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August 27, 2013



I was just looking at Hermoine's Everyday socks from a link on another blog right before coming over to your blog. Then I see your new yarn, which would be perfect for knitting them! I would love to win the skeins!

Cheryl Dumont

I would do Embossed Leaves in Taj Mahal, Antelope Canyon and Hanging Gardens. These are my favorite colors.


Hermione pattern done in Lake Hillier would certainly warm the toes fashionably in the frosty days to come. Beautiful colors!


I saw a shawl done in some beautiful yarn, but it was a kit only...Now I see your yarn and Atlantis and Taj Mahal would be perfect in the shawl...


I'd have you check my color choices (I never quite trust my screen/my eyes for combos) but Jodhpur, Easter Island and Lighthouse of Alexandria for a Color Affection or other three-color pattern.


Because of this blog, I've knitted 4 Hermione sock pairs for gifts! I would love to try Poste yarn and Happy Street next.


Love all the bright colors!! Monkey socks would look lovely with any if the colors!!


Definitely the Hunger Game Socks by Heather Ordover. In one of the reds, for "the girl who was on fire".

Danyelle N

I would love to knit a Color Affection out of Atlantis, Lake Hillier, and Antelope canyon - my favorite colors all together! The Patina is all so lovely any combination would be gorgeous!!


Oooooooh, so pretty!! I've got so many pattern ideas swirling in my mind already. Rose Window, Easter Island, and Antelope Canyon would make a lovely shawl... or some of the brighter colors (Hanging Gardens, Atlantis, Lake Hillier) would make some awesome striped (or maybe even mosaic) socks. So many delicious choices!


I might knit another pair of Nemisis socks with St. Basil's, perfect with Birks and jeans.

Teresa @ Working Traveling Mom

I'd love to knit some BFF socks with the Jodhpur India!

Beverly J. Killick

I would enjoy knitting the Beneficent Baby Sweater, as I am a Charity knitter, and I know, any color would be lovely.

Lisa Barrett

I've been wanting to make the Knitty pattern Little Purls of Wisdom with a tonal yarn. I think either Lake Hillier or Atlantis would look terrific. Thank you for the giveaway!

Veronica H

What nice rich colors! I would like to use two different colors, maybe something like El Dorado and Taj Mahal, to make the Kleio shawl by Rosemary Hill.

Kathy Sue

Taj Majal, Antelope Canyon and maybe Lake Hillier for Color affection. Or maybe use the first 2 for Hidden in the Forest, and I will call it Lost in the Canyon.

Rene B

I have two sock patterns sitting out in my next up on the needles pile: Hermione's Everyday Sock and Business Casual Sock
I am diggin' Ankor Wat and Atlantis!

Leslie Fehr

I would love to knit the Thistle Scarf by Emily Wesel (Tin Can Knits) - it needs this lovely Patina yarn to do the design justice. I think I'd use Jodhpur India for it.

Karen Schneider

I am looking to make a shawl after being on a sock run for awhile, so I would love to knit "Color Affection"

Loren Baxtrom

Some "John Huston" socks with Angor Wat for my son in law, "Ornette" socks with Rose Window for my daughter and "Hedera" socks with Hanging garden for me!

Joyce Myers

I would do the Embossed Leaves socks. I just started doing lacy socks and I think this pattern and yarn would be perfect. It would also make a great color affection shawl. The colors are beautiful. I really like Easter Island. Rose Window is also nice.


I've had Color Affection in the back of my mind for awhile now. The changing season might just move it to the top of the list. I will definitely need your help choosing colors!

Anne Marie

I'm ready for fall. I want some long stockings in Taj Mahal.

Linda Hensens

I would like to do the Embossed Leaves sock pattern.


Beautiful colors. I saw the Hermoine,s sock pattern in a previous post and this would be a great yarn for them.


Ooh! Your new colors kind of remind me of the depth you see in Madelinetosh. Very pretty.

I'd pick a shawl or shawlette to maximize the people who saw such beautiful yarn -- maybe Myrtle Mystery or Quaker Ridge Shawlette or the Brandywine Shawl.

Karen Rotha

I would love to knit a Brigit Cardigan by Vera Sanon in Atlantis. It would be so pretty with the cables.


I would really like to knit Ando by Yoko Hatta in Jodhpur India. Love the new colors!


I am itching to try a Stephen West pattern

Judi Schaffer

My granddaughters have shown a great interest in wearing small shawls and cowls, my favorite things to knit. The new Patina line would be perfect to start my Christmas knitting.


Embossed Leaves in Hanging Gardens would be very beautiful. I also love the reds and blues. Beautiful colors!!!

Merry Fenton

Rose Window or Easter Island for Celandine socks.


I love the beneficient baby sweater, but I've also been addicted to shawls.

Cathy T

OMG - amazing depth of Color!!

Ann M

Color is one of the marvels (and blessings) of this world. And I love working with intense color. Strange you should mention using tonal sock yarn to a great effect. One of my current projects is a pair of cabled socks for my niece (one sock down, one to go). My niece was here from another state for a visit earlier this month and she picked out a sock yarn, tonal, blues. She said she fell in love with it (know the feeling?) and would I knit socks especially for her? Bet you know my answer...


Hermoine socks in the Angkor Wat. I have done one pair of these socks and did a different color for heels, toe, and cuff. Would like to do a pair all one color. Fun pattern also!!

Jennifer Littleford

I would probably make a folded ribbon sock, or 3 skeins would be enough for an amazing shawl. I can never knit enough shawls.


This is actually the first time I've seen the Hermione sock - thanks for the pattern suggestions you give! I would love to knit them up in the Easter Island colorway.


It would be fun to pick out 3 colors for a Happy Street.


I would make Black Tie Optional socks. But with 3 skeins... I could also do a Haruni shawl and some cable lace gloves


Crowley in Antelope Canyon for me. I have extra knitting time since I'm spending more time with the neurotic cat whose favorite human just left for college.


I've been wanting to try Color Affection.

Susan Hill

It's Hermiones' Everyday Socks in Atlantis that grabs me. While I love knitting socks with fun, bold striping yarns, I'm ready to knit a few pairs in a beautiful solid that shows pattern. Your colors are lovely so here's hoping. Win or buy, I'll feel like a winner knitting a pair of socks with poste yarn.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

I would knit Antarktis or Imagine When in Jodhpur India (for a friend). But either shawl would look fabulous in any of the color choices!

Linda Byrn

I'm thinking that the Hermoine socks would look great in hanging gardens, but then I'm a real sucker for anything Green!

Diane E.

Either a Cladonia or Carthamus shawl.

Rusty M.

I would use them to knit the Analucia shawl...they would look gorgeous!


I want to make the brooklyn bridge cardigan in Easter Island
But there are so many colors to choose from...


I would knit the honey cowl in atlantis


Color Affection would be my first impulse, or Hermes Winged Socks in El Dorado. This yarn is stunning!


I would use Hanging Gardens, Jodhpur India and Angkor Wat for a color affection shawl. It would be so vibrant!

Katherine B

I would love to make Hermione's Everyday Socks in Atlantis. Beautiful!


What gorgeous colors. I'm due to start another pair of socks soon. Maybe I'll make Embossed Leaves
by Mona Schmidt. They are so pretty.


Hooray For Me gloves in Antelope Canyon would be my project in this yard.


Biellese shawl by PicnicKnits! And Monkey Socks, too.


Ooh, lovely! I think it's time for me to finally knit Whippoorwill, in Atlantis and Rose Window.


I'm thinking of knitting a Color Affection in Atlantis, Easter Island, & Hanging Gardens. But you've hit one out of the park with those color selections! Not a one that isn't gorgeous!

anamaria seda

i would do the embossed leaves socks in hanging garden for sure!!

Karen Pettyjohn

I would do Hermione's Everyday socks in each and every color! The colors are awesome and I can't wait to get them on my needles.


Cookie A's Gothic Spire in Rose Window! Or Monkeys in Easter Island. Or Thelonius in Hanging Gardens -- they would all be great - and it's too hard to choose!

Rachel R.

I have been longing to do a cardigan in fingering weight yarn (glutton for punishment, I guess) and I really like Tempest, from Knitty - a plain, simple, practical cardigan!

Gale Longley

So beautiful !! Just love all of the colors, would love to make some socks and shawls.


I've always liked the embossed leaves socks but have never made them, so I would consider that.

Beth L Ruiter

I think Nutkin in Taj Mahal or Teosinte in Hanging Gardens.


I have always wanted to knit the Nutkin sock pattern. This yarn would really show off all the hard work. It would look great in the Hanging Gardens.

Janene Reeves

Color Affection. I really want to make one of those, and these colors are AWESOME!

Jean Y

Definately taj mahal---maybe a shawl for my mom... or socks for my sister..or maybe both!!!

Amy St. Amour

I would use Lake Hillier to knit up the Istanbul socks (very lacy pattern).


Hmm, so many lovely sock patterns to choose from, but a few that I might do are: Hedgerow socks, Inlay, Business Casual, Looking Glass Socks or Earl Grey.

Robin V

These yarns look delicious! I've been eyeing the Elowen Shawl - maybe in Hanging Gardens and something else . . Easter Island? Atlantis? Hard to decide.


oooh, gorgeous! I would like to make several sets of boot buffers (not sure of a specific pattern yet) to wear with a new pair of tall boots.
thanks for this chance to win!


Such beautiful colors! I keep thinking about knitting a pair of no-purl monkey socks.


I would love to make any of Rose Hiver's sock patterns, but I think Water for the Elephants would look particularly good in Angkor Wat and St Basil's and Taj Mahal.


Gorgeous!!! I think it would have to be a color affection with these beautiful colors, for the FIRST project!

Thanks for the contest!


Right now I am knitting a shawl and a pair of socks. I love color affection but may try my hand at Hermione's everyday socks.

Vasiliki Starborn

I love Stripe Study. It been sitting in my queue waiting for the perfect yarn. These colors are gorgeous!


I think I would knit the Rib and Cable Socks by Nancy Bush out of either Easter Island or El Dorado. Of course, any Cookie A pattern would look great in these colors. I'm thinking In and Out in St Basils or Rose Window!

Donna Pehmoeller

I love the embossed leaves pattern. Very "Lord of the Rings" Elvish. The hanging basket shade would be perfect!!! Love the new colors!

Janet Dendy

One of the three color shawls with Antelope Valley, Atlantis, and Easter Island. So beautiful!

Monica MacDonald

I'd love to make the Metamorphosis Shawl by Linda Wilgus with Antelope Canyon, Easter Island, and Lake Hillier.


I think embossed leaves...unless it would be Hermione's everyday socks. Tough decision.


I think the latest KAL with Stephen West due to start in September would be a great project for this fantastic yarn. 3 colors is all you would need.


I would probably make a cowl, hat and mittens. No patterns picked out yet.


Fun choices.

Color Affection in Angkor Watt, Antelope Canyon and Lake Hillier or

Lace and Cable Socks in Easter Island and Margaretha in Antelope Canyon and Mitt Envy in Rose Window.


I've been having fun knitting small shawls lately so I think I would pick Antelope Canyon or Jodhpur India and use one of the shawl patterns by Verybusymonkey on Ravelry. Great colors Allison and the price looks good too. Thank you!


Love these colors! Definitely Hermione's Everyday Socks.

Rose W.

I'm thinking Peace and Love socks in Jodhpur India or Atlantis.

Stephanie V

With a new grand baby coming in the fall, I would love to try the Beneficent Baby Sweater in Angkor Wat. I can just feel the yarn and almost taste the color. Yum!


Such beautiful colors! And the dyeing on these yarns is perfect for the types of projects I like to knit! The Taj Mahal would be beautiful knit up into a Guernsey Wrap by Jared Flood. I'd also love to make a Margaret Dashwood Shawl out of Antelope Canyon. And then there are all the colorwork options to consider! :) I can't quite tell from the photo, but it looks like Taj Mahal and Jodhpur India would look great together in a project. Great job!


I have been really wanting to knit Color Affection but I think Happy Street would be even better. Problem is I have a terrible time picking 3 colors.


So many gorgeous colors! Love El Dorado and Lake Hillier. I have several shawl patterns in the queue that these would be perfect for. The Stacy Shawl by Wendy would be gorgeous from one of these. Did you notice that The Yarn Harlot featured your Simply Socks yarn on her blog today?


Can you imagine the Utsukushii ( in Easter Island or Hanging Gardens? GORGEOUS.


I'd make another pair of Sampler Socks, probably in one of the blues although El Dorado is calling to me, too. Love the reds, but I've kind of overdosed on red yarn.

mary robbins

I collect lighthouses, so first choice would be Lighthouse of Alex, then Atlantis, then Machu Pichu. Using a basic eight row cable pattern, I would make three pair of gift socks. Then use leftovers of the colors for a pair of striped ones for me!


I think I would use this yarn to make a cowl. I love the rich colors!!!!

Melissa B.

Wow...Those look great! I've had my eye on Shur’tugal for a while and think the tonal qualities of Patina would show off the design quite well. I love ALL the colors but love the middle row best: Atlantis, Hanging Gardens, Jodhpur India!

blogless grace

In Hanging Gardens, Dizzy Gillespie.


Easter Island looks intriguing. I'd love to knit Monkey Socks out of Patina yarn. Thank you for encouraging us to venture into new fiber combinations.


I love all the colors. Atlantis, Maccu Picchu, and Taj Mahal would make a striped baby blanket that would go great in my soon-to-be new grandson's room. Thanks for the give-away.

Amy g

Reading through all the comments have given me some great ideas! I need some new sock so I'm thinking something from Rose Hiver or a shawl or socks from verybusymonkey. My color choices would be Atlantis, Hanging Gardens or El Dorado!

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