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August 29, 2013


Kathy Berg

My two kids were 15 months apart, so I can sympathize with your situation. Definitely ask for help so you can get the needed rest to get well. I hope you recover soon so you can take care of that beautiful baby!

Leslie Fehr

So Sorry!!! Been there - 8 years between kids- and it is no fun at all! If Mom is close enough --- ask for help - and crawl into bed for a nap. If Mom can't give a whole day - do you have a friend who would be willing to watch Hank for a few hours so that you could grab a nap? That might be a good alternative.

Metaphor Yarns

Oh, man, you hit the nail on the head. Little kids being sick is so challenging - especially when they give you their germs. I remember when mine were little I whined "I didn't sign up for the Virus of the Month Club!"

My experience? It gets better when they get older. Then it gets worse around ages 14-16 - different problems, but very challenging ones. Then it gets better. My 18-year old has turned into a great young man, but he's lucky I didn't murder him when he was 14-15.


I have no advice, we women just do it and don't remember how we did it when our kids are grown, just like the pain of childbirth. I hope you feel better soon.

Sharon Hurlbut

I'm on week four of bronchitis and the doc tells me it lasts at least five weeks, so I know exactly what you're going through. My kids are 13 and 10 so I can take a nap during the day and they're fine on their own. But it's still hard when they want to do things with me and I just don't have the energy. We've lost our whole last month of summer vacation to this crud! When my kids were younger and I was that sick, my husband would work from home so I could have more time to rest. Hang in there and rest as much as you can!


My advice, enjoy every, single, ugly minute. But, that advice is coming from the fact that today is my oldest's 20th birthday. I don't know where all the time went. Oh, and an old paint brush, a bucket of water, and the sidewalk work wonders. I don't know how many times I told the girls that the sidewalk needed painted.


Most of the time my wonderful in-laws were available. When they weren't, it was just miserable time. I remember several times when I confined us to one room, baby-proofed it as well as I could, had some toys in there and just laid on the floor or the sofa and watched and dozed. Now they are both grown (I had two boys, 3 1/2 yrs apart) and they make me so happy and proud that those bad times seem like they happened to someone else. Hang in there Mama. Those boys are beautiful.


No words of advice other than, do anything and everything that works for you, and know this time will pass. I know, hard to believe when you're in the middle of it. AND, take care of yourself, bronchitis won't go away on it's own :) Good luck.


When my boys were really young and I was sick, I would strap the baby in his seat right next to my bed and my older son would climb into bed with me, some books and Cheerios. Alas, you probably can't strap your 13-month old into a baby seat. When they got older and I was sick, we would play "hospital". This involved me lying on the couch while they plastered multiple band-aids on me, gave me injections with pens, wrote prescriptions on note pads, and wrapped me up with Ace bandages. Not exactly restful, but I did get to lie down for a while. Hope you feel better soon and nobody else in the family gets it!


I hope you feel better soon. The best I could do was a playpen with favorite toys pushed up against the couch I was resting on. She had me in her sights and could push the mesh sides to touch me. So she was safe if I could absolutely not keep my eyes open. I was lucky she was not a climber.


My two are 2 yrs apart. I have no family nearby, so when they were little my husband would call in sick to work if I was completely unable to function. If I could function even a little, I did the same trick of baby proofing a room, locking us all in, and dozing in and out of sleep on the floor or couch. I hope you feel better soon. Sick is no fun with or without kids.


Bronchitis is tough to deal with even without a baby to tend. By all means, if your mom is available, ask for her help. Or maybe your husband can help. I was lucky that my mom could stay with us a few days whenever I was really sick. When my younger daughter was a few months older than Henry, I was knocked flat by stomatitis for a full THREE WEEKS. I don't know what we would have done without my mom. And usually grandmas welcome the additional time with those perfect children. You'll feel better so much faster if you can get a lot of rest.


Sometimes a sitter if you have no one you know or family close to come in and play with and watch your little guy. They can take him for a walk and you can have a nap. Could be money well spent. Hope you are well soon.


When the girls were a little older they had cute sleeping bags and I would let them decide where they wanted to be (usually in front of the tv) and lay out the sleeping bag and they would have their supplies, i.e.: kleenex, 7-up, etc. surrounding them. With the little ones you mostly have to hang in there and try to remember to enjoy the cuddle time because it passes quickly.

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