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June 06, 2013


Leslie Fehr

Love seeing the pictures of James and Henry! I've got some of my children playing in the kitchen cupboard - and I mean really inside it LOL They loved pulling out the metal measuring bowls and the spatulas and playing drums. I do think it's a right of passage for all children.


I have a snapshot of my husband (age 56) that his mother gave me. Yep, it's him in a little cloth diaper on the kitchen floor surrounded by pots and pans and an open cabinet door. Some things never change :)


Love seeing your adorable boys! In my family, my mother would open the cupboard with the pots (this was before plastic containers were so ubiquitous) & give baby a big wooden spoon. Then we older children would applaud the "music" baby made. Leslie's remark about baby IN a cupboard reminds me of the time my first grand seemed to disappear into thin air (it was right around his first birthday). We looked everywhere in the house & were starting to really panic when one if us thought to open the cubby in his dresser. And there he was -looking at us with a big grin on his face. When my daughter came home & we described our panic, she said, "oh yeah, I should've told you how much he likes to hide in there. Sorry."


One of mine's cupboard play involved a spilled canister of flour, and the other managed to open maple syrup! Yes, we have pics, and it was totally worth the cleanup!


The second one always reached milestones sooner. I know mine did. My two are three years apart, a boy and a girl, but she found a way to keep up with her brother! All while wearing a pink tutu!! My son was more interested in the door opening and closing than the interior of the cabinets. However I have a picture of my daughter sitting among the pots and pans!! Your kids are SO cute!!! And I agree, it goes fast. They tell you it does but you dont realize HOW fast. I look at your kids and it doesnt seem that long ago that mine were that age. Meanwhile my son is a freshman in high school and my daughter is starting middle school in the fall!

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