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January 25, 2013


Cynthia Parker

I would bid on the yarn pictured above. Love it! Can you share where it came from?

Leslie Fehr

What would I bid on? Yarn, definately. A bird legs bag with a little pair of folding scissors that are added to the zipper pull; a little zipper pouch with a set of cable needles or yarn needles; some double points and a needle sizer; small measuring tape and a set of stitch markers; heel and hand cream in matching scents; soak - those are some of the things that come to mind. For bigger items - socks, mitts, scarves and shawls - those would be great larger ticket items.


For us online people, order a special colorway (like the one in the picture, please!) and just tack on 5.00 to the price, with the extra being donated to your food project.

kim benedict

You could run a web only silent auction, either via a blog or facebook. This item is presented at a certain day and time, ending 24 hrs later, or 2 hrs, or what ever. Then let the comments section act like the paper sheet would. So the bidders could see the competitions bids, and know that they have untill xoclock to bid. And contact inspiration dyeworks on etsy, she is a small indie dyer in grand rapids mi that would probably donate some, ask her for the color 'starling' my lys can't keep it in stock!

Amy St. Amour

You put together such cute project kits at Christmas and at other times. I would bid on any of those even though they are not put together yet. It would be a fun win--like a mystery box.


I'd bid on a kit of knitting stuff.
The kit could represent the fund raiser theme.
I love the kits I've gotten from you.
Good Luck!

Jean Y

I would agree-- I would love to buy some special yarn; maybe like the beautiful yarn pictured and you could add on a donation amount--excellent idea!!!!


I would bid on special yarn , and other items related to knitting maybe made for the bid: project bags, yarn bowls.

Julie Davidson

I have a project bag made by my mother that I can donate. I'll bring some in so you can choose.


Yarn of course. Project kits (especially for cowls or scarves) - also great. Project bags are good but of also like some small incidentals bags. Maybe you could get some of those little plastic discs tape measures made up with the Simply Socks logo & just sell them outright. How about a kit of folding, scissors, stitch markers, cable needles, yarn needles, etc in a cute little bag. Maybe a set of sock sized DPN's (say 2.0, 2.25, 2.5, 3.0 & 3.25 mm) in a handmade roll up case - maybe with a pocket or 2 for accessories.


BTW, I too LOVE the yarn in the photo!


Take the above colorway, pair it with a pattern, and sell it as a fundraiser. I bought the last one you did for Thanksgiving over a year ago and loved it.


You are so creative and these are excellent suggestions, I would do any of them! You want it to be a little easy for you to do, so maybe yarn (love the one in the picture!) and a pattern, then a separate item of knitting doodads, then a separate item of a project bag...folks could buy one or all of them as a complete set. I wouldn't have bidding on-line, just items to buy outright! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Woo Hoo!


I love the food bank. It helps so many families. I would bid on a tour / demonstration of how your yarns are dyed. Imagine being the first outsider to see the newest colorway.


If I went to a yarn store I would be looking for yarn. The skein you have pictured is beautiful. I am glad you support the food bank, and the spring idea is really great.


I am nowhere close to your store, so would have to bid online. Closed or open bids would work, although open would gather more money, I'd think! The yarn pictured would be great, as would one of the kits, as mentioned above!

Kathy Boettcher

I like the idea of offering special skeins and tagging on the extra $5 for a donation. WOrking full time doesn't allow much time for bidding on anything during the day. But would be willing to buy some unique colorways.


As a local, the idea of a special class for a small group of friends would be very special. I do love the idea of a limited edition colorway with pattern, bag and needles. That would be cool

Nancy Butler

Any of the above suggestions sound good but, for me, bidding online would be difficult. Might be a deterrent for others as well.


If it were on-line (no way I'll get to Indiana, that's registration period for me) I'd bid on sufficient yardage of matching hand-dyed sock yarns for a large shawl (1200 to 1600 yards of yarn total) gladly.


A "donation competition" in which the top three or five donations are entered into a drawing for a one of a kind shawl size skein or sock set? All bidders give cash and one wins the prize.

SSYC tote bags or limited edition project bags would be popular with those of us on yarn diets.

A special purchase pattern which includes a chance to win yarn for the project? Or several different ones.


I like the idea of a pattern and yarn together. You don't have to make that pattern but it sparks some ideas,and I would bid via the internet.


The yarn in the photo!! If it's something you're already offering, you could set up a special sale for the colorway with the option of paying $5, $10, whatever, extra to go to the Food Bank. It doesn't seem like that would be too hard to set up, and it might pull in folks(like me) who are mostly "in it for the yarn"(as cool and creative as your sock kits are, I've bought a couple of them just cause they seemed like the only way to get the yarn, LOL)

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