Color skein arrived yesterday --oh, how I just love this yarn! I have a friend that needs a slouchy ski hat and these are the perfect colors for her! I'll be starting it this weekend - it's football time and the knitting ramps up!


Leslie, you're exactly right- I'm considering PTA.
You are so nice to gift that color to a friend! I'm glad you didn't pass it by. I ADORE IT.


Jane is oh-so-right about kids leaving things scrunched up in their backpacks. The school my girls went to when they were James' age partially solved the problem by pinning the most important papers to the back of each kid's shirt (between their shoulder blades). The Baton Rouge schools require eah student to have a specific color folder (I think it was orange last year) for the important papers & ask parents to make sure they check that folder every evening. And it's not just boys. My younger daughter list any number of completed homework assignments & I can't even remember how many sets of house keys.

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