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February 20, 2013



I love the Salt Spray. So tempting to buy two of every color...

Leslie Fehr

I just bought 2 of the Beet - that color just caught my eye --and a laceweight cardigan in that color would be perfect!


I'd use the Tourmaline color for that. It was a hard choice between Spruce and Tourmaline!


I love the multis, but I think it'd be really pretty in Plum.

Jenny K

I'd use Beet for a sweater.

Shannon Adams

I think I would knit it in either Moondust or Tourmaline. Both colors would look beautiful on my sister. I love to knit for her.


This was a hard choice to make. All the colors are beautiful. After 20 minutes of drooling over all the colors, I finally made my choice....Peridot. No wait, Paris. No Peridot. Final answer is Peridot. My birthstone.

Beverly J. Killick

Between the Beet and the Brew - actually all the colors are nice - but I live up north, a bit cool, so maybe I am leaning towards the Brew, tough decision.


I love plum and have a lot in that color but not a sweater so the choice is obvious BUT I would need to pick up a few more to stash because there are many beautiful colors.


Just ordered some Spruce and Amber. The sweater would also look great in Peridot.



R Morris

It's almost too hard to pick....but I think I'd go with pumpkin.

Carol F

I think Cezanne because the colors are quite different than anything I usually knit. Or wear.


Brown Sugar would be my choice if I won.

Melissa B. much beauty to choose from! I would go with earth or spruce. :).

Lisa Viviano

I would so use Crema or brown sugar. I think either would make a really nice sweater.


Wow, so many lovely colors, no wonder you had us look them over. You are so tempting. I have to go with Beach House...


So many great colors its hard to choose. I love the Tourmsline & Iviry. I may buy a couple if the Moondust & figure out something for my granddaughter!


Most definitely the Beach House colorway! What a perfect summer sweater that would be.


Pumpkin or tourmeline. but there are so many lovely colors.


I love the name and the color of Stardust!

Kathleen B.

Pumpkin is on it's way to my home and I think Rocio would be fantastic made with it.


I really love Marine!

Elaine Jewell

I love all the colors, but something about Peridot, that's what i would choose. i have been drawn to shades of white lately.


I would use cedar or amber, but it's really hard to choose!


Stardust! Actually just placed my order. :)

Jennifer Hope

Gotta be the Tidepool for me - all my favorite colors together

RuthAnn Gonzalez

Beach House or Peridot for me. But every time I look through the colors, another one catches my imagination!


Ooo, so hard! I really like amber, plum, pumpkin & tourmaline. Do I have to choose? Can I say I'd like one in all colors :)


Oh I love Joji designs! I would use Ebony to knit this beauty.

Beverly Shearon

I would choose Marine, but I would love to do something with Beach House, too!

Debbie H

Amber and Ruby. Thanks!




just ordered 2 of the Beet--breaking out of my usual blue/green/purple color range!

Deb C

I am so in love with the Ivory. It's so goregous!!! My second choice would be Amber which is also gorgeous and I do not have any yarn in this colorway as it's a little out of my box, but irresistable at the same time.

Rose W.

Well... I just bought Ruby and Plum, so one of those would be my choice. But they are all beautiful!

Robin F.

I ordered enough Ruby for a sweater- I'm a red girl.


Tough choice but my final answer is Ruby. There are so many lovely colors.

Kim Mitchell

I would love to make this sweater in the Earth colorway. It looks beautiful.


Amber is my favorite, but Cactus Flower is a close second.

mar Feder

beet or moondust


Hard choices, I would pick Paris or Cezanne


I think it would look lovely in Stardust or Amber - one for the subtle colour shifts and the other because it would glow.


Peridot. Peridot! PERIDOT!!! Love it.

Christina Enger

Just bought two of the mineral, I think the sweater would be very pretty with the color variations.


First choice would be Cedar and a close second would be Peridot!!!Love them

Jan Fairclo

I'm a redhead, so the Brown Sugar is calling my name. love this yarn and such a great sale. (lol, I can imagine singing "Brown Sugar" while knitting awayy).


What BEAUTIFUL colors!! It was so hard to choose, but being an autumn person, it's Amber.

Gale Longley

I love Sea Spray & Mint. They are just beautiful as are all the colors.


I love many of the colors but I think I like Brown Sugar the best.


Marine for me!


I love Moondust. Pinks and grays are my favorite. This yarn would make a gorgeous sweater!

Susan Snow Burnett

A tough choice. Either Amber or Ivory. All are beautiful1


I would select Cedar because it includes colors that I don't use very often, but I think they would go well with jeans and khakis.


I love pinks, so I would choose Cactus Flower.

Marilyn Stern

I'm ordering Plum but Salt Spray would be my 2nd choice.

Amy Ranck

Turkish Delight, for something bright and cheerful

Laura McMahan

I would love to try the bronze. It would be very different color for me.

Jean Y

Love the spruce... LOVE the amber!!

Jennifer L

Plum or brown sugar


Several of the colors are already gone. I'm not surprised. Of the ones that are left, I'd choose Brown Sugar or Cactus Flower.

Yvonne M

I think FA Saldanha 2 Crema would be just perfect for my next spring project!


I also found it hard to pick just one shade,but Beach House is beautiful!

Melanie Belisle

I would use the Beach House colorway


The Peridot looks spring-y!And I am so ready for spring.


Salt Spray!

Karen G.

I love these colorways. My favorites are Earth, Bronze, Amber and Marine. I think I would use Marine first!


Oh, I would love to make that cardi in the Mint!

Bonni Nechemias

I'd choose 'Earth' to knit Joji's sweater. so very spring!


Tough choice! But I think I'd go with "Beach House".


Beachhouse, to wear at the beach house. And Cactus Flower, for the pink!


I think Mint would be a great ethereal color for an ethereal sweater.


My favourite colour is Turkish Delight. I think it would make a splendid garment!

Donna R



I really like the Brown Sugar color - beautiful yarn.


I would choose Marine. Already placed my order. Beautiful yarn :)


Ebony. I love the overdying!
I love her patterns!

Chris Tubbs

Love the Cezanne. Amazing color!

Kay L

Brown Sugar or Ebony. Those would make great sweaters for everyday wear for me.

Kris Peters

Mint would be luscious....or perhaps Brown Sugar......or it would be so hard to choose but these are my favs.


Marine would be my choice.


Crema would be a great every day color.


Ooooh, I love the MINT shade, but it is a very hard choice as all the colors are fabulous!!!


Nightshade, as it what I ordered after dithering over all the lucious colors.


I'd have to go with the Marine! (I'm seeing that several colors are already gone -- Beet sounds like a great color; I wish I'd seen it!)

Thanks to you, Allison, and to Joji for this great sale and contest!


I missed a lot of colors, too, but am happy that I ordered two skeins of Cactus Flower and plan to make this lovely cardigan with it! So springy! I can't wait!

LN in TX

I think Cosmic Dawn would be the best.


Oh, the bronze is so pretty!


I think Ebony because I like solid colors.

Sharon Balstad

I would choose Marine!! all the colors are so pretty!!

Vasiliki Starborn

Although I really like the multis, I would go for the Crema.


I'd use the Cezanne, but it was difficult to choose between such lovely colors!


The Beach House colorway! so pretty!!


Mint, definitely mint. I'm usually a brown sugar type person, but that one captured my fancy.

Francoise Maulgue

I would knit in Cosmic Dawn or Cezanne and try to knit so the darkest colours are at the bottom of the garment - just love those two as they are bright and colourful


Brown sugar would be my favorite, with Marine as a close second.


Marine 1st choice, Nightshade a close 2nd.


I will use Salt Spray. Looks like the ocean in the Pacific NW.


Loved Cosmic Dawn, but think I would pick Cezanne as my first choice.


Love the brown sugar.... to knit or on oatmeal.

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