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August 21, 2013



Patiently waiting for the mailman. Okay, not patiently, I'm still working on that whole delayed gratification thing, but thanks for dreaming up these wonderful kits. I just love seeing SSYC come up on my FB feed.


Yay!,,,,, mine came already!!!

sue herr

Sounds eminently fair to me!


I just want to say, I am on the west coast, so in a later time zone. I have never seen kits sold out before I am up and checking email at a decent hour. Later in the day, yeah. It's not like you have to set your alarm for a ridiculously early wake up, but you do have to commit if you want one—no time to think about it! Keeping these exclusive is not a bad thing. It makes them extra special for everyone, and they are. Keep on doing what you are doing, we (most of us) respect and appreciate your hard work.


I totally appreciate your excellent service, not a single complaint from me.


SSYC is the most customer oriented, responsive company in any area with whom I have worked and know that all of you work hard to keep it that way. Looking forward to more fun and exciting offerings.

Leslie Fehr

Your way of doing things is very fair ---I've lost out because I grew lazy. Now that you put these really cute "teasers" on FB for us to see----I set my alarm and everything! I greatly appreciate the customer service that is provided by SSYC - it's far and above anything else I've experienced.


My experience on the West Coast is positive also. I see the Facebook teasers and if I'm interested, I watch, and haven't been disappointed.

My kit should be on the way soon!

I appreicate your great service :)


When I got home from work I had a wonderful surprise. My Summer Breeze kit (daisy) was waiting for me. Squeeeeeeee!

Joyce Myers

I received mine yesterday. Totally worth every penny! This is the first kit I have ordered and I can't wait to see what else you will have coming out. Love the sparkle yarn. Yummy!

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