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February 14, 2013



I thought maybe it would be some kind of play on Fifty Shades of Grey. To tell you the truth, I really didn't care what the name was I just wanted one of every color! Gotta go snatch up a few of these. Happy Valentine's Day to ME!

Leslie Fehr

I can understand the "Smokey Eyes" part of the name - but, I think the rest of the name should have been "painted nails" since I've seen plenty of nail polish in those colors.
Anywhoo--there are 2 colorways that I really, really like!


Love this collection too. Opal is my go-to yarn, but I would agree, their posters are often cause a bit of "head scratching" :)


D'oh. I happened to see this blog entry after the e-mail told me to come look at the funny poster. And then that link led me to the old entry about the fairy poster, with all its disapproval, especially of the fairy who was insufficiently covered for your taste.

Sorry, but I can't stand that sort of *tsk*ing over the clothing choices of others, (even fictional others like fairies!) with its implications that bodies are somehow shameful or offensive, or that people should dress to please anyone other than themselves.


(Which, let's be honest, is probably no loss to you, since I was an occasional customer rather than a regular, and is certainly no loss to me, since there is no shortage of places to buy sock yarn. Still, I though it worthwhile to comment to point out that, despite the approval you met with in comments, not all your customers share your judgments.)

PS- Not everyone who likes fairies is "14 year old anime addict," btw, though from your remarks, I'm guessing you don't hold us grownups who love fantasy in much higher regard than that hypothetical 14 year old!


I agree with your newsprint idea (Sunday funnies come to mind), but I was thinking old-timey bookpapers. Worked in patterns to move the colors around, these might look like those bookpapers of old.


Weird name but GREAT color ways.


Aw, B, I'm sorry to learn my humor upset you. You're welcome to your opinion and I wish you well. Keep buying and knitting that sock yarn, no matter where you find it. Best wishes!!


I was thinking "Northern Lights" You know, dark sky, cool colors.

I do agree that Opal has an odd marketing team that dreams up the ideas for posters. I don't need sexy fairies or a lusty looking woman selling me sock yarn. Seems just silly.

Susan Hill

Actually, I love fairies and they make an appealing marketing tool. I also like the smokey eyes so in case you haven't figured it out yet, I'll tell you - I'm so easy to please.

And, I love you Allison for taking the high road. Look forward to your blogs every day. You keep me from staying with my resolution to knit only from my SABLE (stash accumulation beyond life expectancy).

Every time you post one of your gorgeous yarns with your light-hearted comments, I think ok - I'll buy just one more skein and then I won't buy any more. So far that hasn't happened.


Hi Allison,

I am a regular visitor and buyer and look forward to all your posts. I agree with Susan above your lightheartedness and graciousness. . It's what keeps me and everyone else returning again and again. Oh, Happy Valentines Day! Valerie (yarncakegirl on Ravelry)


Love your sense of humor. Thanks for your fun posts - they really brighten my day.


Opal can do no wrong. I've followed there exciting successful lines for years. Their colors sequences are trendsetters. I love to think of all the creatures that have been saved through donations to habitat preservation by the Rainforest collections.


"Unsubscribed" above needs to seriously lighten up! The poster is great. I love the bright lips and the crime noir theme. Very retro! I'm going to have to have every one of these, as they go with all my work clothes--lots of grey, charcoal, and black. Van Gogh is still my fav, but this is a close second.


I was right there with you thinking grey skies and bursts of color. My thought was something like The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow, or something else like Cloudy with a Chance of Color.

This, though? hahahaha! Yeah, no. Not seeing the connection, and the poster is hilarious!


Gina, you are so creative! Those are wonderfully descriptive names. I especially like Cloudy with a Chance of Color. We just might have to use that name for a club or colorway sometime! I LOVE IT.


This collection reminds me of the Seasons, sunrise, sunset, stormy clouds something like "For all the right Seasons" or "Any kind of Weather"


I have to say one other thing; I love the different colored lipstick on the sock label matching the socks it definitely get your attention

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