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March 27, 2013



Times Square, Las Vegas, Jumbotron, Electric Billboards

Linda W.

How about Tropicana for the pink/purple and Circus Circus for the yellow/pink?

Linda W.

Flamingo, Riviera, Monte Carlo, Paris, or Mandalay Bay


What about picking defunct Vegas casinos, like Stardust, Aladdin, Lady Luck, or Sahara?


Brings to mind what I always imagine the colors would be at the Copacabana


The bottom one (pink & yellow with a bit of green) looks like 50's Kas Vegas to me. And that always makes me think of The Sands (as in Bugsy). Love that color way.


Resorts, Boardwalk, Steel Pier, Salt Water Taffy


Wow-- whatever you're calling them I'm calling them mine! I can hardly wait. Did you say there are four colors?


The bottom one reminds me of the '80s. I love the '80s?


I'm thinking East Coast. How about The Boardwalk (N.J. has casinos, too)? The colors also remind me of Times Square in New York.


woot! i'm with Carol - doesn't matter what ya call them - i want 'em!


I like Tropicana for the first one and Golden Nugget for the second one.


Neon Cactus for the second one.


I'd pick Tropicana for the pink/yellow combo

LN in TX

I too like "Tropicana" for the pink/yellow/green. And I want some! I love bright colors.

sue herr

I immediately thought "Pink Elephant" but I have no familiarity with Vegas names....

Amy St. Amour

Now Las Vegas I know about. I would name the top colorway Las Vegas Dancing Fountains after the Bellagio Fountain Show. I would name the bottom one Las Vegas Jackpot because of the yellow colors, strobes and sirens that sound when you hit a jackpot.

Leslie Fehr

I'm thinking County Fair with all of the rides and cotton candy, and a vote for Times Square with all of the neon lights and an Arcade with all of the games.


Bellagio for the top one & Mirage for the second----- hotels in La's Vegas!! :)


The first one does make me think of the
Bellagio. Awesome colors.


Flamingo for the first one and Rio for the second.


I agree with Renee' - The Flamingo is the first one, but maybe spell it "Flamenco" like the dance.
The second one hasn't told me what it wants to be named, yet. :)


Oops! Second color said it wants to be "The Neon Zebra".

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