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August 16, 2013



Is the needle gauge in English or metric sizes?

Leslie Fehr

Oh My goodness!!! I'm going to be on pins and needles come Monday LOL I love the colors in the bags and the yarn - I may not be able to decide which I like best!


Looks delicious! I'll have to make sure my husband wakes me up early so I can start watching for the kit to go up on the website!


Another beautiful kit, can't wait for Monday or Tuesday!


omg! Allison, you are truly a temptress. Problem is I buy too many "treats" that you think up. xox


You've outdone yourself this time!!!!! I predict this will disappear quickly!


Ooooh, I love this...I want, I want! I wish I didn't live on the West Coast...I so often miss out because of that darn time difference...fingers crossed! I like your taste Allison!!!!

Michelle McCrillis

I'll say it again, Allison, you are an EVIL WOMAN!

anamaria seda

OMG!!!!!! Cant wait... you are so bad to tempt us like this to figure out if I just get one or buy

Susan Hill

I'm on the west coast also and miss out on things that sell out within an hour or two. Really love the stripes so I'll have to be vigilant. Of course I don't need another bag or yarn but since when was that a factor to a knitter.

Melissa B.

All I have to say is YOU'RE KILLIN' ME! :)

Joyce Myers

I can't wait until this goes on sale. I am super excited. I saw this on Friday and have been "jonesing" for it ever since.


Wow, looks awesome! What is this yarn called?! Type of fiber? Looks like one cool pair of socks can be made! :-)


How cool!! I would love one. Karen


I want this!!!

Marjorie M

Glad I jumped in immediately this morning! (I missed the last kit so I knew I better be fast!) Looks like they are all gone already about 8 hours later. Wonder how long they lasted?

Margaret Marquis

I got mine yesterday and love it. Looking for a good pattern for Beach Blanket? Any ideas?

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