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February 25, 2013


Leslie Fehr

He does look like a "big boy" now - time passes way too quickly! I am in love with his eyes!!


Wow! You get a real idea of the adult James in that last photo. What a handsome boy. Those gorgeous blue eyes!

Susan Hill

Great pics of an adorable boy with beautiful eyes. I think it's hard to capture their essence in a pic when you know them so well and know what you wish to portray. I take so many pics of my 10-year-old grandson trying to capture his captivating smile and kind heart and rarely succeed to my satisfaction.


Good Looking kid you got there!!

Beverly J. Killick

Be happy and glad, he is healthy.


There is a happy sparkle in those eyes!


These are GREAT pics, Allison. Sons are a wonderful treasure.


Linda B

What beautiful eyes. Cutie pie! But wait until your baby dyes his hair blonde on a golf bet....2 months before senior pictures!!


Think he looks like his mama!


I have two boys and I can tell you that haircuts always seem to change their looks. He does look so grown up and handsome...

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