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January 31, 2013



I am knitting a HeartScarf for WomenHeart. Since it has to be washable, and I had this yarn in red, I'm knitting a Falling Water scarf from Red Heart LusterSheen. Just through the first pattern repeat, and found a big mistake about halfway down. I'm going to try to drop the stitches down to fix it.

I am crocheting a heart garland, although I don't know why! Decorating for holidays other than Christmas is not my thing, this strikes me as Unusual Crafty Behavior.

Knitting some red socks for the month is a great idea, whether for Valentine's Day or Heart Health ~ what a great idea! Thanks, Allison!

Amy St. Amour

Working on socks for my husband for Valentine's Day. No cute hearts on them--gotta stick to "man" colors! I am also working on a 5" knit heart sachet for myself.

Helen Minick

I am knitting slippers.

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