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September 29, 2013



It looks amazing.

Leslie Fehr

Love the little ghost yarn bowls! It looks as if James has grown a foot taller - and Hank is catching up!


Do you sell the glass lanterns? What a great decorative way to display my yarn.


Super cute display. The lanterns are a great idea and I love the ghost bowls. What are they? I can't believe Hank is that big already!!

Susan Hill

Henry walking? Wow time does fly by.


Yes! Henry is nearly 15 months now (yet I still call him a baby) and he runs around after his brother all the time. It's awesome.


The lanterns are courtesy of Pottery Barn from a few years ago. I'm sure they still have something similar.

Diane E.

Which yarn is in the 2nd pix from the top? Love the displays.


I think you are referring to the MadelineTosh Tosh Sock (in the lantern?) Grasshopper, Candlewick, Citrus and Tomato, I believe.

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