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March 08, 2013



Just that last photo makes my knees weak! Eagerly awaiting the Poste club. I LOVE that've color way of that skein. I am very fond of brown, blue, & gray together. And do I see a hint of lilac?


Legos not safe!?! Oh noes!

One of our Lego solutions is very inexpensive tackle/hardware boxes. Nice for sorting, and babies can't open them easily. But then, I'm sure you don't have as many Legos as we do. I think we almost have more Legos than we do yarn ;)

My favorite pic is the one of the Simply Sock Yarn solids. I'd love to see a full-on pic of that! I've got the color cards but it's somehow nice to see them all together in a photo, too. I'm not sure why, really, but it does give me new ideas for some reason.


When my second daughter, Claire, started crawling and destroying Julie's careful constructions, we called her Godzilla. As Claire scuttled across the rug towards her, Julie would say, "Mummy, get Godzilla." It sounds as if you have a Godzilla of your own, Allison!


Thank you for posting photos in the blog. Some of us do not use Facebook.

Tried it twice. Just not my style.

Beverly J. Killick

Allison - I just viewed your photos. Your Sock Store is beautiful and full of yarn. Just think what you started with, and how much you have expanded. That is wonderful.
Plus a wonderful husband, two beautiful sons and even a magnificent house.
Small business CAN succeed.
Congratulations - Good Luck for the future.

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