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April 03, 2013



This just tells us all that you are doing well with your business!!! Let's fill that store to the rafters!!

Renee Anne

It wasn't any closer to drive to Schaumburg, IL for an Ikea? We used to drive down there and then hang out with Husband's cousins. This was back when we lived in southern Wisconsin. Now that we live in San Francisco, there are two within good driving distance (less than a half-hour)...and they can deliver to us because we're within the delivery range :) We had 21 pieces delivered one day (which amounted to 7 or 8 actual pieces - most of them came with at least two boxes, one of the couches came with 4 pieces).

::sigh:: I do love Ikea :)

Mary Cast

I live very close to that Michigan IKEA. I have been there a bunch of times and it cracks me up that you had to drive to us. But it makes me happy that we could help you out here. And your yarn and service rocks!


COUPONS not couplings - autocorrect is getting weird! And I meant that they'd remember Allison.
Allison - I am jealous of your being able to order all that yarn. I think I should get that "Part time knitter full time yarn collector" t-shirt. Being able to order & sort yarn for the shop must sate a lot of that desire to fondle beautiful color saturated yarn without overwhelming your house with bins if yarn!


Lots of good people who serve each and everyone of us. You met one - and she met another!


WOW! Just wow!! I need to visit your shop Not too far from my daughter in Muncie>

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