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June 28, 2013


Sally S. Smith

I would LOVE to knit the shawl. It seems like every year we turn the furnace down a few degrees to save money. Shadow would be the PERFECT color to disguise the cat hair from Tom, Bob and Chuck! :)


Mmmm, I think Nutmeg would make a beautiful fall shawl.




Tough to choose, but I think I'd use Tosh DK in Vishnu. Interesting color and lovely pattern!

Elizabeth Beiler

I would knit this shawl in Madelinetosh DK: Zhivago Sky or Celadon. Either would rock!

Heidi Leeck

Really like this pattern, so different, so visually interesting! I would love to knit it in TFA Lucky Penny colorway.


This would be a fabulous shawl to knit my granddaughter who is expecting this winter. TFA Deep Sea is a perfcet fit as she lives on the coast of Maine.

Diane Gregg

Buttercup! Bright and warm as is the Summer sun!


I would love to knit it in Tanis Yellow Label Charcoal.

Susan Cousino

I would use Madelinetosh DK Badlands. Love the rich browns and think it would be marvelous.


Deep Sea for me!


I think I'd use the Yellow Label in Frost or the Tosh DK in Ophelia.

Michelle Roy

What an interesting pattern!!! Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!!!

I think it would set off TFA's Lucky Penny, or Spearmint.

Now to prevent myself from falling down the rabbit hole! Have a great weekend!!


Tanis yellow label in deep sea without a doubt. I can already see it done!


I would knit this gorgeous shawl in Tanis Atlantic.

Angela Stolzoff

Such a gorgeous shawl, I would love to knit it in Baroque Violet

Joyce McCartney

TFA Poppy


TFA Frost would be perfect for those cool Calif evenings.

Connie Garry



I would use it as a bottom wrap over a swimsuit bottom!

Sharon Hurlbut

TFA Frost

Sharon Roberts

I think yellow label buttercup would really brighten the day!

Cheryl Williams

I would love to do it in Tosh DK Celadon. What a beautiful color.


I think this shawl would be simply beautiful knit in Madeline Tosh DK Calligraphy. It is going into my queue.


I would have to say Tosh DK in Baroque Violet. It would go great with jeans, and just now I am willing to spend money for Madelinetosh yarn!


Beautiful shawl. I would love to see it in Madeline Tosh DK Vishnu. It would be heavenly.


Love this pattern! Definitely going into my things to knit. I would love to use TFA in brick for myself, but my granddaughter wants one in buttercup. Thanks for the contest. She does have lots of cool patterns.


Tosh DK Whiskey Barrel. I can see wearing that this fall and most of the winter here. The heat index yesterday was 111.

cat leonard



Madeline Tosh in Dove/Subtle, would go with absolutely everything.


I'd use Vintage in Cousteau. Absolutely my favorite Mad color!!!

Shannon Adams

That shawl is so beautiful and I think TFA DK in Deep Sea would be perfect. Thank you for this contest opportunity. Fingers crossed.

Donna reed

Deep sea or in tosh cathedral!

Deb in NC

I too have this in my of things to knit, I love it!! I think I would like to do it in Tanis Yellow Label in the color Shadow, great for any season and any accompaning color you could wear!!


LOVE both patterns. And so many great color choices. I think I would pick Pashmina in Rain. But in 10 minutes, I might choose another color. But I do like the neutrality of Rain with the subtlety of the other colors
Mixed with the gray.


I like the TFA natural...would work with anything.

Susan Hill

I think I would move out of my normal color zone and go with Poppy. I can picture a shawl in this lovely color.


Tosh oxblood

Joyce Pilger

I would love to knit this shawl with Mad Tosh Dr. Zhivago's Sky.


Madeline Tosh Whisky Barrel, I love all the tones in it.


This this is a great pattern. So simple yet elegant taking its character from the chosen yarn. I would like to create this shawl in MT's Seawash or TFA's Iris.

Marlene Hamel

The TFA Brick is fabulous.


Bloom would be beautiful.

Leslie Fehr

Tanis Yellow Label in Lucky Penny, please. I can see myself this wrapped about me as the office a/c goes bonkers yet againLOL


Tanis in Buttercup! OMG that color is amazing! I must have it!


Tanis in Lucky Penny or in my current favorites of MT - Esoteric or Jasper.

Cara Braveman

Tanis Atlantic - wow I could actually knit myself a shawl & not be such a scardy cat!!

Kevin Lopez

Tosh mom is in love with this shawl and that Tosh color... She has been after me for a shawl.. This combo would be perfect...

Frances Stafford

Definitely Deep Sea

MJ McCabe

I would love to knit the shawl in Tanis Brick, so perfect for fall weather!

Lucy Portland

Pashmi a in Nightbloom would make a nice shawl.


I like Madelinetosh in Magnolia Leaf or Jasper; Tanis in Shadow or Brick. It's a difficult choice.


Love the patterns - I would knit the shawl out of MT Tosh DK Wilted Rose. Hope I win :).


I would love this in Tosh Bzyantine or Tanis Yellow Label Frost.


I'm hooked! I would knit this in Tanis Yellow Label Shadow for Spring or in Spruce for Fall/Winter. Decisions...

Stephanie V

Tanis Fiber Arts in Shadow, please! What a lovely shawl and it is so going in my queue. If I were to think about making it in the Tosh it would have to be Grasshopper.


Madelinetosh Vishnu is gorgeous and would make a great freesia shawl to add a splash of color in the winter.

Laura D

Madenlinetosh William Morris or Celadon. I already have two skeins of Grasshopper; if I had bought three, I could be casting on today...

Mun Yee

Love the pattern! I would use Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label in Deep Sea

Danyelle N

I would love to knit it in Tanis FA Yellow Label Atlantic or Poppy, or Madelinetosh Tart or Esoteric - love red and blue!


I think I would use Dove or Sand - something that would let the pattern really stand out.


Beautiful! I love the TFA in Brick.

Susan Sanders

Reds or Purples! Great pattern


That brick is beautiful! I might choose tanks Buttercup, or Tosh Esoteric too.


Beautiful shawl and just my style. I love the TFA in Velvet. Thanks for the contest.


Hm, maybe sand.


Shadow would be my choice!

Jean Y

I think I would choose TFA --deep sea!!! love it!!!

Katherine Hunt

I have always loved Frost from Tanis. But I can also say I've never knit anything from her line that wasn't gorgeous. She is truly gifted.

grace yaskovic

Tanis Buttercup


I would love the Madeline tosh DK in whiskey barrel to do a freesia shawl. It looks beautiful!! Thanks for the chance to win

Catherine Farrell

I love this pattern! Choosing a color is so hard...l love all of Madelinetosh's colors so it's like asking me which is my favorite child! Since I have to pick one, I'll stick with the floral theme suggested by "Freesia" and go with "Wilted Rose." Thank you!


Tanis yellow label in Poppy!


Tosh DK in grenadine.

Jody Oxley

Tosh DK in worn denim would be lovely!


Tanis sunset

Elizabeth Merkler

Tanis in Velvet.

Natalie G

I'd definitely use TFA Lucky Penny.

Melissa G.

Choose just one? OK, Tanis in Frost!


Ooo. MT Celadon for sure. What a gorgeous shawl!!!

Melissa aka Witchknit

Oh I'd use Shadow in Tanis or Foxglove in MadTosh. Love the shawl; I've been eyeing it for a while.


I love this pattern and also fall down that rabbit hole with designers I love. I would use Tosh DK in Vishnu.


The color Shadow in Tanis Fiber Arts! Beautiful!


I just love fall colors,I would make this shawl in Tanis Fiber DK color Sunset.


Brick or grey. I'm the same way with designers. I find one pattern and then a dozen more.


Byzantine, no question, yummy

Dana Lovitt

Wow--I'd love to use Mad tosh curiosity for this wonderful shawl.


Tanis Yellow Label in Charcoal

Darlene Krystal

Awesome shawl pattern...I think I would make it seasonal and go with the DK Chris Grey...have a great knitting day.


Tosh Robin Red Breast would be gorgeous for Red Shirt Fridays!

LN in TX

I'd use the Yellow Label in Velvet. :o)

Cindy Carpenter



What a lovely shawl! Thanks for showing it to us. I'll have to add it to my ever growing queue!

I have never used Yellow Label so I would try that - maybe in Velvet or Sprout!

Pat Roth

Tosh Baltic. Yup that's the one!


I've had my eye on the MT tomato for a little while now and this might be the perfect use for it!

Donna Smith

I love the shawl, very nice. I would have to knit in a shade of Green, any green as it is my favourite color

Lenore Durell

Poppy would be my choice!

Katherine Ellison

I love knitting shawls. I would use Tanis Yellow Label in Brick.


I love the simplicity of it, yet the interesting detail if the freesia. I would choose a freesia inspired color - periwinkle blue.

Vickie Mejorado

I'd like to try this pattern in TFA Yellow Label DK in Poppy or Velvet or Deep Sea.

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