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January 14, 2013



Valentine 2 = Heartbreak Hotel
Which may not be a 'real' location, but most everyone has been there


Valentine 1: Je t'aime


1: love is kind
2: deep and abiding love
3: new love

Debby Pitner

#1 Brown-County Kisses
#2 Arctic Hug
#3 Loveland


1: love is kind: Santa Fe
2: deep and abiding love: Fargo
3: new love: Paris

Chantel I.

1 - Peachtree Candy
2 - Heartland
3 - City of Roses

Melissa B.

1. Cafe Rosa
2. Downton Abbey
3. Candyland

Have fun sifting through these!


1.Botanical Gardens - It calls to mind garden florals.

2. French Quarter - it reminds me of the colors of a Mardi Gras mask.

3. Lovers Lane - my first impression was of valentine candy hearts.


Valentine, IN


I am clearly 12. All I can come up with is Intercourse, PA.

(In my defence,at least I'm leaving a phallicly named town in Newfoundland off the list. It's not much of a defence, though.)


1. Loveland
2. Valentineville
3. Love Towne


1. Venice
2. Paris
3. Love the suggestion of Valentine, IN for this one.

Susan Hill

#1 - Ocean Sunset
#2 - Boardwalk
#3 - Candy Heart

Leslie Fehr

Lovely Lane - Maryland
Cupid Lane - Latrobe, PA
Love, Saskatchewan - has the special postmark with the Teddy bear holding a heart.

Sharon Houck

1. Be mine, Valentine
2. Good & Plenty of Love
3. Peppermint Kiss


In order of appearance on the blog post, how about...

1. Love, AZ (because it has little southwestern warmth to it),

2. Cupid, NE

3. Romance, WV


1. Seattle
2. Big Apple (New York)
3. Paris (France)


#3 San Francisco Heart
#1 Paris Love Knots
#2 Niagara Falls Kisses


1. Sugar Shack
2. Tinseltown
3. Wonderland


You guys are so much more creative than I am. I love your suggestions so far. Keep them coming, please!


Beating Heart
Hugs & Kisses


Chocolate cherry for Valentine #1.

Kelly-Ann (on ravelry))

Cherry blossom (famous in Washington, D.C.)
Forbidden city (literal translation to english was purple forbidden city)
Jaipur (also known as the pink city)

All of them are so pretty!


The first one reminds me of Cherry Cordial ice cream. Yum!


#2 Silver Screen Date Night

Lisa Viviano

This is what I see.
1 - Covered bridge
2 - Electric night
3 - Strawberry patch

Happy Valentines!


For some Canadian flavor

1-Cupids Colors, (Newfoundland)
2-Little Heart's Ease (Newfoundland)
3-Victoria's Secret (British Columbia)


1 - Cocoa Beach
2 - Park Ave
3 - Sweete Shoppe

Wonderful colors perfect for Valentines and beyond.

Dianne Tyree

1. Mesa Verde
2. Neon Lights on Broadway
3. Red Light District


#1 Heart, Arkansas
#2 Romance, Wisconsin
#3 Candyland ... We all have been there;)


I'm going in a different direction:

#1 Federal Hill, an Italian district in Providence RI (espresso & Italian pastries)
#2 Flint Village, an area of Fall River, MA a city with a rich textile past


1 Kew Gardens

2 Tower of London

3 Hampton Court Palace


1. Savannah (mellow, elegant, pretty)

2. Las Vegas Strip (instant wedding!?!)

3. North End (an old Boston Italian neighborhood. The color reminds me of Italian cookies in an espresso bar)

Patti Young

1. Poste Stripe Hershey
3. Poste Stripe Hanalei (colors of Hibiscus)


1. Eros
2. Aphrodite
3. Cupid

Diane E.

1. Paradise, PA (Lancaster County)
2. Love Canal, NY (Niagra County)
3. Loveladies, NJ (Long Beach Island)


Coffee, Tea or Me. ....... Coffee Shop
Jewelry is My Fave Valentine. ...... Jewelry Store
Sweets for the Sweet.... Candy Shop

Amy St. Amour

1. Cafe d'Amour

2. Royal Court

3. At the Sweethearts Dance

Chris M

1. Heartbreak Hotel
2. Midnight in Paris
3. Love Shack


Espresso Your Love or I Like You A Latte (no place name involved but I like the play on words)
Paris Nights
Sweetwater Days (Sweetwater Texas)


1. Roses, Roses, Roses
2. Silver Dollar
3.Springtime in Paris

Holly Waldrop

Not sure about #2 and #3, but #1 should be "Peachtree Rd". It just looks like Atlanta in the spring to me.


#3 to me screams Honeymoon Suite, in one of those old clichéd rooms in an old clichéd hotel in Niagara Falls. (I'd leave Love Canal off the list, unless you're referring to toxic waste!)

Linda W.

#1 - Sleepless in Indiana
#2 - Paris Tete a tete
#3 - Kisses in Heaven

Jaimie Mehrbrodt

I see that yesterday Dianne had the same idea I did on #3 - CANDYLAND. It was the first thing that popped into my head.


I like either Heartbreak Hotel for #2 as with the black and gray it carries the feel of the darker sides of love, the storms, the breakups, the heartbreaks, the shadowlands...or Paris because of the sophistication and fashion of the black as in little black dress or black tie date nights in a town of fashion and romance. I vote with the "Candylanders" on #3! And how can you not name one Valentine, Indiana?! :-)


1 Santa Fe, 2 Transylvania, 3 Petra the Rose Red City


#1 Rose Parade - made me immediately think of Portland, OR. Roses & coffee.

#3 - Loveland - Colorado, also known as the Sweetheart City. Those colors remind me of the sweetheart candies.


They all made me think of roses.
1) Lakeside Park Rose Garden
2) Princess Grace Rose Garden
3) Pasadena Rose Parade


Valentine 1: strawberries and chocolate

Linda B

1. Paradise Cove
2. Diamond Head
3. Heart of Dixie

Leslie Fehr

Others --
Chapel of Love
Paradise Valley
Two Hearts Inn


Valentine #2 - Steel City


1. Passion Heart

2.Valentine Treasure

3.Hearts Desire

Nancy Hannah

1. Softening Garden
2. Awakening Volcano
3. Lying In the Winters Sun

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