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March 25, 2013



Do you or your readers have a project suggestion for the Silver Plume? I just did the driveway here in PA, but it's hard to tell! Need to look at those photos some more.

Melissa B.

I feel grumpy about the snow and school cancellation this kids are not sick, so I'll be grateful. Hang in there and hope everyone is on the mend soon!

Yes, I'm ready for spring...or Paris...or both. For now, I'll stay in and knit (or play with play-doh...which is what the kids are doing)...


Cyndy- great idea! I'll do a post later in the week with some pattern ideas that will really show off the Silver Plume color.

Melissa, does the smell of Play-doh bother you? That's one of my pet peeves- that smell. don't know why...


Sorry,,, here the crocuses are in bloom, robins chirping, sun shining. I do need to mow the lawn today, so not all good. I really appreciate being home, as last week I was in -23C (that's about -10F) and was doing an awful lot of shovelling.

Linda W.

How about a lace scarf/shawl called "Nashira" by Julie Crawford who works for Tanis Fiber. She used the same silk skein but a different color. You can buy the pattern on Ravelry or on the Knitted Bliss website. It's lovely!


Well I am in Louisiana watching the grands (their spring break but their mom's is next week) - so relative warmth (~60 & sunny - welcoming to me but cold to the locals) & lots of hugs & kisses from the grands &, of course, book shopping. Also admiring their new house which has 300 year old Live Oaks in the back & front yards. And more built in bookshelves & storage than I've ever seen in a house. (& a pool). Hope the upper Midwest warms up a bit by Sunday when I'll be home.

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