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June 02, 2013



Believe me when I say, most sincerely--the pleasure is ours! Happy Anniversary.

Leslie Fehr

Happy Anniversary! I don't remember what year it was that I discovered Simply Socks Yarn online store, but I know I followed the progress reports when you decided to rehab and move into the Post Office building. Discovering all of the wonderful yarns in your shop re-kindled my love and passion for knitting with fingering yarn - as my stash will proclaim.
But, the best part of Simply Socks Yarn Co is you and your staff--knowledge, customer service and just plain old down-right friendly!
I send wishes for many, many more years of success!

Anne Marie

Congratulations! Someday I WILL road trip from Nebraska to your shop.


Congratulations!!!! I wish you many many more years of helping us to enhance our stashes and to even knit with
beautiful yarns.


I have to say that is an amazing write up and history of your company! I am so proud to be a patron of yours and will be as long as you are open!!!




Congratulations and Here's to many, many more years!



"Nearly everyone who isn't a knitter thinks I'm crazy", but knitters are just crazy about SSYC! Congratulations and thank you so much for helping to make the world a more content place through Simply Socks Yarn Company!


Congratulations and thank you for providing such great yarn and super service. Enjoy the party.


Congratulations on a very successful endeavor. My daughter and I are making a road trip back from Michigan to Wyoming on June 22 and we are taking a detour thru Fort Wayne to stop in your store. Can't wait to meet you.


Everything that Leslie said! In addition, I LOVE that you give us the opportunity to help support small woman owned businesses - not just yours & your employees but also all the indie dyers. In a day when we have to worry about which stores have their clothing manufactured in countries where the workers are virtually slaves whose lives seem to mean nothing to the big corporations that sell that clothing, it is so nice to be able to provide even a small amount of our own clothing using materials that do not cause the suffering of the poorest folks on the planet.


Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

Linda Newcomb

Congratulations. I can't be there but I'm anxious too see pictures.

Tricia Werntz

I will be there on Saturday with three of my best friends. We are driving from South Bend to celebrate two birthdays. We usually go on a Sex trip (Stash Enhancing Expedition) for our birthdays. Looking forward to celebrating with you!



Happy Anniversary! I have only been to Ft. Wayne once - way back in 1987...I wasn't a knitter then and you probably weren't even a thought yet. Maybe someday I will get back to Ft. Wayne and see your wonderful shop.

Bless you Allison, for all you bring to your fiber family and all those you touch.

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