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July 23, 2013


Leslie Fehr

Couldn't pass this up! Now to be patient and wait til the middle of August!


Can't wait!


And yes, you can order more than one Test Kitchen Set and we'll send you different colors to try. Order as many as you like!


I loved the Paris in Color club yarns, especially the tonal red. I am looking forward to this.


that purpley grey color is just gorgeous, the red is gothic and yummy all in one, and the picture with the rainbow of skeins is too much!!! I wish I could take a chance on a surprise, but ill be moving in August (twice!) can't wait to see them when they are ready to be unveiled for ordering to the world.


All the colors are great but the first & last make my knees go weak! Gorgeous!


So lovely - can't wait to try!


My favorite is the grey and lavender at the bottom. Your colors look great and I like the idea of tencil in the yarn.

Lavinia Donohue

Can hardly wait to be able to order

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