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February 19, 2013


Beth Fulton

Keeping the first 2 stitches of each needle pulled a little extra tight usually takes care of that for me.


Hello. Hopefully we can figure this out for you. Someone will have a great idea.
What size of circular are you using?? You might try upping the cable length to the next size. if you are currently using a 32" try a 40" or a 48". Perhaps your cable isn't long enough to allow your loop to bend properly. Also, what kind of circular are you using?? Perhaps the cable isn't bendy enough. KnitPicks, Addi, & Knitter's Pride make good bendy needles.
Hope this helps.


purling from one double point to another usually leaves a visible ladder, so I feel like the division of stitches on a magic loop would be the same problem. can you find a place in your pattern to rearrange the stitches so you are knitting from one side to the next instead of purling?


I actually find less of a problem laddering when the last stitch on one needle/tip & the first on the next needle/tip are both purl. I find the easiest way to avoid ladders when using one long needle is to not the "split" at the same point all the time. Move it around. I also find that using the original Kollage circs with the very floppy cables makes a HUGE difference - it seems that what causes the ladders at those point is the cable distorting the stitches because of its' stiffness. The very soft, floppy Kollage cable eliminates that as a source of laddering.


I don't like moving the stitches around when I'm using magic loop. First of all, I make sure the two cables are held close together at the split so they don't stretch out the knitting. Then, I knit (or purl) the first stitch and pull the stitch tight. Then, I give a little tug right below that stitch and it evens it out to what it should be. Are you in Jax FL? That's where I am if you want me to show you.


I tighten the last stitch on the one needle. Then work the first stitch on the next needle normally or even alittle loose. Then tighten the second stitch. The looser stitch seems to fill in the space where a ladder might form.

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