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February 07, 2013



For lunch I usually bring leftovers. I am trying to get into the habit of making a pot of soup over the weekend, then enjoying it for lunch all week long. This week it is vegetarian chili with the last of some homemade bread. BTW, Pembroke Bakery has the best soups and breads!

Leslie Fehr

When I'm in he middle of an audit - my lunch is more "snacks" than a meal on a plate - but, it meets the requirements. I pack my lunchbox with: greek yogurt, sliced cucumber,zucchini, cherry (or smaller) tomatoes, a stick of cheddar cheese, and if I have some - soup. I also may add a snack baggie of pretzel sticks for the middle of the afternoon nibble. I can still work and stare at spreadsheets.

Susan Hill

Avocado, cream cheese and sprouts on Oroweat Oatnut Bread, one of my out-of-this world homecanned pickles and fruit.


My solution is to eat bacon and eggs (3 each) for breakfast, and then I'm not hungry and seldom eat lunch. Totally a time saver.


I'm one who likes to collect the Chicago color ways. I may have to get the Washington color way - it's the first street to our north - I have to cross it whenever I walk to the el or downtown Oak Park (health club, movie theater, restaurants). And Ogden is a major "Indian Trail" street we shop along occasionally. My former father in law used to own a bar with rooming house above on Medill. But I still love the color way. I think my granddaughter would love it.
I like sliced apples & peanut butter for lunch. Or half a melon with cottage cheese. Or hard boiled eggs & crudités.


Another vote here for leftovers for lunch, especially if you have access to a microwave, or a thermos. Hummus, with vegetables (sliced or sticked as necessary) and pita (chips or rounds, whatever you prefer). Or, if you're looking to jazz up your turkey sandwich, try turkey with thin slices of apple and some Brie or sharp cheddar. Or add some chipotle mayo to your turkey and whatever else you put on your sandwich.


What can I say besides yum yum yum?

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