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June 13, 2013



I've started and frogged so many little projects lately that I'm starting to think my knitting mojo has deserted me. Trying to decide on something simple but pretty to get back in the groove.


But, in focus was the ballpark and people! Don't you hate it when that happens?! All of these are looking like projects I want to knit. Can't wait!


I've started a Color Affection but will have to put it aside for a few weeks since ill be spending about a month in Southeast Louisiana. I'll take some sock yarn & let the kids pick out what they'd like for socks. Not that I expect to get too much knitting done but all the pool time will be a consolation. Those dolls are frickin' adorable! I'll have to see if my nrphew'sgirls like dolls. Like her mother & grandmother my granddaughter doesn't much care for dolls.


My knitting has been temporarily abandoned because of the garden. And I'm so close to being done with a pair of socks and a vest!


Hoping to squeeze in knitting time between all the other fun that summer brings. Hats and mitts and shawls and of course stripe socks are on my mind. Although that may need a bit longer than the summer.

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