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February 08, 2013


Helen Minick


Leslie Fehr

Kinda looks like Red Room from Lorna's Laces 50 skeins of grey.


Can't even guess. Possibly a new yarn base from LL? It looks like the Red Room colorway. I'm superexcited to find out!

Laura Speer

Mocha or cappuchino?

Chantel I.

Whatever it is I love the colourway and think I want it.


So pretty.
Madeline Tosh?
Shalimar yarn?
Something new from Tanis?


Love it. Lornas laces I think.

Melissa B.

I don't care what it is...I love it! But I'm guessing...Fleece Artist...


I also think it is LL Red Room. And it would have many, many brothers and sisters!

Karen M

The yarn pictured is beautiful - but I have no idea what it is.
I received my yarn today from the 12 Days of Christmas - thank you Alison.


I'm with Leslie, Janet & Jane. It looks like LL Red Room on the 60 shades of gray series.

Karen M

Allison, I'm sorry I spelled your name incorrectly.

Susan Zinski

Lornas Laces or Fleece Artist

Susan Hill

I don't know but think I may have to have it.


I want say it's Lorna's Laces too.

Roberta Remenyi

Indigodragonfly ?

Helen's Laces?


The color is lovely, can't wait to see it in person!


Madeline Tosh or Sweet Georgia??


i immediately thought the colorway looked like a fleece artist.

I am wondering if it's a Poste Yarn. Looks to be a 2 ply.... I might be wrong.


Lace weight.... Looks like some silk or other drapey fiber with the wool.
Lace weight Solemate?


Maybe a new Fleece Artist yarn. Whatever it is, it is gorgeous!

Mun Yee

It looks like Lorna's Lace but is it a new Poste Yarn? Whatever it is, it's gorgeous! Can't wait to hear more about it and get my hands on some. It's been a while since I receive yarn in the mail. Having some major withdrawal.


Beautiful...Fleece Artist?


Looks like your logo colors. Is there a new special bundle coming our way? Like, for Valentine's Day?


I can't guess. I am too busy drooling!!

Diane E.

I'm guessing 3 Irish Girls in a lace weight

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