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April 11, 2013



I knit a square shawl Kerry Blue from Stahman's Shawls & Scarves for my daughter for her wedding. Since they got married Memorial Day weekend in southern Mississippi, I used Cotton Fleece in a Wedgewood Blue. I wish I had thought of the matching bag! I LOVEthst color way if Pashmina but you don't seem to have it in stock. The Haruni has been on my to-do list for ages.
BTW, I think Yarn Harlot may be right about that baby won't be born until the knitting is finished. I finished the second cocoon set last night. My niece went to the hospital about 6 this morning. Already have plans to see my sister tomorrow (& bring the baby stuff). Maybe I'll get to meet the little one!


a delightful shawl! haruni is on my list, too, and i have two skeins of grey waiting! so, will just have to start it! thanx for sharing this picture. it looks much better than the pattern picture.


My fave colour in the Madeline Tosh line, love that scarf.


Beautiful! I always will buy a kit before picking out the yarn myself and the matching bag is just a nice bonus.

Leslie Fehr

I am more tempted to buy a kit when there is a coordinating project bag included. I may not start it right away, but I can keep all of the supplies and the pattern in the project bag and not have to guess what's in it.


I can think of no gift more filled with love than something knit from the heart unless the recepient is a knitter who just might like to knit from the kit.

I especially like to gift someone who is going through a personal crisis and/or health issues with a kerchief, shawlette, socks, (whatever it is that I think will bring them comfort and hopefully a smile if only for a second.

I administer and it is all about gifting complimentary chemocaps to cancer patients all over the world. Sometimes I hear from a nurse, family member or friend of a child, adolescent, teen or adult who is going through cancer treatment struggles and they have a wish. Sometimes they need a handknit bear or doll to hold, socks to warm their feet or a shawl to wrap around them and I consider it my mission and my passion to pick up those two sticks and some string and make their wish come true. Thank God nobody has wished for anything more difficult than I can knit.

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