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March 15, 2013


Leslie Fehr

Yes, the Sweet & Spicy is a great collection! I just ordered #6757 - I can picture a tam in this color-way on my needles!
Can't wait to see the Diamant colors either -they look really interesting!
You do know that you are adding stars to your Temptress badge, don't you? lol

Jean Y

LOVE the colors!!!!


Great collection. There are 6 that I really love & the other 2 would be really strong contenders. Wish I had waited to place an order 8-( instead of submitting last night! Oh well, hopefully you'll still have these in a couple of weeks & I did get some of that Heritage (have to try after the raves I've read in the comments) & LL's Christmas at Downton & Red Room from the 60 Shades of Gray. This may be Opal's prettiest collection yet.


I don't know how Opal does it, but EVERY time there's a new collection, I'm impressed :)

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