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May 20, 2013



Woo Hoo!!!!! Congratulations!!!!


I'll make some cupcakes and celebrate with you from Alabama.


Congratulations...I'll make cookies and celebrate with you from Williamsburg, VA!


Congratulations on your 8th Anniversary! Starting and growing such a wonderful yarn store is an amazing accomplishment and we as your customers appreciate all your work, devotion, and customer service. Here's to many more happy anniversaries for SSYC!

Leslie Fehr

Congratulations! I'll buy a special cupcake just to celebrate with everyone that shows up on June 8th! I wish you many, many more anniversary celebrations! I do feel like you're just "around the corner" because of the wonderful customer service - even though I'm here in Texas!

Linda W.

Congrats! I plan on being there. Hubby and I will be on vacation and on our way to Washington D.C. Making it a point to stay overnight in Fort Wayne and attend the SSYC party Saturday morning. Whoo Hoo! Can't wait!


Congratulations! Looks like it will be a full house on June 8. Fun!

Susan Hill

Congratulations. You are my favorite website for yarn. I love all of your posts whether they are about yarn or your family. You have every reason to be proud. This took a lot of commitment and hard work and you are to be commended. I'll being raising a toast to you from the lovely bay area of northern California.

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