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April 08, 2013



I'm working on a Fibonacci vest for my SO. He picked the pattern and the colors and the order of the colors, and he did a fine job. The pattern not only creates horizontal stripes but vertical as well, with the knit-one-below stitch pattern. Knitting each row twice gets to be a bit tedious, though.

Dawn O.

I worked on my sock making technique, and completed one of the socks. I was very pleased :)


I am currently addicted to Gardening! I'm ordering plants, weeding beds, starting seedlings, setting up rain barrel, and today will mow the lawn for the second time already. Of course, there's always the evenings for knitting. Also, looking forward to a nice garden to sit and knit in for months to come.


Had some wonderful Opal 6 ply which I'd thought about for months. Began a plain stockinette st triangular shawl on a #6 bamboo circular. It will be random striped with a lace edging which will be neat in an opal patterned yarn. Cant put it down.


Finished a pair of socks that have been on the needles since November!


Well, I've been sending every available knitting minute working on a baby cocoon. My niece's due date was last Tuesday & I'm beginning to feel like the Yarn Harlot - that he won't make his appearance until its finished! But I have to say that I'm craving some sock knitting. Used cereal boxes to outline the grands' feet on our recent visit to Baton Rouge & thinking about yarn. Do others also feel withdrawal if they go too long without working on a sick?


am taking a break from my knitting...three errors on my sweater; i don't like the shawl pattern i'm working on after all; and have two prs sox sitting on the sidelines waiting to be picked up again. so, phooey! will quilt and read awhile.


I am working on some Chuncho socks using Opal Uni. It's great for stranded colorwork.


I have been trying to complete Clapo-ktus, a combination of Clapotis and Baktus. It is VERY addictive and can be completed with the same amount of yarn that it takes for a pair of socks. Beware, however, and read the comments on Ravelry. I definitely needed to make some changes: NOT slipping the first stitch of each row, increasing using a M1 instead of a YO, mirroring my KTBLs from the front side on the wrong side with PTBLs, and doing the 40-20-40 split of my yarn so that I have more of a stole rather than a triangle. Once you are in the groove of this thing, it's great!!!


Taking a short break from a serious addiction Poste stripes to work on toe-up socks in FA Trail Sock in Victoria colorway. This is working up fast while watching Downton Abbey on DVD.

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