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January 07, 2013



Emerald Greens! Is this Sweet Georgia's Lucky? How about Tosh's Malachite-- it is just gorgeous. Love those emeralds!


If it's yarn, just about any bright color. I don't usually wear yellow (doesn't look good on me) but I have 2 coordinated skeins of sock yarn. One if the brightest clear true yellow & the other one is subtly variegated - the yellow with soft orange & green (perhaps other colors too but very subtle). And I just find those 2 skeins to be the cheeriest colors ever. In general, I find bright, clear, fire engine reds invariably perk me up. And pale spring green.


After years of knitting with neutrals and earth tones, then deep jewel colors, then 60's brights, I suddenly discovered pastela although they were here all along! Can't enough of yellows, pinks, aquas. Love to combine them with ecru.

Leslie Fehr

Green, turquoise, Bright Blue --- love those colors when I need a pick-me-up. I have a couple of skeins of the Opal in the spring yellows and light blues that I want to save for when it gets dark and dreary outside. The colors remind me of a spring day.


I knit a lime green sweater last winter. I love gray, but I've learned that I should not knit with it in the winter. I need bright, bright, bright colors to combat the fact that it's dark when I go to work and when I head home!

Amy St. Amour

The green yarn in the picture is gorgeous! My pick-me-up color is not my favorite color, but it picks me up--it is coral. Hah! Maybe I was a mermaid swimming with the fishes among the coral in a former life. I don't know! :)


For me, it's the combination of yellow, pink and orange that gets me fired up. Or a deep, intense sky blue.


Perfect as 2013 color of the year!! Still love a bright red too


That is a gorgeous green, but red and blue are my favorite pick-me-up colors.


Blue sky and yellow sun colors pick me up until real spring comes. Right now I addicted to stripes and the Poste Fiji Sun is calling my name.


Red, like Henry's hat!


i think purple perks me up because I love it.

Karen M

Pinks and yellows are my favorites,

blogless grace

For a down day I reach for orange socks!


Purple always makes me happy. So does a sparkly yarn. Purple and sparkly and I'm on cloud nine. :)


Something bright - especially jewel tones!

Patti Young

Beach colors...bright blues,yellows, whites.

Holly Waldrop

My mother has always said that clothing in red will always be warmer than any other color. So red always makes me feel happy.


Although my favorite color is blue, my defunkify color is sunshine yellow!


I have been craving springtime colors, greens, light purple, pink, white & yellow.

Cindy saar

I'm not picky. When colors are put together well, I like them. Right now, though, I'm particularly fond of dusty rose and yellows. But earlier today, I saw a pretty shiny red and blue against a beautiful white, and I was drawn to it.

Jean Y

most definately

Jennifer M

Purple and gold are my pick me up colors, remind me of crocuses and violets in the spring.

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